Playing My Own Game – SMBC: The Lost Levels – Part 1


I decided to record a play through while I was testing The Lost Levels in Super Mario Bros. Crossover 3.1.

  • Mario Fan

    I love how you didn’t recognise Quint =D
    Quint is from the second Game Boy game, and he won’t get off his pogo stick for whatever reason.

  • supermariomaster25

    ahahaha!! Jay is so funny! The lost levels is an amazing addition.

  • Alexandre Lameiro

    Jay, please help me, or someone else! I can’t play the new version it just IS the old version and when i click ”new game” and says im playing the old version. When i click ”yes” so it can redirect me to the new version it takes me to the exact same page!! PLEASE HELP ME!! :(

  • Oshus

    Great walkthrough, you’re pretty good at your own game : )

  • milpool

    Clear the cache in your browser and then reload the page.

  • Sanchez2222


  • Sanchez2222


  • brian


  • brian

    lol this should’ve been a real link comment but i knew its someone else : – [

  • brian

    you smarty pants you just loaded the new version this is just too cunfusing oh and your baby looks very angry whats the baby’s problom

  • Alexandre Lameiro

    It’s Fist Pump Baby, it’s a meme, ok? It’s also pointless to reply, ‘cuz milpool already helped me.
    Also,milpool, if youn read this, thanks.