The Exploding Rabbit Team – Version 2.0

Now that we’re approaching the development of Super Retro Squad, I thought it’d be good to announce the final team that will be working on the game and appearing in the documentary. I didn’t plan on changing the team, but it happened naturally after we realized we were going to move to a single location. Anyway, here it is:

Jay Pavlina (Exploding Rabbit) – I’m the one that started all this. I’ll be programming, writing music, and designing levels, but my primary job is to hold a vision for the project and make sure everything is compatible with it. It’s my job to make sure the game is awesome!

Iggy Lopez-Pavlina (SquiggyForever) – Iggy (my wife) will be helping with the documentary, and I’m guessing she’ll be driving everyone crazy because she is kind of insane. Besides that, she’ll probably help out with taking care of the house and everyone in it.

Zach Robinson (Ryuza) – Zach will be the main person responsible for graphics, and he’ll also be doing level design. Him and I have worked very well together for over a year. When we set up our workspace, I’ll probably be sitting next to him.

Blaine Hanna (sbq92) – Blaine was originally brought on to work on SMBC, so I’ll be teaching him how to add stuff to it. I’m really hoping he’ll be able to help out with SRS also.

Jessy Catterwaul (Jessy) – Jessy is a cool guy originally brought on for programming, but he’ll also be working on music, sound effects, and maybe levels. He has a really weird way of thinking about stuff, so I enjoy talking with him. He also hates cucumbers.

Catie Catterwaul (Catie) – I’m not sure what Catie will do on the game, but she is an awesome artist, and she has a degree in game design or something. She is cool, and Iggy and her became instant best friends. If you haven’t figured it out, she is married to Jessy.

Mike Glenn (imgdat) – Mike is a programmer, and I don’t really know that much else about him yet. He’s very technically minded, and the rest of us are more artistically inclined, so he should help balance us out. I have no doubt he’ll do awesome work on the code.

Jean-Marc Giffin (Jean Of mArc) – Jean-Marc is a very chill, sophisticated guy, and he’ll be doing programming and music. He told me that he sees the SRS code in his dreams, so hopefully that’s a good sign.

Fabien Campaner – Fabien will do awesome graphics, music, and level design. He is amazingly talented and has a great sense of humor. He lives in France, so communication will be difficult, but we’ll do our best.

In about two weeks, most of us will be moving to a house which we have decided to call Exploding Rabbit HQ. Everyone will be living there except Jean-Marc and Fabien, but Jean-Marc will be visiting periodically, so you’ll still see him in the documentary.

I’d also like to announce that the development of Super Retro Squad will begin on September 29th. I don’t know what Nick’s plans are for releasing the documentary, but I’m guessing that the first episode will be released in late October or early November. Iggy will be helping him with filming.

That’s about it. Things are pretty crazy for all of us right now because we’re getting ready to move. I’ll be so happy when we’re all together at ER HQ!

As soon as I get there, I’m going to destroy everyone in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. If anyone beats me, they will be fired.