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The Exploding Rabbit Forums were created to promote Super Mario Bros. Crossover and to talk about the game and its features. As time progressed the forums started to grow in size and shortly in spirit. What started as a place to hang out and chill for artist and stuff has now become an online community. Members talk, discuss, help and look out for each other as an "Online family". With the new update to Xenforo (made by the original Vbulletin creators), users can chat and get trophies. The forums' current administrator is Exploding Rabbit. You can visit the forums here.


There are also ways where the forums reward you for your contribution, activity and reputation at the forums.


When you post a number of messages at the forums, you get a rank. Ranks show how much you have changed the forums and the megabytes you have generated with them.

One can get up to rank 10, but there's extra ranks too.

Special Ranks

Rank -1:Banned = Whoever gets banned from the ER forums appears to have this rank. Rank 11:Moderator = Normal moderators obtain this special rank. Rank 12:Super Moderator = Moderators with more privileges carry this special rank. Rank 13:ER Team = The official team (Including the founder of ER) of Exploding Rabbit have this special rank.


As we all know, at the ranks, reputation does not get rewarded. But it is rewarded from here and many other stuff is also rewarded. When you rank up, reach a certain account age, get a certain number of likes or get a certain amount of Trophy Points, you get a trophy.

Currently the trophies are limited. To see a list of all trophies you can get, click here.

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