Let’s Play ‘The Tale of Elementia’ – Part 13

In this episode, I traverse the dusk ruins, revisit the ghost ninjas, and take another ride on the train at Solar Station.

  • Jesse777

    I was trying to play The Tale of Elementia on this website called VizzedBoard.com. It looked so fun, because, as a kid i loved playing Super Mario World. It was the only game i’d play on my SNES. So when i tried to play it using NO plug-ins, it didn’t turn out so good. The graphics were glitchy, and the game froze when i started the first level. I hate using plug-ins , so i just used the non-plugin thing. I was dissapointed when it didn’t work.

    Whats the deal with that? Reply to me as soon as you can.
    All my Retro-gaming heart

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