Super Mario Bros. Crossover HTML5 – First Look

Jay talks about what’s been happening and demonstrates a work-in-progress port of SMBC to HTML5.

  • 0:00: Introduction, changes, showing stuff before it’s ready
  • 3:20: Demonstration of SMBC HTML5, Flash vs HTML5, WebGL
  • 7:30: Explanation of how it happened, some talk of OpenFL and HTML5 platform
  • 10:08: Rendering in WebGL vs rendering in Unity, advantage of custom tools in game development
  • 12:45: Palette system used in SMBC Flash, shaders, comparison to WebGL
  • 17:18: Knowledge grew since starting SMBC, so old stuff is worse than more recent stuff
  • 18:30: Demonstration of old animation system
  • 21:30: JSON used for data, old animation data ported to JSON
  • 25:53: Programming discussion, ActionScript 3 (flash version) vs Haxe (HTML5 version), some early programming mistakes
  • 29:50: Show how color data is stored separately from textures, explain in basic terms how it looks up colors
  • 31:30: Old theme sprite sheet vs new one
  • 33:55: Learned stuff from past experiences like Unity, know lots of programming languages now
  • 36:02: Real talk, accepting negative criticism, letting people down, apology, lessons learned