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Mar 14, 2014
Jun 25, 2010
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Mar 19, 1995 (Age: 19)
Hay Place

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Level 8: Hammer Bro
, Male, 19, from Hay Place

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Mar 14, 2014
    1. aliceandsven
      Hey dude what's up? :)
    2. fractor
      How are you enjoying generations?
      1. Ravior
        Very much so! :D
        Nov 2, 2011
    3. Captain Knight
      Captain Knight
      Hey man, where have ubeen? We Miss u
      1. Ravior
        I've been posting haven't I? :P

        But yeah I'm not as frequent. Sorry about that. :D
        Oct 11, 2011
    4. 狂人さん
      dude, thanks again for showing me that megaman game, I suck at it. but I love it., also your responce video was awesome.
    5. 狂人さん
      UR was telling me that if anyone knew where I could download Mega Man 8 Bit Deathmatch, that it would be Ravior. so Ravior, great sir, I was wondering if you could allow me to know of, such a trusted download link, one that's not infected with malware and stuff. :D that would be wonderful. I'd be in debt and I wouldn't know how to repay it. but i'd try to.
      1. Ravior
        I made a new thread. Check out the PC gaming thread. :)

        I'm trying to get Doomseeker to work, but to no avail. No idea how I got it to work on my old computer.
        Aug 4, 2011
      2. 狂人さん
        Aug 4, 2011
    6. thecatreturns123
      Good! But without internet!
    7. thecatreturns123
    8. Mario-Fan
      How did you get to know GeminiLaser?!
    9. ketchupninja
      Hey Ravior, how come you didn't post the video of you knocking Red Hood down?
    10. fire sonic power
      fire sonic power

      Can you believe SEGA was stupid enough to leave crucial information in the demo just so that hackers could find it? My God these are awesome!!! Still kind of unfinished but they look good!!!!
    11. fire sonic power
    12. repairmanman
      Well, it being released is more up to ganymede than me, and right now I'm in no position to ask him.
    13. uglyrodent
      There's Joytokey; you can find the link in SMBC in the "Play with a gamepad" section.
      Also, I found those sprites you asked about. I'll send them when I send them.
    14. fire sonic power
      fire sonic power
      you gotta try this out!!!:


      I can only make it happen in the monitor section once. It's really tedious but rewarding for speedrunners. Oh and about the early sonic switch footage, there's been rumors that the reasons because the spindash is extremely overpowered is because they had to account for playing as Classic Sonic in the Modern Stages, and vice-versa. And does the "cambiar de personaje" button have any connection is beyond me.
    15. fire sonic power
      fire sonic power
      I'm surprised to how well they both play on each other stages especially classic sonic. I wasn't expecting much from the modern sonic in the classic stage. I mean it's just boosting with automatic homing attacks to make it easier. It takes away the challenge the originals had to offer, the player even got an S rank without even trying. What could you expect from modern though? He's practically done this before thousand of times. A classic stage is a walk on a park to him.

      As for clasic in modern stage, it was cute and most of the time I was screaming "Spindash already". Is this the demo from e3 that got hacked? And did you notice the name "omochao" in the menu?
    16. fire sonic power
      fire sonic power
      didn't you mean seaside hill? A few days ago I found a video were someone hacked seaside and added some green hill texture and your right. It does feel like a green hill rip-off:


      Crisis city may have it's own gimmick like city escape. Maybe they'll bring the giant flaming tornado from sonic 06 and modern sonic has to boost away from it somehow. I can't wait to see classic sonic bouce on top off Ibliss Spawns :P

      Also have you beaten the latest record in the demo? Last time I remember, someone in retro managed to get 57 seconds. I beat his record by 55!! Although most of the time I get the same 57 but it's possible to get less. I'll upload a vidoe when I get a chance.
    17. fire sonic power
      fire sonic power
      Really? Were did you hear this? Anyway I'd rather play as shadow with unleashed boosting. Now that's something I can definitely get into.
    18. fire sonic power
      fire sonic power
      Yo, I can perform the loop trick!!! It does give you a boost of speed but it's really small and not noticeable. Still awesome though. :') I feel like it's 1994 again.
    19. uglyrodent
      Not that I think it was a bade idea, but why did you send that?
    20. fire sonic power
      fire sonic power
      What? No, you see in the classic games you could play with the physics and perform a loop trick that allowed you to boost away from a loop at high speeds. You simply jump at the right moment at the right angle when being upside down on a loop. You end up landing on the opposite end slope of the loop and you would logically burst out in high speed. This trick can be performed in sonic 1,2,3 and even sonic 4!!! Amazing, even I couldn't believe that. It made me appreciate sonic 4's engine because Dimps was really trying to recreate the physics from the classics. That's why I was wondering if you found out how to perform the loop trick in Generations cause I surely haven't :P
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