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Jay Pavlina is the president and CEO of Exploding Rabbit, and he is the creator of Super Mario Bros. Crossover. He always had a passion for entertaining people, so he spent the majority of his childhood making over 100 comedy short films. This eventually led to him getting a bachelor's degree in filmmaking at Columbia College Chicago.

Although he had never made a game, Jay's passion for video games and love of challenges led him to create the smash hit Super Mario Bros. Crossover. His dream of running his own production studio was finally realized after the Kickstarter for his first commercial game, Super Retro Squad, was a success.

He now works with his team of handpicked developers to create unique and fun entertainment for all ages. He is currently working as the creative director and producer of Super Retro Squad. He also works on side projects for explodingrabbit.com and periodically assists with development of Super Mario Bros. Crossover.

Jay loves to spend his free time improving himself through both physical exercise and learning new things. He enjoys playing video games, writing and playing music, and spending time with his wife, Iggy. His favorite thing of all is to make people laugh, because he believes that most people take life too seriously.

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