Super Action Squad Development Log #2

Super Action Squad is the spiritual successor to Super Mario Bros. Crossover. For more videos in this series, see the Development Log playlist.


  • Demonstration of weird bug with flying through walls
  • Same thing is shown in the scene view

  • Oshus

    I kind of thought your cam background was pretty funny too ^^

  • Lombardi

    This game looks extremely lame. BRING SMBC BACK!!!

  • MysteryIDK

    SMBC was never gone, dummy

  • Lombardi

    It’s not gone, but its development has stopped because of this game, which is a real shame, especially after seeing that this game will be no big deal.

  • IdiotOverHere

    it looks lame because they are fucking programming it -_- so wait until they fucking finish it. you just cant wait….. cant you?
    also smbc was never gone idiot.

  • Sonicking917

    Are you stupid? This is not what the game is going to look like, moron… As was already stated, they are PROGRAMMING the game…. Go look up what programming means! Jesus…

  • Nicholas Terry

    i at least hope the game isnt to much like mario and has a perfect mixure of all retro games