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Bill Rizer
Original Game Contra
Features Machine Gun
Spread Gun
Laser Gun
Advantage Long range
Able to fire in 8 directions
Disadvantage Awkward aerial physics
Very low damage per bullet
Cannot get a mushroom (always dies in one hit)

Great Scott! This article is in need of some history.

This page is currently up-to-date as of version 3.0. The latest version with significant additions is version 3.1.2. Mostly known as "The Guy from Contra", Bill Rizer is a character in Super Mario Bros. Crossover. He was available since the release of the game. He is pretty much awesome, especially when he gets the spread gun and mows all the idiots down.



  • Pressing the Left or Right buttons will cause Bill to move left or right.
  • Pressing the Jump button will cause Bill to jump.
  • Pressing the Down button will cause Bill to lay down flat and aim his gun forward.
  • Pressing the Attack button will cause Bill to shoot his gun.
    • While Bill has the Machine Gun, holding the Attack button will cause him to shoot continuously.
  • Pressing any direction will allow Bill to shoot in that direction. Note that shooting straight down is only possible when jumping.


Bill bullet.png Gun
  • Allows Bill to shoot enemies
    • Damage: 100
  • Bill begins with this
Bill Machine Gun.png Machine Gun

(This is the default first weapon)

  • Enables auto-firing when the button is held
    • Damage: 100
Bill Spread Gun.png Spread

(This is the default second weapon)

  • Fires five bullets in a wide arc
    • Damage: 100
Bill Laser Gun.png Laser
  • Fires a long laser that hits four times
    • Damage: 125
Bill Flamethrower.png Flare
  • Fires a fireball that loops in a corkscrew pattern
    • Pierces armor
    • Damage: 125
Bill Rapid Gun.png Rapid Fire
  • Slightly speeds up the firing rate of all weapons except the laser
  • Can be stacked twice
Star Man.PNG Starman
  • Bill becomes invincible for a limited time, enabling him to defeat enemies by touching them

Skins Currently in the Game

  • Bill Rizer (8-bit, from Contra)
  • Bill Rizer (8-bit, from Super C)
  • Bill Rizer (16-bit, recolor of Bill from Contra)
  • Bill Rizer (16-bit, custom by Pinkie Pie)
  • Bill Rizer (GB, from Operation C)
  • Bill Rizer (8-bit, recolor based on Super Mario Bros. Special)
  • Bill Rizer (8-bit, inspired by Atari)
  • Lance Bean (8-bit, from Contra)
  • Lance Bean (8-bit, from Super C)
  • Lance Bean (16-bit, recolor of Lance from Contra)
  • Lance Bean (16-bit, custom by Pinkie Pie)
  • Lance Bean (GB, from Operation C)
  • Lance Bean (8-bit, recolor based on Super Mario Bros. Special)
  • Lance Bean (8-bit, inspired by Atari)
  • RC-008 (8-bit, from Probotector)
  • RC-008 (GB, from Probotector)
  • RD-011 (8-bit, from Probotector)
  • RD-011 (GB, from Probotector)

Bill Rizer Specific Tips

  • Collect rapid fire power-ups to maximize the efficiency of your gun!
  • Each gun has its own strengths and weaknesses- choose wisely!
  • The Machine Gun does not grant additional damage, but it allows Bill to fire much faster and without repeatedly pressing the attack button.
  • The Spread Gun, with its wide range, can be useful to hit multiple enemies and excels at shooting down moving enemies like Lakitu; close-up, it can be an extremely deadly weapon. It does not pierce armor, which slightly limits its usefulness in the later levels.
  • The Laser Gun, although allowing only one straight shot per screen, gives a hard time to anything being hit by the whole beam. It's more or less a mid-range weapon.
  • The Flamethrower is Bill's only armor-piercing weapon, allowing him to decimate all enemies. Its corkscrew pattern, however, takes some time to get used to, and the weapon fires very slowly, which hinders its effectiveness as a long-range weapon.

Original Game

Bill Rizer is from Contra (a game that is commonly known for its difficulty that came out in 1987 and is of the run and gun genre) and Super C for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Differences From Original Game

  • Bill does not have the Falcon to destroy every enemy on the screen.
  • In SMBC 3.0 there is an equivalent item "Lucky Star", which is available to everyone.

Unused sprites on the skin sheet

Bill Skin Template.png

Currently, this is the list of Bill's sprites in the sheet above that are unused:

  • Falcon

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