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This page is currently up-to-date as of version 3.0. The latest version with significant additions is version 3.1.2.

There are six different types of level settings in Super Mario Bros. Crossover, each one featuring different aesthetics and game-play.

The Overworld

This is an exterior area, and is seen in the game with two aesthetic variations (Day and Night) and one game-play variation. The daytime overworld (e.g. World 1) is perhaps one of the game's most iconic settings. The nighttime overworld appears appears only in World 3 and World 6.

Overworld specific tips


Overworld: Lakitu Attack

On some Overworld stages, Lakitu appears at the start of the level and follows you, throwing Spiny eggs down on you. These eggs turn into Spinies. The Lakitu gives up and leaves the screen once you begin climbing the steps at the flagpole.

Lakitu Attack specific tips

The Underground

This is an interior area and is known for containing many
bricks and the infamous Warp Zone. A popular trick that is used in this area is to get on top of the ceiling and run along it, avoiding any hazards throughout most of the level. The Warp Zone will let you skip to later worlds by entering a pipe, and this area can be reaching by using the ceiling trick or by smashing through the bricks below the horizontal exit pipe.

Underground specific tips

  • Ryu and SOPHIA III can climb up to the ceiling and skip nearly the entire level.

The Peaks

This exterior setting is known for it's towering pillars and precarious terrain design. It features floating platforms and sets of platforms connected via pulleys. The platform the player is standing on will lower as the other connected platform rises. Some floating platforms will begin to fall off the screen when the player stands on it.
Sometimes, Peaks levels are known as "athletic" levels.

Peak specific tips


The Castle

Bowser's Castle redirects here. If you're looking for something else, check Bowser's Castle (disambugation).

An interior area that is featured in the fourth stage of every world. It features many death-traps such as spinning Fire Bars, lava pits and Podoboos. Later castle stages feature puzzles that require the player to take a certain path or else they will reappear at the start of the puzzle. At the end of each castle stage, a Bowser encounter awaits. The castle of world 8-4 features an Underwater segment.

Castle specific tips

  • SOPHIA can get rid of Bowser easily:
  • Jump on to the ceiling.
  • Here, you can choose:
  • Shoot at Bowser like mad
  • Perform a well-aimed drop on the axe


This setting is submerged in water, allowing Mario, Luigi and SOPHIA III to swim while other characters can jump higher. The enemies in this area are also able to float and swim.

Underwater specific tips

  • SOPHIA III is probably the best character for these levels: she can swim, shoot missiles and get rid of the Bloopers from the safety of the floor.

The Bridge

These stages feature a long bridge suspended over a body of water. As the player traverses the bridge, Cheep Cheeps will constantly jump up from below the screen and fall back down in an attempt to hit the player. Aside from the Cheep Cheeps, this setting features a few other enemies and several jumps over pits. Beware if you're playing on one of these levels with the All Hammer Bros. cheat turned on!

Bridge specific tips

Bonus Rooms

Within certain stages, there are warp Pipes and vines that will take you to a seperate map when you enter or climb them. These areas are filled with lots of Coins, and one area also contains a Warp Zone. The bonus areas without a Warp Zone will bring you to a later point in the current level when you exit.

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