Let’s Play The Tale of Elementia – Part 17

It’s finally here. The long awaited conclusion to the critically acclaimed Tale of Elementia series is at hand. In this episode, Jay has the harrowing experience of confronting the demons of his sordid past. Literally!


(Stay tuned at the end for some reflections and appreciation from Jay on the nature of hacks!)

  • zack

    don’t put sonic in smbc newt time bc we hate’em

  • Creeperninja

    Shut up Zack Sonic is Awesome and If you don’t want him then if he gets in SMBC DONT PLAY AS HIM DUMBASS

  • Themariobros64

    and btw put sonic in smbc

  • Themariobros64

    i like sonic and mario butt mario is better so dont listen to those b**s

  • Themariobros64

    i mean Just zack dont listen to him