Here are some tips for playing Super Mario Bros. Crossover. Character-specific tips go in the character's wiki page. Tips on choosing characters for certain levels can go here.
  • If your character has Fire Flower (or Mushroom) and there are enemies up ahead, it's a good idea to activate every powerup box you can. If your character gets hit he/she can then go back and get powerups, as a stationary flower is much easier to get later than a moving mushroom.
  • On amphibious Cheep Cheep levels, it's better to keep moving. If you have a choice, pick a character with fast movement (Mario) or a character that can shoot upward (Sophia III, Samus).
  • On underwater levels, mobility is usually better than offense. Choose characters like Sophia III or Mega Man who can move around easily underwater.
  • If you're stuck on a particular spot, don't be afraid to try something different or try with a different character.
  • Save your game often to avoid losing your progress.

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