Playing My Own Game – SMBC: The Lost Levels – Part 5

I decided to record a play through while I was testing The Lost Levels in Super Mario Bros. Crossover 3.1.

  • Xavier Wilbourn

    after all these characters you have in S.M.B.C. but why don’t you add sonic? I mean hes not nintendo but it would be nice.

  • Саша Тетеранкевич

    Hey jay pavlina After all these have in S.M.B.C. You will mario portal with console SMB+PORTAL you have in S.M.B.C.

  • Саша Тетеранкевич


  • Oshus

    Nice talk! And good luck man, you got a lot of talent in the house^^

  • waasaa

    do you add metroid map skin on next update ?

  • breno

  • mario gamer

    please add all of the nes video games

  • brian

    this is cooler if a version on a ps4

  • brian

    your right

  • brian

    then ask exploding rabbit to make sonic the hedgehog crossover with all sega genesis charactors

  • brian

    it would be nice if to shut your mouth winer

  • brian

    now that im done with you this made my day !!!!!!!! :]