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Aug 11, 2013
Oct 21, 2010
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August 14
Moon Base Alpha
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Captain Rizer

Level 5: Spiny
, from Moon Base Alpha

New Law: Guile's theme must be played with EVERYTHING you do. Feb 9, 2013

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Aug 11, 2013
    1. Captain Rizer
      Captain Rizer
      New Law: Guile's theme must be played with EVERYTHING you do.
    2. Captain Rizer
      Captain Rizer
    3. Captain Rizer
      Captain Rizer
      Fighting Crime Since 1989
    4. Captain Knight
      Captain Knight
      Soooo, are we gonna take it slow with Rash, or get everything done quickly?

      Or am I pissing you off so much about Rash, asking you about him all the time that you don't even wanna listen to me
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      2. Captain Knight
        Captain Knight
        Have you looked at it yet?
        Dec 6, 2011
      3. Captain Knight
        Captain Knight
        Grr, i hate to be such a stalker.

        This is just a reminder for the to-do list
        Dec 18, 2011
      4. Captain Rizer
        Captain Rizer
        dont worry about it I just have alot of other stufff going on right now plus I got skyrim which is an evil time eater. But ive seen it and it looks good!
        Dec 20, 2011
    5. Captain Knight
      Captain Knight
      *looks over dead body*

      Why'd ya have to die on me? The one person I'm actually a partner with, leaves me.

      Might as well say goodbye to Rash...
    6. repairmanman
    7. repairmanman
    8. repairmanman
      No, send it to either ganymede or me.
    9. repairmanman
      Please finish up your part for the community LP, the deadline is fast approaching.
    10. Dr.Nope
      Aw Man! Your cheesy joke thread is closed, and I had a good one too!

      Did you see the fight at the Candy Store?

      "Sucker got licked."
    11. 狂人さん
      thank you that was might awesome of you!
    12. Captain Knight
      Captain Knight
    13. repairmanman
      I have no idea, I just took the monocle face and added a hat.
      I like to call him the egotistical bastard
    14. Captain Knight
      Captain Knight
      "How dare they say RASH make SMBC to easy, Kirby could just fly over every damn thing in the game.DDDUUUUUHHHHH, HE'S REALLY SLOW WHEN FLYING. Jesus christ, this is actually what people are saying. If not infinite jump, they're planning on 5 JUMPS. Might as well make him able to swallow Bowser and fucking Spike Tops.

      "Besides he has the most complicated moveset" Strategy. That's the thing about Rash. Does that make the game easier? Hell no. But this is one thing somebody could complain about, whatever...
    15. Captain Knight
      Captain Knight
      "So what if hes a beat'em up?? Only about 45% of Battletoads was Beat'em up! EVERYTHING ELSE WAS A PLATFORMER. To fair though BT&DD was about 90% beat'em up" This was the exact same thing I said to a complainer. And guess what? He just ignored that and complained about something else! And that's what makes people jack-asses, not listening to other peoples' points.

      "Also, So what if hes a rip of TMNT. Having TMNT in smbc would mean sacrificing 3 or 1 of the turtles (Unless you can toggle with special- oops)" Special what? Also, I said "so what" and the other just said "but his game is still hard" which is another "so what" so...whatever...
    16. Captain Knight
      Captain Knight
      "And FUCK TROLLS they can go cry in the corner cause Kirby didn't make it in. I think we are all mature enough to respect Jay's opinion." The bad thing is, EVERYBODY is gonna be a troll. Sure, they're not gonna show it but people are still gonna be pissed off at Jay, but they just don't wanna say it.

      "Plus, Jay would not let us rot after all the damn work we did." Let's just hope...

      "Rash's Blood is mostly platformer just nobody has the balls to get past the 3rd damn level which I have done!" This is probably why people ignored me. PEOPLE ARE NOOBS AND CAN'T PLAY A LEVEL FOR 1 MONTH!!! As a matter of fact, I've beaten the 3rd level, and is working on finishing Ice Cavern, WHICH, BTW, IS A PLATFORMER!

      "Dude come on pull your self together, and lets show them WE WANNA PUNCH A GOOMBA MOTHER FUCKER" Alright, let's get everything DONE!
    17. Captain Knight
      Captain Knight
      What I AM giving up on is trying to get people to like Rash. Unfortunately, it just gets me in stupid arguments.

      "He's a beat'em up character"

      "He'd make SMBC too easy"

      "He's a rip-off of TMNT"

      The horrible thing is, if Jay puts him in the game, people are gonna be extra pissed off at him and people will hate US in a way that we can't even go on the forums.

      But what I'm NOT giving up on is working on Rash. No matter what, I'm not getting off my seat leaving behind un-said work in the discussion.

      Also, Kirby doesn't need work done, Jay will just do it himself, and everyone will be happy, leaving us 2 to fucking rot.
    18. Captain Knight
      Captain Knight
      idk, maybe people will vote for Kirby or Sonic over Rash...

      I mean KN already voted for Kirby...
    19. Captain Knight
      Captain Knight
      Mind if you vote on teh Character Voting Poll and vote for Rash?

      People on the chat are making fun of Rash because he only has 2 voted compared to...Pit...
    20. Captain Knight
      Captain Knight
      Yeah, too bad haters comin.

      But even with that alternative, Rash is in the Top 3.
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