I implemented sprite flipping in the level editor and game engine. The image above shows flipping on hill. Those are both the same sprite.

I also built the first level of Super Mario Bros. There is a toad there because the story takes place after Mario beats Bowser, so he has freed the toads.

Speaking of that… does anyone have any ideas for how the first level would be different after Mario has beaten Bowser? So far I just have toads hanging around that you can talk to, there are no enemies, and some of the bricks and item blocks have already been hit. I was wondering if there could be anything else different to make it more interesting to go through the level. It’s important for the story that the player goes through the whole level.

I should also mention now that this development log contains spoilers. I don’t really know of any way to avoid that, but I don’t think it is a big deal because this is an experimental fan game. It also allows me to get feedback on stuff before I put it in the game. I won’t intentionally reveal spoilers, but I also don’t see any way around it. I hope that’s okay!

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Switched to using one collider per tile to make it quicker to build levels. The sides that are in red are ignored so they still behave properly.



For comparison, this is how colliders looked before. They are bigger, so they’re more efficient, but it takes longer to make them.  I’ll probably eventually have something like this auto-generated when a level starts.

I also made some progress on the story and deciding on what content will be in the first release.

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I got rotation working.



And scaling.



I had some problems along the way.



And I don’t know what this is.

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