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June 4
I don't know, where am I? It's dark...I'm scared..

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, Male, from I don't know, where am I? It's dark...I'm scared..

The Dean isn't in his office anymore. If you seek his guidance, he has relocated to . Nov 17, 2014 at 2:51 PM

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Nov 19, 2014 at 3:24 PM
    1. Fable Hero
      Fable Hero
      sup chaos I am really bored so when you read this can you go to kongragate any play ss2 or get our friend to get online.
      thanks and talk to you later
    2. Mario-Fan
    3. ketchupninja
      Yeah, I was about 95% sure it was, but it almost seemed like a real user. After all, we've had some users like that...but i don't want to name names.
    4. ketchupninja
      Good to know.
    5. Metalhog
      Oh.. Whats the problem with the Emeralds at all? LOL! I think it would be an awesome addition not just for Sonic, but for all characters! :D Did you see the ReneX idea about it? It`s fun. You have to see this (although I prefer the "treasure hunting" way).
    6. Metalhog
      Thank you about the "canon" right spelling.. :P As you can see, I`m REALLY foreign and english itsa not my mamma-language! :D

      The problem is that there is some people that are more sensible with critics. I know exactly how he is feeling, and it`s not good, however it is something small. It was huge for him, you know? You may not be sorry with the "sprites rejected thing", but with being hard (reading your chatting what I see is some of communication fail). But it`s your shot.

      And we (me and ReneX) never said we hate the FSP sprites. I enjoyed it, because I`m a big fan of SMBZ, and so he is too. We've changed it because we think people there are right about that Jay works with cann.. ops, CANON information to choose abilities and everything. This was the best argument.
    7. Metalhog
      Take it easy, guys. There's no need to argue.

      Chaos Fantazy, you're absolutely right about the "rejection" and trying again stuff, but please don't get so hard with him. That`s nothing polite on say that you hated something or that something "sux" to someone that did that something. I don`t know how they say this in english, but we use to say here: "respect is good, and I like it" so please, let us be more respectfull with other`s work, even if you think this is a crap.
    8. fire sonic power
      fire sonic power
      That's not funny,you don't know who I am or what I've been through to be used used to rejection. Believe me I know how it feels. A simple I'm sorry would hve been good enough even if you faked it.
    9. fire sonic power
      fire sonic power
      Well considering the fact that that was probably the only thing I ever willingly worked hard in my entire life and I don't don't know if Fuzz ever told but when 0.9 was started my sprites were already in but then were abruptly removed. So yeah I sorry I can't help but feel rejected but wouldn't you feel the same if it ever happened to you? Sorry I bothered you though I just needed to know what somebody else thought apart from the harsh comments I got on the thread. I just wanted to feel better that's all.
    10. fire sonic power
      fire sonic power
      You didn't asnwer my question. I get that you don't want to be rude but I really need to know. Do you actually think it's a terrible idea?
    11. fire sonic power
      fire sonic power
      Do you honestly think that using my custom sprites in Fuzz's game is a really bad idea? :roll:
    12. Fable Hero
      Fable Hero
      wake up wake up wake up wake up and get on kongragate
    13. Fable Hero
      Fable Hero
      Sup man
      Whatca doing?
      You on kongragate?
    14. Fable Hero
      Fable Hero
      Going to Marengo cave soon might not be back by 3:pm.
      Go to kongragate at 6:pm
    15. Fable Hero
      Fable Hero
      what should I play?
    16. Fable Hero
      Fable Hero
      Hey get on kongragate and lets play junk wars.
      tomorrow get on there tomorrow.
      psot on my VM page.
    17. Fable Hero
      Fable Hero
      There it not a post on it so where is it?
      Also I made a new blog while waiting for you.
      And please tell tristan to get on kongragate for junk wars.
      Have you heard of rock chocolate? It tastes awesome.
    18. Fable Hero
      Fable Hero
      every time I call me wont pick up the phone. so can you please tell him to call me.
      Also what MM game are you playing? BTW did you see my blog about SSBM?
    19. Fable Hero
      Fable Hero
      I have proof that you take forever to respond.
      I made 2 sandwich's ,drank 3 sodas, and watched an hour of TV before you could respond.
      So what do I do now?
      I need him about EBF bosses.
      BTW I read the blog with the pony thing in it.
      Tell tristan to call me.
    20. Fable Hero
      Fable Hero
      You mean the yellow haired masked guy?
      Also tell tristan to get on kongragate.
      Also what is with the pony pic?
      it looks werid.
      BTW you take forever to do anything online.
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    June 4
    I don't know, where am I? It's dark...I'm scared..
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