The tale continues! In part 15 of Jay’s journey across Elementia he endures many grueling trials, explains that we all collectively owe him ten dollars, and reflects on the national drinking age. Stay tuned for more videos soon!

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It’s time for another round of talking about random things. There are two parts, and together they’re an hour and 15 minutes. If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, I’ve included the topics discussed and the times they occur in each video. And I talk about more serious topics in this video. I was in somewhat of a deep thinking mood when I made it.

Part 1

0:00 – Equipment upgrades, what I’ve been up to
7:22 – Hiding from fans, finally having money, main reason to get married
12:02 – Downward thrust motorcycle
15:04 – Letting go of your old identity and moving on
19:02 – Always moving forward and what stops many people
21:26 – Being yourself, handling expectations
24:38 – Unconsciously pushing negative thoughts on other people
27:03 – Video game vacation, automatic healing processes
30:27 – Becoming stagnant, fighting for survival, passion
32:13 – Iggy calls

Part 2

0:00 – Super Mario Bros. Crossover and other news
7:36 – World’s Fair Use Day
10:27 – Problems with mingling and talking
12:26 – Talking is dumb, trusting my feelings
17:06 – Worrying about people’s reactions
20:52 – Some conversations are better than others
22:36 – Psychic communication would be best, minimal talking
24:33 – The meaning of downward thrust
26:53 – Being happy is the key to downward thrusting
29:53 – Always thrust down, demonstrations of downward thrust
31:42 – You already know everything you need to know
33:52 – Religion, making one choice
36:00 – Relationships and expectations
38:23 – The sacred origin of downward thrust
39:30 – Summary, random thoughts, personal history with PS3
42:21 – Final thoughts, thanks for watching

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In this episode, I run away from an evil waterfall, go back to starbeam hill, and talk to the three spirits.

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