Character request: Pikachu!

Blog entry posted by Gorg3ousSmifkii98, Feb 16, 2012.

I thionk Pikachu would be a great character tpo put in! :D

btw Im new so.... HI!
  1. SimplyMatt
    Say something in 'New Peeps', it's agonizing to talk to someone when you know no shit about them. It's also interesting to hear about fellow members. And Pikachu would be awesome to have, you've made me think about what he would have...
  2. Gorg3ousSmifkii98
    ohhhhh I got it. You want the blog with a link to the thread. Thank you :)
  3. Rey D
    Welcome. There's a thread in the Characters sub-forum for Pokemons. You should go discuss about Pikachu's possible move set, as he's probably been requested on the wiki.
  4. nintendokid
    ha, too bad it wont work out. ps, you dont put character ideas here, i made that decision a long time ago :)
  5. Gorg3ousSmifkii98
  6. aliceandsven
    Hello and welcome