2. Developer Comments

This page documents comments and insights from Super Mario Bros. Crossover developer Jay Pavlina regarding the current or future state of the game. Remember that nothing is truly certain until it's in the game!


[*]"I'll probably put in a general low gravity cheat later." <sup>Source</sup>

[*]"Everything I do is an experiment, so everyone shouldn't freak out so much when something changes in the game. If a lot of people mention the same problem, I try to fix it in the next update." <sup>Source</sup>

[*]"And I do have plans for world domination" <sup>Source</sup>

[*]"SMBC is not the only game I'm going to make. I have another game planned that incorporates some of those ideas. But first I need to finish this game and a few others. Remember, this is my first game. The next games I make will be even better. Super Mario Bros. Crossover is just the beginning."<sup>Source</sup>

[*]"I've thought about Contra but I wouldn't know how to handle the levels where you shoot down the hallway. I also think castlevania would probably work." (Referring to new crossovers) <sup>Source</sup>

[*]"I've thought about including a map, and it's a possibility, but it's very low in priority. With the game set up the way it is now, I think it'd just get in the way." <sup>Source</sup>

[*]"There will be a classic SOPHIA cheat added later that has the old wall controls. And I thought about implementing the thing where you hold the direction and keep going in that direction but didn't have the time or patience to put it in yet." <sup>Source</sup>

[*]"Rush Jet has been in the plans from the beginning, just like Rush Coil and Rush Marine. If and when it gets in, it will be a limited version." <sup>Source</sup>

[*]"Originally, the game was going to have a story where Mario got captured, so Luigi recruited his friends from other videogame worlds to help get Mario back. But I decided not to worry about the story and just focus on making the gameplay awesome." <sup>Source</sup>

About "2.0"

[*]"I never said there'd be a new character in version 2.0. If there is a new character, it will be a minor character. The main feature of 2.0 is not a character. I want to give people more stuff to do with the characters that are already in there before adding another one." <sup>Source</sup>

About 1.2

[*]"I'm glad we found a solution by making it a cheat. The Mega Man high jump cheat is already in, so it'll be in 1.2 when it comes out." <sup>Source</sup>

[*]"There's a similar option in version 1.2 that allows you to choose which character's music you'd like to listen to." <sup>Source</sup>

[*]"... I added in a few cheats from the feature requests page, and one of them changes the entire game so much it's like playing a whole new game. It's really, really fun. Which cheat is it? You'll find out next week. But I don't think it'd be too hard to guess which one it is." <sup>Source</sup>

[*]"I'm really psyched about the unlockable cheats! It's going to feel good when you get a message on the screen that says `You unlocked the blah blah cheat!`" <sup>Source</sup>

[*]"A lot more has changed then that. Most cheats are locked by default, but a few are always unlocked like Mega Man High Jump. Each locked cheat has a certain condition you must meet to unlock it. If you select the cheat, it will tell you what you must do to unlock it. Also, I know some people just want to have all the cheats, so there is a way to unlock them all instantly, but I won't tell you how to do it until a little while after the game is released. And yeah you could just edit the save file to unlock them, but in the future the save file won't be so easy to edit." <sup>Source</sup>

[*]"Also, there’s some new features I’m adding, including unlockable cheats and a new game mode. The new game mode I’m adding is the way I originally intended for the game to be played, but I didn’t put it in for various reasons which I’ll explain later." <sup>Source</sup>

[*]"There are 15 more bugs to fix in version 1.2. It should be out next week sometime. Also, the new game mode is more fun than I expected." <sup>Source</sup>


[*]Regarding the red color pallet theme for characters with the Fire Flower, "It's because I wanted them to match the website." It is likely that this was a joke. <sup>Source</sup>

[*]* "Adult Link will probably be a separate character coming in a new version" <sup>Source</sup>

Sonic the Hedgehog

[*]"Super Mario Bros. isn't really designed for a character as fast as Sonic, so I'm not quite sure how it'd work out. I'm sure with practice, people would be able to breeze through the game with him." <sup>Source</sup>

Sophia III

[*]"Actually, SOPHIA is pretty overpowered compared to the rest of the characters. I think she's even more overpowered than Bill." <sup>Source</sup>

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