Super Mario Bros. Crossover 3.0 Delayed

We won’t be able to get the new version of Super Mario Bros. Crossover done by June 30th. I’m sorry! In order to make up for this disappointing news, let me show you some cool new features coming to version 3.0.

Improved Skin Selection

Changing skins in previous versions of the game was a chore, and many people didn’t even know it was possible. In version 3.0, it’s very easy. Whenever you select a character, you’ll now see a skin selection screen like the one below.

Changing map skins was also difficult and was hidden away in a menu. Now, you can do it directly on the character select screen.

The map skin selection menu shows you a preview of what each skin looks like before you select it.

Revamped Difficulty Settings

The difficulty settings in previous versions didn’t work well. They either made the game too easy or too hard, and there was no customization. Now, all of the options for difficulty can be adjusted separately, so you can choose exactly how you want to play the game.

We also finally got around to adding one of the most requested features:


Cheats are always a fun way to change the experience of the game. We added a few new ones that have been requested for a while. Here is one of my personal favorites:

It’s really fun on water levels.

And I realize that people don’t want to have to unlock the cheats by playing through the game every time, so we added a simple way to unlock them. Retro gamers should be able to figure out how to do it.

And of course, there’s also all of the new stuff shown in the trailer, which includes 32 new levels and easy/hard versions of every level. So basically, there are 192 levels in the game.

Why it was Delayed

Even with all of these new features, we would have had the game done in time if we weren’t working on Super Retro Squad at the same time. When we release version 3.0, we’re also going to be releasing some new information about Super Retro Squad. We want people to think of Super Retro Squad when they think about Super Mario Bros. Crossover, so we’re working on some different ways to make that happen.

This release is a big deal for us, so we want to make sure we take the time to get it right. Please be patient and look forward to it. I can personally tell you that this version of the game is magnitudes better than the previous versions. My favorite new feature is the hard versions of levels. You will die a lot, but don’t worry… we provide plenty of extra lives for you!

I don’t like giving specific dates because it’s stressful to get the game done in time, but I am pretty sure it will be out before the end of July. Please accept my sincerest apologies and understand that this delay is for the best. Thanks for your understanding!

  • zack

    add kirby

    fans love kirby everyone love

  • zack

    & sonic add’em to

  • Daniel Ricardo Allende Sepulve

    falta Rokko-Chan

  • 6379574O

    pero seguro que esta porque hay unas flechas en las esquinas

  • Nick Cox

    I was hoping for it to be released around last month, but seeing that it was delayed due to working Super Retro Squad, I’m not gonna complain. Hope you guys can get it done soon. ;)

  • Nick Cox

    in terms of idle sprites, looks like Bill Rizer is taller compared to the others

  • Nick Cox

    you would think that since they made this game, they would’ve at least added our favorite pink puffball in there? (I love Kirby)

  • Nick Cox

    that right there is true!

  • Nick Cox

    (Translated from Google Translate)-I remind you that nobody cares two shits the “super retro squad” instead of Super Mario Bros crossover that everyone looks ances, SMBC finish first and then take out and Retro Squad or the mother who nobody cares

  • Nick Cox

    yea, those really are SML2 graphics, i would love to see SML graphics

  • Timson

    I can give a better translation: “I remind you that nobody cares/gives two shits about ‘Super Retro Squad’, but instead [they care] about Super Mario Crossover which everyone waits with anticipation/yearning. First, you should finish SMBC, and then you [should] work on Retro Squad or some other shit that no one cares about.”

    Quite rude.

  • Kahlid Abdul

    To quote the Qur’an– “Better a good game delayed than a shitty game rushed.”

  • Yanni Karabatsos

    Ok these are the characters that are possible enough to fit in Super Mario Bros Crossover 3.

    Kunio (Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari) (River City Ransom EX)
    Kirby (Kirby’s Adventure) (Kirby’s Dream Land) (Kirby Super Star)

    Let’s all show Exploding Rabbit how we want Kunio and Kirby to be Added!!
    By doing Comments.
    You can also vote for your characters that you want.
    Pleeeaaase Vote because we need new characters!

  • JoeJoelion

    hes cool so hey haters YOUR FUCKING GAY!!!!!!!!! i know is threat less

  • JoeJoelion

    can you make a demo. thats all folks .

  • JoeJoelion

    can i be in your videos?

  • Tiki

    Ojala, a parte de PC, lo desarrollaran para Nes ;D

  • Dayron Jesus Valdez Pacheco

    I am a big fan of SMB. Crossover and regret that will be decided later but Jay and Super Mario Bros Crossover or Super Retro Squad!!!!!!!!!

  • Dayron Jesus Valdez Pacheco

    Please decide

  • kevin valiquette

    is there atari 2600 based graphics skin in the game?

  • DannyDacool123

    will there ever be sonic in this game

  • Ansel

    Cant Wait!

  • R0ck4x3

    Take as much time as you need, it’s a big release to make an already awesome game even more awesome, so I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait as you haven’t disappointed in the past.

  • Bill33


  • Bill33

    There is an old version of Super Mario Bros. Crossover simulating the atari, and it seems that yes, they are adding the skin back.

  • Nick Cox


  • Mr_Monk

    Kunio was added. Watch the trailer.

  • tyson

    Wait… a kirby MAP! which will have… waddle dee’s,waddle doo’s, brontos and other kirby enemies to give him powers!!

  • Jeremiah Fuller

    I love this, can’t wait also I’ll probably use either the real simple one or the zelda one ^___^

  • s adbns

    ive been playing super mario bros crossove rbasicly from the beggining

  • DJMaster1319

    he could also inhale one of those Lava bubles for fire, and wing from a Paratroopa. (i’m just letting loose ideas here.) his flight would have to be limited though, because he would make Bowser battles comepletly pointless.

  • Stefan Križanec

    Its ok.I’m still hooked to SMBC 2 trying to defeat the last level as Simon.

  • R0ck4x3

    Considering everyone in this game from a game on the NES, it’s pretty unlikely

  • Mman

    no need for sorrys, i knew this was comeing before this,dont be sad

  • Mman


    *100 years later*

  • gamerp99

    can’t wait dude! good luck!

  • Bill33

    Adding Kirby as a character will not do, but we can still make a map and enemy set for Kirby’s Dream Land.

  • RVGG8866

    I understand take your time.

  • Jack Newton

    know what would be better than a super mario bros crossover? A LEGEND OF ZELDA CROSSOVER!

  • OP

    no mamen ya se acabo el mes y no lo han sacado joderrrrr

  • 6379574O

    dicen en los foros que es porque le hemos dado muchas ideas y es verdad dejen ya de decirles ideas para smbc 3.0

  • Therm

    Oh dear, more unforeseen delays past the whole ‘end of July’ thing?
    Or will it be done tomorrow or the day after? :P I can’t help but be impatient.

  • redgamer75

    If Jay rushes with the release, the game will turn out very bad, but since he delayed it, it will be very good.

  • Giovanni Blasier

    it’s the end of july i am sooooo, exited!

  • asgth th

    so… any new caracters?

  • Miles

    Can you add Sonic? It would be fun…

  • 6379574O

    In Europe is the last day

  • jacob

    why isn’t it out yet?

  • Dayron Jesus Valdez Pacheco

    today that day is … July 31 and the game is still not up upload it now! you suck jay

  • samus83

    I’ve been checking this site about 5 times a day for the last week. It looks like there’s another delay. Not that I’m complaining; it will be ready when it’s ready. I will continue to refresh this page constantly though.