Super Action Squad Development Log #2

Super Action Squad is the spiritual successor to Super Mario Bros. Crossover. For more videos in this series, see the Development Log playlist.


  • Demonstration of weird bug with flying through walls
  • Same thing is shown in the scene view
  • Oshus

    I kind of thought your cam background was pretty funny too ^^

  • Lombardi

    This game looks extremely lame. BRING SMBC BACK!!!

  • MysteryIDK

    SMBC was never gone, dummy

  • Lombardi

    It’s not gone, but its development has stopped because of this game, which is a real shame, especially after seeing that this game will be no big deal.

  • IdiotOverHere

    it looks lame because they are fucking programming it -_- so wait until they fucking finish it. you just cant wait….. cant you?
    also smbc was never gone idiot.