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Blog entry posted by IAM, Apr 4, 2012.

It seems to be happening before our Eyes.
The state of Arizona is going to outlaw Trolling.
The Bill has passed the State House and Senate and the only one who can do anything about it is the governor, Jan Brewer. The Odds of the bill being Vetoed is about 0. Considering that Arizona is a very Red(REPUBLICAN) state and most Politicians elected in the state are Republicans. Border Security Is a strong GOP issue and is shown highly in Arizona and Texas.
The Big Questions I have here is 1) is this a good idea? and 2) Would this be good Nationally?

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  1. IAM
    @ReNeX Some laws are modern mentality while others are not. Example of non-Modern: the bill to ban Cell-phones. That got struck down. Example of a Modern Mentality law:... Uh... Damn they are tuff to think of but there is one out there... maybe... Give me an Idea Liberals since the Conservatives gave me the idea for the cell phone ban
  2. Sniperassassinx
  3. Omicron
    f that s those guys writing laws have the mentality of a 150 year old
  4. Mario-Fan
    @Ceed My father has a similar opinion (Obama isn't as good as I thought he would be, but out of everyone, he's the best). This just proves that the homo sapiens sapiens isn't very sapiens in most cases. Okay, that might have been a bit harsh...
  5. aliceandsven
    And "trolling" can easily be twisted to mean something harmless like generating bad press or criticising someone/something. Just look at the Bioware forums during the recent mass effect drama. While their head executives were going to twitter to provoke people and throw around profanity, members of the public who meant only to criticize the company's practices or make suggestions were finding their threads locked, or finding themselves banned outright. Imagine if EA or Capcom could just ban people off the internet because they wrote a scathing but true article about their shitty business.
  6. aliceandsven
    I think it's great that we can have such an anarchic territory (the internet) where people can do and say whatever they want without getting harassed by the world. Obviously there are the parts of it where communities have come together and expect some semblance of peace, but places like 4chan and maybe Reddit are bastions for pure humanity, where no one needs to hide or feel ashamed or be afraid.
  7. TiagoDu
    Ok, Trolls are are awful but this is madness. "Madness? THIS. IS. POLITICS!!!"
  8. Ceed
    I hope I can find a good 3rd party candidate, I don't want to vote for Obama but he appears to be the best option right now/// Not that that's really on topic or anything with this specific law.
  9. nintendokid
    ... what the hell do polititions care about the internet? the internet is just a box. "oh, but kids can get bad influences from it" ok, this should be the last time i should ever say this, even though i know it isnt PARENTS LOOK OVER CHILDREN GOVERNMENT LOOKS OVER THE COUNTRY DONT MIX IT UP
  10. IAM
    @ Ceed How true We can prevent this by not electing Idiots in 2012 or whenever we become eligible to vote (2016 for me)