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Welcome to the Exploding Rabbit Wiki, a fun place for people to create awesome stuff together. If you've never used a Wiki before, see the Help Section to learn how to use it and use the sandbox to practice. Creating an account on the forums automatically creates an account for the wiki.

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July 31, 2013: SMBC 3.0 and the SRS video are out

3.0 is out, the SRS video is out, and guess what that means?! Tons of revising! Let's get going before the people come flooding and get confused by the outdatedness or something!

Previous news can be found at Exploding Rabbit Wiki:Announcements

Ways You Can Help

I'd recommend helping to break up (and working on) the Super Mario Bros. Crossover Manual because it will benefit a lot of people. Also, feel free to not be serious as some people have already figured out. This isn't an encyclopedia.

Don't worry if you don't know how to write well or if you're afraid of sounding stupid. This is a friendly place, and if you make mistakes, other people can fix them anyway. If you aren't sure if you've spelled a word correctly, type {{Spell check}} next to the word you aren't sure how to spell and it will be added to this category so that others are more likely to find it. We probably won't make fun of you unless your name begins with "Jay" and ends with "Pavlina". Be bold and creative.

If you have a request for a new character or want to add ideas and discuss existing requests, click here For Feature requests, click here. Remember to use the Search function before making a new request thread.

The wiki is basically a big, empty canvas, and everyone has a paintbrush. It's not too much fun if you paint something and then someone paints over your work. However, it is fun to paint something and have someone else help you to make it even better than either of you could have done individually. The wiki exists to create things together that are greater than we could create alone. So grab your brush, and let's start painting the heck out of this canvas!

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