Which Wiki is Better?

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Which Wiki is Better?

Poll closed Dec 9, 2011.
  1. Old Wiki as it looks now

    2 vote(s)
  2. Old Wiki with default template

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  3. New Wiki

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  4. I don't work on the wiki

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  1. Jay Level 13: ER Team

    If you don't work on the wiki, just choose the bottom option.

    See the Old Wiki
    See the New Wiki

    After thinking about it for a while and observing stuff, I think I'm going back to go back to the old wiki but revert it to one of the default templates with maybe just some color changes. Also, Xenforo has a Mediawiki Bridge, so you'd automatically be logged into the wiki when you sign in on the forums.

    I just thought I'd get some other people's opinions. Also I think MediaWiki is probably a better long term solution. The wiki on Xenforo is just a plugin made by one person. Let me know what you guys think.

    And sorry to people that have been working on the new wiki. At least we tried something different.

    Edit: I closed the poll since we're gonna use the old wiki with a new design.
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  2. roman6a Level 8: Hammer Bro

    i don't even work with the wiki team or care to read anything there...

    but if i were to look one day on the wiki to look for information on something or whatever, i'd like to have the old one as it looks WAY better than the new one(which is right now just a big blackboard with a bunch of links on red text and no info at all), better search system over threads and other useless stuff i don't use but others do to make things easier when searching important information

    dunno i'm just expressing my personal opinion over what looks better at the moment and why

    but of course, the new one can be improved to be more user-friendly than what it is right now
  3. aliceandsven Level 10: Bowser

    I worked on the wiki a lot before it switched to the xenforo plugin.

    I'm voting for Old w/ Default Template for a few reasons, some of them are just personal. For starters, I have a lot more experience with wiki markup then I do with bbCode, and to me the xenforo plugin was a little too complicated to work with. The task of transferring everything over to a new system that did not use wiki markup was daunting to say the least, and there was not much enthusiasm for that.

    Less personally, wikis have a lot of power and a lot more functionality than the xenforo plugin. For example, it was impossible for us to categorize and keep track of pages that needed certain kinds of attention, because the xenforo plugin does not have the categorizing feature of other wikis. This in particular will be a large issue when the new version of SMBC comes out, as pages will need to be combed over and checked to make sure their information is concurrent with the latest version. Wikis have discussion pages where people can talk about issues relevant to specific articles. There are probably a bunch of other things that aren't coming to my mind right now, it's been a while since I've worked extensively on a normal wiki.

    My only issue with the old wiki as it is now is how it's framed inside this website, in my opinion this results in a cramped article space.

    I'm also worried about how another switch-over would affect people's enthusiasm.
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  4. Jay Level 13: ER Team

    I agree with you guys.
    Well technically it's not another switch. It's like hitting Ctrl+Z. But we have to consider that it will be around for a long time. Eventually people will forget we even tried out a different one. Also, there's no immediate work that needs to be done, so we don't need morale right now anyway.

    I don't know why I made a poll. I pretty much already made up my mind. And the bridge should make things a lot easier if it works right.

    Edit: Actually to be honest, I think one of the reasons I switched was because I didn't want to maintain MediaWiki in addition to Xenforo, but now I don't mind at all.

    Edit 2: MediaWiki 1.18 was released a few weeks ago. :) That's convenient.

    Edit 3: There's a new feature that allows you to make anything collapsible. Cool.
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  5. aliceandsven Level 10: Bowser

    MediaWiki looks great, it feels familiar to what I used to work with.
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  6. Jay Level 13: ER Team

    I can't get the bridge to work. It's probably because I recently upgraded both Xenforo and MediaWiki and the bridge isn't updated to work with them yet. They said about a month ago that they were working on a new version so hopefully that will fix it, but we may have to go without it for now.

    Edit: I think it's working now. Let me know if when you're logged in on the forums you're on the wiki automatically.
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  7. Omicron Level 10: Bowser

    It works.

  8. aliceandsven Level 10: Bowser

    It works for me. Fab.
  9. the D Level 5: Spiny

    i liked the really old one. it worked perfectly.
  10. Jay Level 13: ER Team

    I'm just gonna leave the colors like they are for now. I'll try and change them when I get a chance.

    Also I set up the Character Requests page to hide stuff. I guess MediaWiki isn't that smart though because it still seems to download everything.

    Send me a PM if there's anything important that needs to be done on the wiki.

    I just have one final question for people. Is there any reason to leave up the xenforo wiki for a little while or should I take it down? I'm not sure if there's any info on that one that isn't on MediaWiki.

    Edit: I suppose we need the Info for Newcomers page on MediaWiki. Let me know if you think of any others.
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  11. Captain Knight Level 9: Spike Top

    You should take it down, once you/everybody transports everything from the xenforo to the new wiki.
    And that's only if you go to the new wiki when you click on "Wiki" from both the forums and SMBC
  12. aliceandsven Level 10: Bowser

    Aside from the Info for Newcomers page, I think it was all just copy-pastes with a lot of broken wikimarkup :p
  13. Rey D Level 11: Moderator

    Has anyone checked if there aren't any requests on the new Wiki which aren't on the old one?
  14. Omicron Level 10: Bowser

    I can't seem to find the Community Projects page. Also there's no Page List feature on the old wiki.
  15. Jay Level 13: ER Team

    The page list is in the special pages link near the bottom of the sidebar. If you mean the community portal, it's here. I wasn't sure what links to put in the sidebar. You can use the search to find pages if you don't know where they are.

    I'm gonna take down the other wiki soon so make sure the new stuff is off it. I already transferred info for newcomers, although I didn't take out the bbcode.
  16. Mario-Fan Level 11: Moderator

    Community Projects. The page full of projects that people are doing. For example, Sonic Boll or the Game Boy Color Printer.
  17. Jay Level 13: ER Team

    I did a search and did not find a page called Community Projects. Why doesn't someone just make the page? I'm pretty confused about what you guys are talking about.

    Edit: The new (old) wiki is done.

    Edit 2: I see what you're talking about with Community Projects. Hurry up and transfer them to the other wiki and then I'll take it down.
  18. Mario-Fan Level 11: Moderator

    I'll check and copy it over.
    EDIT: Copied over. Full of non-existing links. For some reason, in the old Wiki, existing links were red and the non-existing ones were yellow. In other Wikis, existing links are blue and non-existing ones are red. In the new/old wiki, both are red.
  19. World 1-1 Level 11: Moderator

    I think the old wiki is something too "distant" from the site. You know, it looks like it doesn't belong to ER. The new wiki was a lot more "close". If you keep the old wiki, try doing something about this. And will you delete the new wiki then?
  20. Mario-Fan Level 11: Moderator

    When the wiki lost its search bar, it had the top banner thing. He will delete the new Wiki.
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