Super Retro Squad Update – 2/5/13

Hello! I’m sure you’re wondering what’s been going on with Super Retro Squad. For the last month, we’ve been working on game design and planning. We have a lot of stuff figured out, but we’re still experimenting with some different ideas, so we built a prototype level that we can play around in.

In other news, Nick, the documentary guy, came to our house and filmed for a few days. I’m not sure when the first episode will be up, but he’s working on it. The first episode will be public, and all of the ones after that will be exclusive to backers. He filmed interviews with each member of the team, and he told me he got some good stuff, so it should be pretty cool.

There is now an RSS feed for backer updates. You can use it to stay up to date on exclusive updates, or you can subscribe to the backer update thread, which is now public. I’ve also been more active on Twitter lately, so if you want the latest information, feel free to follow me.

Since we’re working on the game now, we should have more consistent backer updates on the forum. We’ll try to do one every one or two weeks.