ROUND ONE: Bass v. Zero

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Who will win?

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  1. Bass (Forte)

    18 vote(s)
  2. Zero

    42 vote(s)
  1. Ganymede Level 12: Super Mod
    Staff Member

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it's the start of the very first Mega Man Character Battle Tournament! To kick off the event, we've got a real powerhouse match-up for you folks at home, two of the baddest contenders in the Mega Universe,


    here's the rundown on these two fierce competitors:



    Bass/Forte- Created by the conniving Doctor Wily to combat Mega Man, Bass is powered by a previously undiscovered energy, Bassnium, discovered accidentally by Doctor Wily. Bass matches brawn with Dr. Light's ingenious creation every step of the way: A robot wolf to assist him, a bad-ass Bass Buster, and of course the ability to use the power of any robot master he defeats. Fortunately for Mega Man, however, Bass soon realized the full extent of his power, abandoned Doctor Wily, and set out to become the strongest robot known to man or machine. Can he overcome this daunting obstacle in his quest to be the best? This new opponent, called...


    Zero- Sealed deep beneath the earth for a century, the legendary Maverick Hunter, Zero, is the hero of the people. Hunted down by the malicious Neo Arcadia even as he lead the final charge to unite the humans and reploids peacefully, Zero now has another rogue robot to deal with. Buster and saber at the ready, brimming with special weapons and gizmos, is Zero's sense of justice stronger than a horde of battle-hungry 'bots?

    Only time, and you, dear reader, can tell!

    Let the voting begin!
  2. Urutsune Level 6: Lakitu

    A funny fun fact is that Zero is also actually Dr. Wily's creation. Dr. Wily considered Zero to be his best creation but Bass said that he will proove that he is the strongest!
    So actually this battle is more deeper then many of you may think, this battle is actually also a fight between Dr. Wily's two greatest creation.
  3. Bass.Does Zero shoot five bullets per second?
  4. Urutsune Level 6: Lakitu

    Good point actually, but you forgot that he can also fly with Treble Boost. He is very powerful in long range combat indeed.

    Zero is kinda the opposite, he is a master of close range combat. Thinking about this it makes the whole battle even more interesting.
  5. Ravior Level 8: Hammer Bro

    Zero would win. Not only has he proven how durable and unkillable he is (even after he dies in Mega Man Zero 4, he still comes back as a Biomedal) and has a ton of amazingly powerful upgrades that make him nearly unstoppable, such as his giga attack and the Kuenzan. Dr. Wily even said that Zero would be more powerful than any of his previous creations. His armor is also far more advanced than Bass' armor, who's defense mechanisms are older and out of date compared to Zero. Zero is just more powerful than Bass. Let's see:


    Shoot in 8 Directions
    Machine Gun
    Double Jump
    Treble Booster
    Has some Robot Master Abilities
    Cannot Move While Shooting
    Weak Fire Power
    Can't Shoot Through Walls


    Can Charge his Z-Buster
    CAN Move when Shooting
    CAN Shoot through Walls (Most of the time)
    Z-Saber Causes Massive Damage
    Double Jump
    Several attacks (Z Ichimonj, Rei Ichimonji, Doubletooth, Soul Saber, Red Lotus Saber, Durga Glaive, Σ Blade, Earth Gaizer, Raijingenki, Kuenbu, and Ryuenjin, just to name a few)
    Can Dash and Jump on Walls
    Can't Shoot in all 8 Directions

    I think it's pretty easy to choose who would win.
  6. CHAOS_FANTAZY Level 11: Moderator
    Staff Member

    Let's see...
    As it already has been stated, Bass shoots much faster than Megaman (and presumably, Zero) , approximately twice the speed. Unfortunately for him, Bass' bullets are also weaker than Megaman's. As MM8BDM shows, it's an improvement, but not by much.
    Treble is to Bass as Rush is to Megaman. He'll just fly in at times and do helpful things. Amongst them, as already stated, Treble Boost. This allow Bass to fly for a time, presumably rather quickly.
    And, as already stated by Ganymede, he can take the weapon of any robot master he defeats.
    Strength: 7/10
    Speed: 10/10
    Finesse (How quickly they perform an action, so kind of like Agility) : 9/10
    Default Weapon: 7/10
    Variety of weapons: 8/10
    I don't know much about Zero, other than he teams up with Megaman X, and even that, I could be wrong on. From what I see in that picture, his main weapon is that chain-whip-thing made of lasers. As cool as it looks, melee weapons are impractical in the Year 20XX. Granted, when it is used, it's very powerful, but what are the chances Bass will fall for it?
    From my experience, it would appear he also has a blaster, same as Megaman's. As I've already said, the Bass Buster is a step up from this supposed "Zero Buster," but not by much.
    I know nothing about Zero's speed at all, but all this gear he's carrying, mentioned in his bio, has got to weigh him down some.
    Strength: 9/10
    Speed: 6/10
    Finesse: 7/10
    Default Weapon: 4/10
    Variety of Weapons: 8/10

    Lest I am mistaken, and Zero is faster than I think, Bass has this one in the bag. He'll run circles around him, and gun him down.
  7. icebogart Level 0: Newbie

    Let's see we know that Bass can shoot in 7 different directions and Zero has his saber

    I'll compare the two using their staple games
    the Bass I'll be using is the one in Megaman vs. Bass where he has a starring role
    And for Zero I'll use the one stated by the picture Megaman Zero 2

    Now what we'll want to do is have them at max upgrades which means
    Bass will have:
    double jump
    all of the 8 powers of the other bosses

    While Zero will have as weapons:
    weaker buster
    8 directional whip and most importantly
    a Shield Boomerang that let's him bounce back bullets
    That way Bass' main weapon is effectively useless so he'll have to rely on his copied powers
    but Zero's perks don't end there
    Fully upgraded he'll at minimum have 2 full health bars, be able to slash bullets out of existence, get saved from pits, stop time, halve the bosses hit points, etc.

    I of course think Zero will win
  8. thecatreturns123 Level 9: Spike Top

    Both charters I've heard of! I don't know a lot, but I think base has the automatic weapon from classic Mega man? And Zero's from the future (wait, no, he goes to the future) (or maybe both). HmmmmHmmmMhmmmHmmmm...

    EDIT: Ooh, convenient descriptions. Also, I voted Base.
  9. uglyrodent Level 10: Bowser

    Bass has a dog that let's him jump a bit higher, a gun that does pretty much no damage. Not too useful. Then he has the ability to copy any robot master, that could win him the OH WAIT! He isn't fighting any robot masters, just Zero. His biggest advantage is pretty much moot.

    Zero can deal massive damage close up, decent damage far away, has died at least twice (he got better), and all around looks more badass than old fin head (not that Bass doesn't look badass, but, well, fin head)
  10. 狂人さん Level 9: Spike Top

    poor bass. he didn't stand a chance against Wily's ultimate creation.
  11. Urutsune Level 6: Lakitu

    It's funny, I thought it will go in the opposite way. Looks like Zero is more favored by fans then I ever imagined. It is now officially unpredictable how will the other rounds end up.
  12. bowsersenemy Level 3: Paratroopa

    i voted, but i'm not saying for who. if you know me very well, you'll know who i voted for. but this is one debate i'm keeping out of. too many bad memories from for me to get into this one. well, kyoo knows what i mean :)
  13. 狂人さん Level 9: Spike Top

    bass is pretty awesome, he's my favorite to play as on MM10
  14. Ganymede Level 12: Super Mod
    Staff Member

    Hahahaha, Bass would be soooo angry if you said that to his face. I've got to say, this contest is turning out fantastically so far, as far as you guys are concerned! What I mean is that it's really cool to come in here and read everyone's opinions about who would win the fight, and some of the results are completely the opposite of what I would have expected! It's even gotten me back into the series a little bit more, I've been messing around with a game kyoo mentioned a long time ago called "Mega Man and Bass" as well as taking another look at Zero's story in the Reploid Saga.

    And Foxfiend, I had forgotten entirely about Zero being the creation of Doctor Wily! This adds so much more of a badass factor to the whole matchup.
  15. Ravior Level 8: Hammer Bro

    Here's the first comic. From now on I'll post them whenever the winner is decided. Also, they won't be so short, it's just that Bass doesn't stand a chance. In my opinion at least.

  16. 狂人さん Level 9: Spike Top

    why does Ravior always post something totaly awesome RIGHT after I get done using up my last thanks for the day :(

    that's awesome Ravior, you deserve my thanks.
  17. uglyrodent Level 10: Bowser

    Zero Wins EASILY.


    Yeah, that's more or less a simpler version of what I imagined.
  18. Ganymede Level 12: Super Mod
    Staff Member

    That's pretty much super awesome.
  19. Ravior Level 8: Hammer Bro

    Thanks for the support, guys. :D I promise to make the next one even better.
  20. World 1-1 Level 11: Moderator
    Staff Member

    Great fight. Bass have so much more pros than Zero, like machine gun, Treble, etc.
    But Zero is too powerful. Sorry Bass, but Zero would win from a good distance.
    Also, Bass haven't been mentioned since it's death in Classic series (without counting BN) and Zero was the main character in Zero series and have it's biometal in ZX

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