Super Retro Squad Name Change and New Information

We’re changing the name of Super Retro Squad to Super Action Squad. If you’d like to learn why, read this. Most people don’t seem to like it, and that’s fine. I personally think it’s an awesome name, but I don’t expect other people to understand it until they play the game.

We’re also going to release the game in parts. To learn more, read this!

I wrote a gigantic FAQ answering a lot of questions about the game, so please read it if you want to know anything about what our experience has been so far. All of the links above go to the FAQ, but to different parts of it. Feel free to link to it if someone is talking about the game and is misunderstanding something. Feel free to also share it anywhere where people might be interested in seeing what it’s like to be on the other side of a Kickstarter.

It took me a million years to write the FAQ, so now I need to get back to working on the game. Bye!

  • Patrick Allen

    At this point I consider SAS to be like a surprise present I bought myself. Whenever it’s finally ready, it’ll surprise me and I’ll be like, “Oh, awesome! My day is that much better now!”

    As long as you guys ain’t quitting, I ain’t doubting ya. :)

  • Bill33

    “Super Action Squad” also sounds pretty epic.

  • Scott Kevin Peterson

    You guys are kicking butt and working with what you have! Ignore the jerks out there and keep up the awesome work! Love you guys!

  • A.McClellan

    I like the change. Looking forward to playing. Keep at ‘em, Jay and Co.

  • QQQQQQQ7777777

    What if you call the 8-bit DLC “Super Retro Squad” (Like not change the title or anything but just have that be the name you see when you go to buy it) since it was called Super Retro Squad before the 16-bit switch.

  • Travis Hamilton

    I was wandering if i could come up with a character and a theme
    if you replay contact me on Facebook and g mail my account is thank you for listing and have a great day

  • Dan Armstrong

    Keep it up, guys.

    I donated 20 bucks a while ago, and have no problem donating again. This game is going to be worth it.

  • Ross

    “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet.”

  • Bill33

    When’s 4.0 coming?

  • Noah R. Walker

    please make a Windows Phone version

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  • Charlie Hawse

    I think you should add sonic in smc3.1 tho hes not a nintendo character

  • Cardenas Maximo Hugo

    the name of (super retro squad) its good the name