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Super Action Squad

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We have made several changes since the video was uploaded. You can read about them at the bottom of the FAQ on this page.

Super Action Squad is a 2D platformer that combines the best elements of all platformers, especially retro ones, into a single game. Think of it as the spiritual successor to Super Mario Bros. Crossover. It will do everything that game can do, and more.


  • 9 playable characters with drastically different play-styles and abilities
  • 45+ levels spanned across more than 9 worlds
  • Variety of power-ups that affect each character differently
  • Collectibles and secrets that can only be found with certain characters and power-ups
  • Fun and engaging story told through dialog and cutscenes
  • Difficulty modes that affect the layout of each level
  • 4-player online and local coop
  • Achievements and leaderboards
  • Time attack mode
  • Available in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish
  • Coming to PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, OUYA (and Steam if accepted)

Note that the game will most likely be released in parts, so not all of the above features will be in the first release.

Why Support Us?

You will not find a team more dedicated than us! Here are some reasons why we think we deserve your support.


What did you do with the money from the Kickstarter?

  • We used the money to get ourselves into a situation where we could make the game. It worked out perfectly, and development of the game has been going smoothly... just a little slower than we would like.

What changes have you made since the Kickstarter, and why did you make them?

  • We felt that the graphics we presented in the Kickstarter video were too generic and boring. We wanted a visual style that would feel retro, but not limiting, so we went with a more 16-bit look. We also felt that the characters were too similar to other video game characters, so we redesigned them.

Is it possible to play the game with the graphics shown in the Kickstarter video?

  • We will release DLC that has 8-bit style and handheld style graphics and music. The 8-bit style DLC is free for all backers, and the handheld style is free for backers that pledge more than $30. I cannot promise that the 8-bit style graphics will look exactly like the Kickstarter version, but our goal is to make it look similar to a Nintendo game.

What characters will be in the game?

  • The game will feature 9 characters with different styles of gameplay based on retro games. We have redesigned most of the characters originally mentioned in the Kickstarter, and only three of the new ones have been revealed. They are Jett (previously known as Mecha Boy), Ryker (previously known as Riser), and Zhara (previously known as Erin).

How will the final game look compared to the demo in the video?

  • That demo is a stripped down version of Super Action Squad, and it was created to show the progress we've made on the game. It should give you an idea of what the game will look and play like, but the final game will be much different.

When will the game be released?

  • If everyone is able to work full-time immediately, we should be able to finish the game in mid-2014. If everyone has to continue working at other jobs, we don't expect to finish until sometime in 2015. However, these are just guesses, and we have not announced a release date for the game. We will most likely release the game in parts so that it doesn't take forever for people to be able to play it.

How do I make a payment?

  • First, choose the reward tier you would like to receive by using the dropdown menu. Next, fill in the name field. This is used for the backers page and also for your name in the credits if you chose that reward. Enter the email address you used when signing up for the forums in the Forum Email Address field. If you do not wish to receive access to the private forums, you can leave this field blank. Finally, click the Pay Now button and you will make the payment through Paypal.

If I already pledged money to the Kickstarter, can I increase my reward tier?

  • Yes! If you'd like to do that, please contact us and we'll work it out.

What has changed since the video was made?

  • - The title of the game was changed to Super Action Squad
  • - The game will be released in parts
  • - Mike, Blaine, and Zach are no longer on the team
  • - Jean-Marc is only doing music for the game
  • - Super Mario Bros. Crossover is no longer under active development.
  • - We no longer have a specific financial goal. Pledges will be utilized where they are needed most on the project.
  • - No one on the team is getting paid until after Super Action Squad is released

Additional questions are answered on this page.

If you have a question that has not been answered, please contact us.

Other Media

Super Action Squad has been put on hold, so we are not taking pledges at this time.


Tier 1 - $15

Tier 2 - $30

  • DRM-free download of the game's soundtrack (includes 8-bit and handheld style music)
  • Access to the beta
  • Handheld style DLC
  • Includes all previous rewards

Tier 3 - $50

  • Your name in the game's credits
  • Includes all previous rewards

Tier 4 - $200

  • Your name will be written in coins in a secret area of the game. All players will have a chance of finding this area
  • Three additional digital copies of the game for family and friends
  • Includes all previous rewards

Tier 5 - $500

  • A statue of you with a commemorative plaque will be placed near your name written in coins
  • The plaque will be readable in the game
  • An NPC (nonplayer character) based on you will walk around near the statue and admire it
  • Includes all previous rewards

Tier 6 - $1,000

  • A skin (alternate costume) of you will be made for a character of your choice and will be playable in the game by entering a secret code
  • You can write a line of custom dialog for your NPC and players will be able to read it when they talk to your character
  • Includes all previous rewards
Jul 20, 2013
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