An Inside Look at Super Action Squad

It’s been a year since we did the Kickstarter for Super Action Squad, so we made a video introducing the team and showing what has changed with the game.  We also started a campaign to accelerate development because we feel that our team is spending too much time trying to survive instead of working on the game. Enjoy the video!

The background music for the video was composed by Jon King (halfcrash).

  • Patrick Allen

    So if we were a backer in the original kickstarter, are our original rewards still active? And if so, would we be able to upgrade by adding money to our previous total?

  • ryukage2007

    Yes to both, any changes we make to the rewards will affect the old backers so if we add something to your reward tier you’ll get it, and if you wanted to donate more it would be added to your previous amount so you can upgrade to higher rewards if you’d like. :)

    This is Zach by the way, one of members of the development team.

  • Nate Diggity

    Awesome when I herd your remixed 8-bit No limitations music I instantly thought of My New Sound Track from youtube, you should check him out

  • disqus_GYuxXxc69k

    add sonic into super mario crossover!

  • ash

    put sonic in

  • ash

    i can’t wait agh

  • ash

    put my zombie in the game

  • HyperDooHickey .

    Awesome, can’t wait for this game. It sucks that there isn’t enough backers to speed up the development. I currently am not a backer yet. But I’ll try to be one soon

  • Davinexe

    Add sonic and sonic.exe in super mario bros. crossover!

  • Samuel Fernandes

    hey guy,add Zero in super mario Crossover.

  • Samuel Fernandes

    and Add Alchemist,a single hunter who wants to fight to protect the loved ones and to find a mysterious rock thats increase his power.His Atacks Is Transmutations and Slashs with His Robotic Hand.He can transform his Arm Into varieties of weapons.Add He on Super Action Squad v1.1 Please

  • Samuel Fernandes

    Are U Crazy?
    Why not Add the Sonic.exe as a Special Boss?

  • Guest

    But Sonic.exe Is Too Creepypasta Game

  • Philippe

    I don’t have a lot of money right now. I just started a new job and am rebuilding my savings after a period of unemployment. But I’ve loved your website, SMBC, and your let’s play videos since I first discovered “exploding rabbit” back when SMBC first got released. I have to say between debating buying the newest big budget sequel videogame or saving up some money to invest in you guys, the answer for me is obvious, and I will do my best to help you guys out. Thanks for all your hard work!