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This story is a Super Mario Bros. Crossover Fan Fiction by Ketchupninja. The original story can be found here. It was inspired by CHAOS_FANTAZY's blog entry, "That was fast!", which describes how he got past World 8-4.



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Chapter 1

Mario x 3
World 1-1

It was like any other day for Mario. Get the Coin, jump on the Goomba, get the Mushroom. Then, something happened that changed his life forever. As he was patrolling the world, walking towards the triumphant flagpole, there was suddenly a bright flash and a light so bright that he had to close his eyes to prevent himself from being blinded. The orb began to grow larger; when it stopped glowing, it was big enough for him to walk through. Then several figures seemed to come out of the orb as if it were a portal. Then as suddenly as it had started, it stopped. The light was gone, and the figures he had seen come through it were nowhere to be seen. Nothing else strange happened for the rest of the level. He thought he had imagined it, but after the first world, he found himself not in World 1-2 but in a zone known as the "Character Select Area".

"Who the heck are you people, and where did you come from?!" said Mario.

Then a small elf wearing green said: "I'm Link."

A girl with blonde hair said: "I'm Samus Aran".

Someone who appeared to be a robot up to his neck said: "I'm Mega Man."

A generic looking man said: "I'm Simon Belmont".

Some whose eyes were the only skin you could see said: "I'm Ryu Hayabusa."

A guy with a large gun said: "I'm Bill Rizer."

"Okay then," said Mario. "Now that the introductions are done with, what are you all doing here?" "Why," said Link, "we are here to help you defeat Bowser, of course!"

There was a small pause of silence. "...all right," said Mario. "I'm still a bit skeptical, but I'm ready to see what you guys can do! Who is going to take World 1-2?" "I'll do it," said Ryu. "I'm ready for some action". Then Ryu climbed up a wall and was teleported to 1-2.

Ryu x3

World 1-2

Ryu found himself outside a castle. "Where's the flagpole?" he asked. Mario facepalmed and said: "Go down the pipe you idiot!" Ryu said: "Oh". Then he went down the pipe in front of him. He found himself in an underground area. He threw shurikens at two goombas then hit a mushroom box. "What the.." was what Mario said after he saw how low Ryu jumped when he got the mushroom. "You won't get past one level with a jump that low!" said Mario. "Oh, yeah?" said Ryu. "Just you watch." And what Mario saw blew his mind. He saw Ryu CLIMBING ON WALLS. He couldn't believe it. Soon Ryu finished the level with a Fire Flower. Mario smiled. Maybe the new guys wouldn't be so bad after all.

Chapter 2

Character Select Area: "All right," said Mario. "World 1-3 is an aerial level, so we need someone with good jumping". "I've got a good jump," said Samus. "1-3 will be a snap".

Samus x 3

World 1-3

Samus looked around her and saw that she appeared to be on top of a cliff. Many small platforms were in front of her and she jumped from one to the next with ease. She was easily able to stun and kill the enemies. She got a mushroom and found she was in her old suit. Level 1-3 was a cakewalk. She bomb jumped to the top of the flag and got 5000 points.

Chapter 3

Character Select Area: "Good job Samus," said Mario. "World 1-4 is a castle level. Who wants to fight BOWSER?!" "That turtle won't have a chance against my gun!" said Bill.

Bill x3

World 1-4

He ran through the castle, easily getting the Mushroom. But then he got hit by a firebar! He sighed. He would have to take on Bowser without his machine gun. Before the giant Koopa was even in sight he saw balls of fire flying right at him! He managed to dodge the fireballs and make his way to Bowser. As soon as he was close enough, Bill shot like mad. But Bowser was tough. He took Bill's bullets standing. But even HE couldn't survive the force of Bill's gun forever and he soon defeated Bowser. He chuckled. However, instead of Toadstool he saw a Toad! Before he had a chance to do anything he said: Thank you Bill, but our Princess in in another castle!" Then he found himself back in the Character Select Area.

Chapter 4

Character Select Area:

"I'll take World 2-1," said Link.

"No," said Mega Man. "I'll take 2-1."

"Why should you get it?" said Link.

"Well," said Mega Man, "for one thing I'm not a midget!"

"Oh yeah?" said Link angrily, "at least I don't have to call on a dog every time I make a meaningful jump!"

"You wanna see my bullets, you little elf?!" said Mega Man as he pointed his buster at Link.

"You wanna see my sword Dumb Man?!" said Link.

"Hey, if anyone's going to threaten anyone with bullets it's gonna be ME," said Bill.

"Shut up or I'll destroy you and your puny gun!" said Mega Man.

"PUNY?!" yelled Bill, outraged.

"Cut it out you guys, or do I have to use my whip?" said Simon.

"STAY OUT OF THIS!!!" yelled Link, Mega Man, and Bill.

"Guys calm down!" said Mario.

"What are you going to do, jump on me?" said Mega Man.

"No, THIS!" yelled Mario as he threw a fireball at Mega Man. Mega Man avoided the fireball. Then Mega Man shot some bullets at him. After jumping over the bullets Mario hit the Power up box.gif block above his head as a last resort.

Chapter 5

Simon x3

World 2-1

Simon found himself in 2-1. "That's strange," He thought. "I wasn't selected".

"Interesting," Samus said. "The Power up box.gif block appears to be a randomizer".

"How dare you select someone without my approval!" said Mega Man.

"YOUR APPROVAL?!" yelled Mario. "In case you didn't notice, this game is called Super Mario Brothers Crossover, not Super Mega Man Brothers Crossover!

Simon ignored them and focused on completing the level. "Well, at least my powerups aren't lame. I mean seriously, flowers and mushrooms?" said MM.

"Well at least I don't need 30 health bars," said Mario. "BURNED!" said Link.

"Time to show you what happens when you mess with Mega Man!" said Mega Man. Then he began shooting bullets at Mario and Link. Mario evaded the bullets. After downward thrusting off of a couple bullets, Link used his boomerang to catch one of MM's bullets, then threw it back at him. The bullet bounced off of MM's strong armor.

"Will you guys cut it out?!" said Simon, annoyed. "Fine," said Mega Man. But if looks could kill, Mega Man would have killed Mario seven times.

Chapter 6

Character Select Area: "I'll take World 2-2. Any objections?" said Mega Man. Link started to object, but one look from Mario shut him up.

Mega Man x3

World 2-2

"Get down here, Rush!" yelled Mega Man.

"Why're you so angry?" asked Rush as he teleported down.

"It's that arrogant little elf," said Mega Man. "He acts like he thinks he owns the world!"

"We can hear you, you know!" said Link.

"Good!" said Mega Man.

"We just can't get through just one level without an argument, can we?" said Simon.

"Not while a certain robot is here," said Link.

"Why don't you say that to my face!" said Mega Man, who had finished the level and was back in the Character Select Area.

"Why talk when we can do this!" yelled Link as he began slashing his sword at Mega Man.

"Bring it on!" said Mega Man as he began shooting Link. Link turned into Captain Falcon, Falcon Punched the bullets, then turned back into Link.

"Take THIS!" yelled Link as he stunned Mega Man with his boomerang then tried to Downward Thrust him, but missed. Mega Man then slid behind him and shot him in the back, causing him to fall off the edge. Link expected to see remorse in Mega Man's face as he turned to see him one last time before dying, but he saw nothing of the sort. Everybody except Mega Man looked down at Link's falling body with worry.

"He should respawn, right?" said Simon nervously. "I mean, We aren't out of lives."

"That only applies when you die in a level," said Mario. "when you die here..." Silence.

Chapter 7

"Mega Man," said Mario, "I hope you are proud of yourself."

"I am," He replied. "That little elf was completly worthless!"

"We're a team Mega Man!" said Samus. "Do you even feel bad?"

"About what?" said Mega Man.

"Why you little.." said Simon, his grip tightining on his whip. It was with great difficulty that he did not whip Mega Man. Mega Man noticed.

"If you are so eager for a fight," said Mega Man, "then HAVE AT YOU!" He began to fire. Simon simply whipped the bullets. He jumped behind Mega Man and whipped him. Mega Man turned and hit Simon with several bullets. Simon was unfazed.

"I kill vampires," said Simon. "You are nothing!" he said as he hit him with an axe.

"ENOUGH!!" yelled Mega Man in a voice that sounded inhuman. Then he began to morph into somethind looking like a mutant turtle robot. But soon he began to look less like Mega Man and more like... Then suddenly they realized. This was not the real Mega Man. This was Bowser.

Chapter 8

The mushrooms joined together to form one very large shroom platform.

"What have you done with the real Mega Man?!" yelled Simon. "And Princess Peach?!" added Mario. "Information such as that matters not to the dead!" yelled Bowser as he threw hammers. Simon tried to hit Bowser with an axe, but he dodged it. Mario was the only one quick enough to dodge the hammers. He ran up to Bowser, then jumped in the air. But Bowser threw many hammers at Mario, like never before! But Mario did the last thing Bowser expected: He CAUGHT the hammers!

"WHAT?!" yelled Bowser.

"Take this you overgrown turtle freak!" yelled Mario as he threw the hammers, all in a straight line, at Bowser. They hit him hard.

"Alright Mario, say goodbye to your worthless existence! Kamek, NOW!!!" Kamek then opened up a portal, to where, Mario didn't know. But he could not fight the strong wind, it sucked him and his comrades in.

The next thing he knew, he was underwater. So were the others. "Strange, said Mario.

"We're all in the level. Wait..." he said, looking around. "No... It can't be..."

"Where are we?" asked Samus.

"We're in... In..." Mario gulped then nearly whispered: "the Minus World".

Chapter 9

--- Character Select Area ---

"Alright!" said Bowser. "I have won at last!"

"Don't count your chickens yet!" yelled Mega Man as he teleported down.

"WHAT?!" yelled Bowser. "BUT YOU WERE CHAINED UP!"

"I can teleport, you know," said Mega Man.

"Kamek!" said Bowser. "NOW!" But Mega Man shot Kamek down before he had a chance. Then Captain Falcon jumped up from the abyss and landed next to Mega Man, then turned into Link.

"What?! Link?! But I killed you!" said Bowser.

"I can turn into Captain Falcon, you know," said Link.

"Face it Bowser, you're toast! It's two against one!" said Mega Man.

"OH, REALLY?" said Bowser as Doctor Wily and Ganon came out from behind him.

"What?!" shouted Link in disbelief. "How?!"

"We found the same dimensionel rift you did and traveled here," said Dr. Wily. Wily then pushed a button which made a large robot suit appear. Wily then jumped into the suit and it closed around him. Controlling the large robot, he said: "Now DIE!!!"

Chapter 10


"What's the Minus World?" asked Bill.

"The Legends tell of a inescapable world in which those who travel there are doomed to a slow painful death," answerered Mario.

"I wish I hadn't asked," replied Bill.

"You mean we're STUCK here?!" said Ryu. Mario nodded his head sadly.

Chapter 11


"Uh, guys? I think being stuck here is the first of our problems..." said Simon. He was loooking at a horde of Cheep-Cheeps and Bloobers. There was at least 750 each.

"Guys, RUN!" said Bill, "I'll hold them off!"

"There's too many of them!" said Mario. "You can't hold them off forever!"

"Well, we'll see about that, won't we?" said Bill, readying his spreadgun. "Now GO!"

"Come ON Mario!" said Samus. Mario took one last look at Bill, which he was near certain would be his last, then took off with the others.

--- Bill ---

"Alright, suckers," He said. "Who wants some spreadgun?" He then began to fire rapidly. He killed many, but they kept coming. Soon he was cornered. "Is this it?' He thought. "Is this the end?"

--- Character Select Area ---

"Little help over here!" said Mega Man, fighting Wily. "Alright Wily, you're going down!" he said, rushing to Mega Man's aid. But Ganon jumped in front of Link. "Ready to spar?" said Ganon. "Bring it on!" replied Link.

Chapter 12

--- Everyone ---

Suddenly there were blinding flashes of light and sounds of explosions. It seemed as if the universe was... updating.

Chapter 13

--- Character Select Area ---

With another explosion a tank appeared in front of Bowser. The others were so busy fighting they did not notice.

"Take this!" yelled Bowser as he threw hammers at the tank. It dodged them then shot missiles at Bowser. He was blown back several feet. "Bring it on!" He yelled.

Chapter 14

--- Character Select Area ---

Mega Man shot at Wily, but it had little effect. Wily shot hordes of bullets, few of which Mega Man dodged. He switched his power to metal blades, and proceded to shoot Wily. But Wily's robot was quite durable. Mega Man healed with an energy tank, his last, and gave it his all. Just as he ran out of blades and switched back to normal, Wily's robot crumbled.

The tank shot Bowser, but he threw hammers that blocked the shots. It used its wall climbing abilities to own Bowser with shots. But Bowser knocked the tank down with hammers. It was malfuctioning, and it could not move. Bowser charged a fireball that would cook the tank. But, before he could fire, bullets came from behind him and he was defeated. Mega Man proceeded to steal his power chip.

"Need some help?" asked Mega Man. "Sure," said a man coming out of the tank. "I'm Jason, and this is my tank, SOPHIA III."

"You named your tank?" asked Mega Man.

"No!" said Jason hastily. "It's just the... just the... the.. brand name! Yeah, just the brand name," he said.

"Suuuure," said Mega Man skeptically. "I'm Mega Man. Part robot, part bad guy killing machine, and part awesome."

"Can you fix my tank? The controls seem to have disconnected," asked Jason.

"I'll see what I can do," said Mega Man, getting in the tank. "Geez, this thing is small, I dont want to have to come in here again," complained Mega Man.

"Whatever. Can you fix it?" replied Jason.

"Yeah, I see the problem. One of Bowser's hammers disconnected the wires from the control panel. It should be fine now," Answererd Mega Man.

"Cool," said Jason as he got in SOPHIA III.

"Now is not the time to chat, we have to help Link!" said Jason.

"Yeah, and I know just how to do it. Here's the plan..." said Mega Man.

--- Bill ---

He was sure he was dead, when he saw a Power up box.gif box. "Please, please, please..." he said, praying it would be a star. He hit the box, and out came a...

Chapter 15

--- Bill ---

...Poison mushroom. "I'm dead..." He thought. But then he saw something very peculiar. The poison mushroom began to poison the water around it. The poisoned water proved to be lethal to the fish. Bill managed to escape, running for his life. He soon caught up with the others.


"So how did it go?" asked Mario.

"Well," Bill said, "I manged to escape, but poisoned the water."

"We better find dry land quick then," said Ryu.

"But my suit's radar shows that the nearest island is 85 miles away!" said Samus.

"Then we will swim 85 miles!" replied Bill.

"I'm with Bill on this," said Simon.

"I'm gonna have to agree with them," said Mario.

"We can't just give up, we have to keep going," said Ryu.

"Do you really think that we will be able to out-swim the poison for 85 miles?" asked Samus.

"What are our other options?" asked Mario. Samus sighed.

"Fine," she said. "we'll put off death for a while." They kept on swimming.

Chapter 16

--- Character Select Area ---

"...Got it?" asked Mega Man. "Yup," replied Jason. "Alright," said Mega Man. "Let's do this!"

Link was slashing furiously at Ganon, but Ganon was too fast. Link turned into Captain Falcon and gave Ganon a beating. Link was stunned when he saw Ganon absorb the power of the Triforce.

"Prepare to die, Link!" said Ganon, with immense power. Link found his powerful attacks undodgeable, and was soon near death.

"I'll finish him!" said Bowser.

"He's my enemy, and I'll defeat him!" argued Ganon.

"We'll see about that won't we?!" said Bowser, shooting fire at Ganon.

"Bring it on!" Said Ganon. While Ganon and Bowser were fighting, Jason gave Link a 1-up mushroom.


65 miles to land.

"This is *huff* the worst *huff* idea that you've ever had," said Samus, tired.

"Come on, Samus!" said Ryu. "This exercise is good for you!"

"Good for me?! I feel dead!" she replied.

"Well you'll BE dead if you don't hurry up!" said Simon.

"What*huff*ever," she said.

Chapter 17

---Character Select Area---

With the power of the Triforce, Ganon was owning Bowser.

"Who should we beat first?" asked Link.

"Ganon," said Jason. With the element of surprise, they got several good hits on Ganon. Bowser finished him with a large Fireball.

"Alright Bowser," said Link. "You're next!" But to his surprise Bowser was no longer there, but Mega Man was. "What happ-oooooohhhh" said Link, realizing that Mega Man transformed into Bowser by getting his power chip.

"Alright," said Mega Man. "Now that that is solved, where are the others?"

"Well," said Link, "while I was down below I saw a great blast of light, like a portal or something."

"Hmm..." said Jason. "Bowser must have used a portal to warp them somewhere."

Chapter 18


55 miles to land

"I... hate... all of you..." Samus groaned, tired.

"You've been complaining the whole time, Samus! Come on, you can manage! You beat Mother Brain! A swim won't hurt!" argued Mario.

"It sure hurts from my standpoint," mumbled Samus.

--- Character Select Area ---

"Am I interrupting something?" said Ganon, not defeated. "Let's do this!" said Link.

"Alright Ganon, you're going down once and for all!" said Mega Man.

"Feel the might of SOPHIA III!" said Jason.

*Insert Final Fantasy fight scene here*

Link got the Triforce, and he felt power ten times the likes of any he had ever felt. "Alright guys, I think I found something," said Jason.

"Did you find the location of the others? asked Mega Man.

"Possibly," said Jason.


50 miles to land.

"So," said Ryu, "how do we know the poison will not affect the island?"

"We don't," answered Mario.

--- Character Select Area ---

"The radar shows signs of life, but they seem... faint. Far away. But it says they're right here, but they are not," said Jason, looking at a radar.

"Maybe they were warped to an alternate dimension or someting?" said Link.

"Maybe..." said Mega Man. "Hey, just how powerful is that Triforce?" he asked.

"Very," said Link.

"Maybe you could use its power to make a portal to where the others are!" suggested Mega Man.

"GENIUS!" said Jason. "It's risky, but it could work."

"Alright Link, give it your best shot," said Mega Man.

"Okay," said Link, calling on the power of the Triforce. He began to rise in the air as the portal began to appear. But the power was so intense that it began to melt the platform.

"WOAH!" said Mega Man. "Hurry up with that portal!" The platform was shrinking, and the portal was growing. When the platform was only five feet long, Link said: "It's finished! Get in!" They jumped in just as the last of the platform melted.


Mega Man, Link, and Jason found themselves in the middle of an ocean, with green stuff approaching from one side. "Hey, I think that's them!" said Mega Man.

Chapter 19


45 miles to land.

"Hey guys!" said Mega Man.

"Theres no time for greeting!" said Mario. "Follow us and we'll explain on the way!" So they swam with Mario and the others.

"So" said Mega Man "what is the green stuff over there and why are we running away from it and where are we going?"

"Poison" Mario answered. "We're running from it so we don't die. and we are going to an Island." So they told Mega Man what had happened and Mega Man told them what happpened.

"OK," said Samus "we can't go back and the nearest Island is 45 miles? I hate my life."

30 miles to land

"So Link," said Simon. "how come you can turn into Captain Falcon?"

"Well you see," started Link, "Heres how it all happened...

--- Flash Back ---

Link had saved Zelda only days ago and was lounging around when one of the wise old men that had tought him the speels he used to defeat Ganon came up and told him that there had been a great explosion over on the mountions, and he should see what was going on. "Ok" said Link.

After a long journey through the mountains he saw a fataly wounded man.

"What happened?" said Link, knowing the Man had only seconds to live. "I'm..." he said. "I'm...Captain Falcon."

"How did you get hurt?" said Link.

"I was fighting...Samurai Goroh" he said "I beat him, but he took his toll...there is no hope for me..." he continued. "I give power...and my strength." Link suddenly felt a new power coursing through his veins, but before he could ask the man he had stopped breathing.

--- Flash Back End ---


10 miles to land

"Hey, I think I can see land ahead!" said Ryu.

"Good, cause I'm DYING over here." said Samus.

Chapter 20

-- The Island ---

"FINALLY!" said Samus, exhausted. Within microseconds, she was asleep on the shore.

"Well, now what?" said Bill.

"Well," said Mario, "We can't go back, because there is just lava, so i guess we just stay here."

"What?!" said Link. "I refuse to stay here for the rest of my life!"

"Got any other ideas?!" said Mario, angry.

"ONE!" said Captain Falcon, "FALCON...PAWNCH!" And then everything exploded.

-- ??? --- Mario came to in...nowhere. He was standing on nothing. Everyone else, including the toads, was there.

"WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO?!?!" Yelled Mario.

"I just..." started Link. "Falcon punched the space-time continuem."

"YOU DID WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!" yelled Mario, practically breaking the sound barrier.

"It seemed like a good idea!" argued Link.


"I would not spend the rest of my life on that Island!" protested Link



He would have yelled at Link some more if he had not seen Toadstool, looking scared.

"Toadstool!" said Mario, pushing Link down to get to her.

"Wh-What happened?!" she said.


"um....what?" said Toadstool. So Mario told her what had happened, from the others coming to Link destroying the Space-time continuem.

After he finished, Toadstool went over to Link and slapped him.

"You IDIOT!" she said. Mario chuckled.

Meanwhile Mega Man was idley browsing his powers when he saw something interesting.

"Hey Mario!" said Mega Man.

"What?" said Mario, walking over to Mega Man with Peach.

"You say that Kamek made the portal that took you to the Minus world?" Mega Man asked.

"Yeah." answered Mario.

"Then," said Mega Man, turning into Kamek. "I've got an idea."

"How did you..." said Mario.

"I can turn into enemies I've defeated." he explained. "and I beat Kamek."

"You don't think..." said Mario.

"I DO think." said Mega Man.

"The Space-time continuem is already broken, what else could go wrong?" After a long pause, Mario said, "Ok. Go for it."

So Mega Man made a portal.

"OK" said Mega Man, "who goes first?" But the portal just sucked them all in. --- Mushroom Plaza ---

They found themselves in somewhere that looked like a Plaza. There, dozens of koopas and goombas on guard. "Oh...crud." said Mega Man.

Chapter 21

-- Mushroom Plaza ---

"How did the prisoners escape?!" said one of the koopas.

"Put your hands in the air, and come with us!" said another

"Yeah we could do that..." said Mario, "or not!" He said as he punched the nearest Goomba square in the face.

"Kill them!" said a general Koopa. "Kill them all!" The troops circled the heroes, but they would not let them take them that easily. Samus bombed several koopas to her right, while Simon whipped the nearest ones. Mario jumped on a koopa, then spun, holding it's shell, and barreled through the horde. He threw it in the air, kicked a goomba, then kicked the shell. Ryu tore through them with his windmill shuriken. Mega Man used his charged buster to take out rows of enemies. Jason shot homing missiles at them, and used bullets when he ran out. Bill used his Spread Gun to own them. Link stunned them then downward thrusted them.

They soon regrouped in the middle of the horde. "We can't hold them off" said Mario. "Get outta here!" Mario kicked a shell, then followed it out of the horde, Samus bomb jumped, Simon bounced, using his double jump to stay off the ground. SOPHIA III hovered out, Ryu did the windmill shruiken dance and escaped, Mega Man used a charge shot to clear a path, and Bill took out all the troops in his way with his gun. Link stunned them then downward thrusted right through.

--- Mushroom Town ---

They regrouped in an alley between two buildings they had not bothered to look at.

"Alright" said Mario, "Anyone got any ideas?"

"Well" said Link, "We could check out that castle." Mario turned and saw a castle, a castle larger then any he had ever seen. "Let's a go!" he said, running to the castle.

Chapter 22

They were near the castle, they began to hide in bushes, then made their way in.

--- Bowser's Castle ---

They ran in, then were found by several Hammer Bros.. Mario did a back-flip to dodge, while Bill used his Spreadgun to annihilate them.

They went dow a hall, then saw a door. It was marked 'Dungeon' .

"Let's check it out" said Mario, going in. He saw rows upon rows of cells, But that was not the most surprising part. There was 8 cages, each with an exact copy of each of them in it.

Chapter 23

"Um, can someone explain this to me?" said Simon, looking at his double.

"Can someone get us out of here?!" said Simon2. "we'll talk about whatever the heck is going on.

"OK" said Mario, "Where are the keys?"

"The Guard Hammer Bro has them," started Mario2. "but be careful because-"

"Am I interrupting something?" Said a Hammer Bro twice a large as normal, that had come up behind them.

Chapter 24

Before they could think, the big Hammer Bro had whipped out a large hammer and walloped Mario on the head. Slightly dazed, he stumbled a bit then got reoriented. He aimed a punch at the Guard, but he shielded his punch with a hammer, almost breaking Mario's knuckle. Mario recoiled in pain, as the others moved in.

Link used his sword to deflect the hammers he threw, but when he swung them himself Link's sword couldn't stop then, and he got hit, hard. Not one to give up, Link threw his boomerang at the Guard, but he was only stunned a few seconds before unfreezing, and hitting Link hard in the chest with another hammer.

Ryu, using his ninja speed, got behind the Guard and stabbed him with his sword. He seemed unfazed for the most part, and turned around, catching Ryu hard in the face with a hammer as he did so.

Chapter 25

SOPHIA III shot some bullets at him, but his hard shell rendered them useless. He used homing missiles, which stunned the Guard.

Then he got mad.

Hammers were all over the place, there wasn't a square inch that didn't have a hammer in it. The team got pummeled, bruised, and beaten. In his rage, he threw enough hammers at the cells holding the others to break the bars, freeing them. The Guard didn't even notice.

Chapter 26

The doubles hit the floor to avoid the horde of bullets, while Link used his shield to block the hammers and edge toward the Guard. The Guard smashed Link's shield, knocking him back several feet, and making him drop his sword. Mario dove for the sword, and with it, parried the hammers. He got to the Guard, and it was sword vs. hammer.

Meanwhile, Mario2 had Sophia2 ready the missiles, and had Bill2 load his gun.

Mario could parry the Guard's blows, but it made him tired, and soon he struggled to block his blows. When suddenly from above came an unmistakable sound, the downward thrust.

"DOWNWARD THRUST!" Link yelled, using his fist since Mario had his sword. If it had been an ordinary punch, it would have been futile. But it was not an ordinary punch, it was a downward thrust punch.

The impact caused the Guard to stagger backward, which was all the opportunity Mario needed. He pounced on the Guard, dealing blows with renewed adrenaline that were too fast for the Guard to block. The guard was knocked out by Mario's blows with the sword.

Mario chuckled and said to Link, "Wow, downward thrusting without a sword. THAT'S a first."

"I won't let a petty thing like a sword stand between me and downward thrusting!" replied Link. Then from behind, the Guard rose up from the ground, and struck Link with a hammer, knocking him across the room.

Mario parried his blows with kicks, then jumped in the air and threw his sword down at the Guard. In a futile attempt to block it, the Guard used his hammer as a shield. The sword broke the hammer in two as if it were but a stick, stabbing the Guard in his chest, where Mario thought was his heart. With blood coming out of his chest, he took the sword and hit Mario in the side of his head with the flat of it.

Mario fell to the ground in a heap, while Mario2 took action. "Jason,fire! Bill, fire!"

Chapter 27

Bill2 and Jason2 released the bullets. The room was officially a war-zone. The team ducked behind empty cells to avoid death.

The bullets hit the Guard, knocking him to the wall, multiple holes in him.

"You....won'" the Guard groaned with his last dying breath, and then was silent.

"Glad THAT'S over." said Mario, brushing himself off.

"Okay" said Mario2. "Start explaining."

And so Mario told the doubles of all the things that had happened since the day they came through the dimensional rift.

"Intriguing" said Simon2.

Chapter 28

"Okay, so can someone explain to me why there are two of us?!" said Link.

"Isn't it obvious?" said Mario. "You traveled across dimensions, meaning that there will be another of everything. Including you." finished Mario.

"You think what I'm thinking?" Said Link to Link2.

"Downward thrust off!" Link2 yelled.

"NO!" said Mario and Mario2 in unison.

"Okay guys, let's stop the small talk and save the princess!" said Bill, ready to use his gun.

"While you were held here, did you learn anything about the layout?" asked Simon.

"Not much," said Ryu2, "but from hearing the guard talk to Bowser, we know that the princess is being kept on the top floor."

Chapter 28

The team headed through the castle as quietly as 14 people and a tank could, when a Goomba, who looked like a Captain, saw them.

"Intruder alert!" he yelled into a communicator. "The prisoners have escaped!" he yelled again. They heard the slam of hundreds of feet rushing towards them.

"You'll wish you hadn't done that when I'm done with you!" said Ryu, already holding his sword at the guard's throat.

"Wrong move!" the Goomba said, firing a taser he pulled out at Ryu, but Ryu dodged it with ninja speed, and the blast hit the Goomba soldier at the end of the hall, who had been rushing at them.

Chapter 29

Soon the team came to a eight-way hallway. "Well, which way should we a-take?" said Mario2.

"Well," answered Jason, "I think it would be best if two of us went through each passage. That way we can cover the most ground."

"Okay, then Lets-a-go!" said Mario as he and Mario2 took the first passage, Jason and Jason2 took the second one, Simon and Simon2 took the third one, Ryu and Ryu2 took the fourth one, Link and Link2 took the fifth one, Samus and Samus2 took the sixth one, Bill and Bill2 took the seventh one, and Mega Man and Mega Man2 took the eighth one.

For easy reference:

Marios: Passage 1

Jasons: Passage 2

Simons: Passage 3

Ryus: Passage 4

Links: Passage5

Samuses: Passage 6

Bills: Passage 7

Mega Men: Passage 8

Passage 1

"So, where do you think this hallway even a-goes?" said Mario, seeing how bland and unmarked the hallway was.

"Well, if I had to a-guess, I'd say this leads to one of the floors of the castle. Which one, no idea."

5 minutes later...

"Hey, have you a-noticed something seems a little....wrong?" said Mario2.

"Yeah, it almost seems as though the floor is tilted downward..Hey, we must be a-going to a low level floor!" Replied Mario.

"Should we turn a-back?" pondered Mario2. "Because, it's doubtful that Peach will is a-being kept on a low floor."

"No, I think we should a-keep going. We need to check every inch of this place for Peach!"

As the two Mario's kept walking, the decline of the hall proceeded to get steeper and steeper, until they were practically climbing down a mountain.

"Where does a hallway this a-steep even a-go!?" said Mario2 in frustration.

"I don't a-know, but it must be something...important, to be so far underground." Answered Mario1 in a matter-of-fact voice.

"I a-know, but why does it have to be a-so -STEEEEEEEEEEEEP!" Mario2 yelled as he lost his balance, and started tumbling down the incline, knocking Mario off with him.

"AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!" The two mario's screamed as they plummeted down the incline at a blinding speed.

Passage 2

"Hey, watch it!" said Jason as Jason2's tank bumped against him yet again.

"Well sorry, this hallway wasn't exactly built for two tanks to travel through!" Replied Jason2 angrily.

"Well I would appreciate it if I could go 5 feet without you scratching the paint!" Jason nearly yelled. "Wait! I think someone's coming!"

Two Koopa Troopas turned the corner, they saw the tanks and froze in their spots. A few seconds later, they came out of their trance, then one took a Walkie-Talkie out of his pocket, and said into it, "We found the intruders! They're in hallway DC901337! Send backup immediately!"

He then put it back in his pocket, and the two koopas charged. The Jason's fired their bullets at the koopas, but the koopas deflected them with their shells. Jason2 unleashed a volley of missiles on one koopa, and blew him back, knocking him out. The other koopa stopped dead in his tracks, and ran to the other koopa. He put his ear to the koopas chest, waited, then had a stunned and horrified look on his face.

"What...what have you done?!" He yelled in a voice full of hatred and agony. "You've killed him! He..he was my best friend and you KILLED him!" He then charged them, spinning in his shell so fast they had no time to avoid him smashing into Jason2's tank, damaging it beyond repair. "I'LL KILL YOU!" The koopa yelled as he broke the hatch off Jason2's tank, and jumped inside.

"GAAAAAAARRRGGGHHH!" Jason2 yelled as the koopa spun his shell at him, busting another hole in the tank and smashing him into the wall, breaking Jason2's rib cage and snapping his spine. Out of the large hole in his chest, a river of blood flowed out.

Jason1 watched in horror as Jason2's eyes closed for the last time.

"'s YOUR TURN!" Yelled the koopa as the turned toward Jason1, his chest stained with blood.

Passage 3

"So what do you mean in the other dimension you didn't have your holy water?" said Simon2, surprised when Simon told him he didn't have holy water.

"I don't know why. I had it when I went through the dimensional rift, I don't know why I didn't have it when I came out." He answered.

"Well, tht doean't really make any-SEEEEEEEEENSE!" He yelled as the ground beneath their feet opened up, dropping them into the dark depths below.

After falling for a few minutes, the two Simons fell in stunned silence in the darkness, knowing the were going to die, and not knowing what to say.

Then Simon1 got an Idea. "Simon2, we can use our whips to grab on the the torches on the walls!" Simon2 lifted his head.

"That's a great idea!" But try as they might, they just couldn't get they're whips to latch around any of the torches. Soon, the bottom was in sight. They could make out the faint outline of the remains of others who had fallen down the pit.

Not a pretty sight, to say the least. The Simons became frantic in the attempts to latch on to the wall-torches. They whipped faster and faster as they neared the bottom. Finally, just a the bottom was meters away, Simon1 latched on to a torch, and even though he yelled "SIMON!" as soon as he could, and reached for Simon2 as far as he could, he wasn't fast enough to catch him.

"SIMON!" They both yelled, and as they grabbed for each others hands, but Simon2 just didn't react fast enough.

"Simon, I-I'm sor-" Simon1 tried to call out below him to where Simon2 would soon meet his demise. but he just couldn't make himself finish the sentence, knowing that if only he had been faster, he could have saved Simon2's life.

"It's Okay!" Simon2 called out from below. "It's not your fa-" He never finished his sentence, and Simon didn't have to look down to know what had happened. Simon2 had died.

And he hadn't saved him.

Passage 4

The two Ryu's walked down the corridor in silence, hoping it would help them to reach their destination faster if they were not burdened by conversations.

As they took another step, the ground opened up into a pit, just like the one in Passage 3. However, the Ryu's were quick enough to jump on the wall before falling in the pit.

They looked at each other, and knew something important had to be down this hallway.

As the two Ryu's continued down the hallway, wary now that they had seen the first trap. Soon, the ground underneath them turned to dirt. Dirt? Inside the castle?

Soon, they came into a large open room. It didn't look like a room, it looked like some sort of grove, with a dirt path through the middle. They followed the path and soon came to an area walled in by trees with grass, but that wasn't the interesting part.

There was a wooden table in the middle of it, with two chairs. One was vacant, and in the other there was an old Goomba. She had a strange glow in her eyes, like she knew more than she should, and on the table there was a glass sphere.

"Ah, see I have visitors." She said in a slow, creaky, yet welcoming voice. "Sit down, I'll pull out another chair for you." She went through a small gap in the trees that they would not have fit through,and came back out a few seconds later with a chair. She put it at the table, then sat down. The two Ryu's also sat down.

"Would you two like a mushroom? You must be tired after the long walk down here." She asked in that same, creaky, polite voice.

"Yes please." said the two Ryu's at once. For the first time, they realized how hungry they were. She went the back 'wall' and took two mushrooms out of an indent in the trees they hadn't noticed yet.

She put them in front of the two Ryu's, and they both took a bite. They didn't power up, but they didn't notice.

"Thank you for all the kindness you've shown, but, who are you?" said Ryu1, somewhat awkwardly.

"I am Goomella, fortune teller. I isolate myself here because society outcasted me. Bowser offered me refuge here."

Ryu2 tensed, "So, does that mean you work for Bowser?" She chuckled.

"No, I don't work for Bowser. I'm neutral."

Ryu2 mentally sighed. "You said you were a fortune teller?" He continued.

"Yes, I am." She said, "I assume you want your fortune told?"

"No, we really don't need you to go through the trouble of-"

"No really, it's no trouble at all." She interrupted.

"Well...okay," answered Ryu2.

"Alright then, I shall see what the earthen spirits foresee." She closed her eyes, and then didn't do anything. She must have sat there like that for at least 10 minutes. She didn't even seem to be breathing.

Then, out of nowhere, she opened her eyes. They were glassy and empty. They seemed to stare straight into the center of the sphere. She said, in a voice that sounded like a thousand,

"A very young koopa, blinded by rage

will unleash an ancient evil, and become it's slave.

Seven will go, and seven will stay.

If they fail, they world will turn gray."

Her eyes turned back to normal, and she slumped in her chair, exhausted.

"Thank you," said Ryu1, trying not to look as confused as he felt.

"I know you do not quite understand it yet. But the time will come for you to know it's meaning." She said.

"Well, thanks for everything, but we have to be going now." Ryu2 said, and they both got up, and turned toward the exit.

"I'm afraid I can't let you do that," she said, and, quick as a flash, was in front of the exit.

"What?" said Ryu1.

"You can't leave." She said, her voice not longer welcoming, but cold and harsh as a winter ind.

"How do you think you can stop us?" said Ryu2.

"I already have," she said. Then Ryu1 and 2 realized how hard they were struggling to stand up. They're vision were waving, and then they realized.

" lied. You poisoned us with the mushrooms." Ryu1 said.

"Now, now, I only lied about working for Bowser. I do tell fortunes, and I am an outcast," she said in a matter-of-fact voice.

"Bowser will be glad to know I've captured two of his enemies."

That was the last thing they heard before they passed out.

Passage 5

"I would SO beat you in a downward thrust off!" said Link.

"Are you kidding? I'd dominate you before you unsheathe your sword!" argued Link2.

As the floor opened up beneath them, they both yelled, glad they finally had a chance to do it, "DOWNWARD THRUST OFF!" The two Links spun around each other as they tried to downward thrust the other, gaining more speed and power and they flew downwards.

Soon, there was an area of power and energy around the two Links, because of how much power they had gained Downward Thrusting. When they landed, everyone had better hope that they were wearing diamond armor. And about a solar system away.

Passage 6

The Samus' soon came to a door, but it was locked. They could, however, hear through it.

"What do you mean the prisoners escaped?!" said a gruff voice.

"Th-they were said to have been helped out of their cells b-by..themselves." said a younger, intimidated voice.

"WHAT?! Do you expect me to believe this?! I think I finally have sufficient grounds to have you fired from your summer internship!"

"No! P-please sir, I-I have a wife and kids to provide for. I need this job!"

"Then I suggest you start telling me what's actually happening instead of this-this blasphemy!"

"Y-yes sir!" said the younger voice. He could then be heard walking to the door. Samus1 and 2 exchanged a look of "What do we do?" before he could be heard turning the handle...


Samus2 sighed as she sat on the ground in the jail cell she had only shortly escaped from. She looked at the wall she knew that the other her was behind in another cell.

"So," she said awkwardly, "You think a third one of us is gonna come and save us?" then chuckled weakly. There was no response. She heard the thunking of Samus1 banging her armored head on the wall. They had tried everything they could think of to destroy the bars, bombs, missiles, nothing worked.

Passage 7

As the two Bills were walking, they could hear some Koopas walking towards them from around a turn in the hallway.

"Hide!" said Bill.

"Where?!" said Bill2. "This hallway is as blank as...something blank."

"...and I think I deserve an apology!" said a young-ish voice, sounding a little offended at something.

"An apology?!" said a gruff, older voice. "Now you listen here rookie, I would've jailed those two robot girls without your 'help'." The Bills looked at each other with 'Uh-oh' looks on their faces. They had captured Samus1 and 2!

"They'd been standing outside the door listening for who knows how long, and you never would've noticed if I had never been there!" insisted the younger voice. The sound of footsteps stopped.

"Are you saying I'm unable to catch these intruders?!" said the older voice, angrily.

"N-n-no sir! I would never question your superiority!" Said the younger voice in a scared tone.

"It's too late for that rookie. You're fired." said the older voice firmly.

"W-w-what?!" said the younger voice in a what was almost a whining tone. "B-but I haven't done anything!"

"You've claimed you're responsible for the capture of those intruders, and that I'm unable to do my job! That's more than enough reason to fire you. Anything you wanna say to me?!"

The younger voice sighed. "No sir."

"Good. Now get out of here, and I never want to see you within a hundred feet of this castle again. Got it?!" Said the older voice, firm and angry.

"Y-yes sir!" answered the younger voice, his tone something between sadness and fright. Then the sound of footsteps resumed, and before the Bills could react, the two Goombas turned the corner and saw them.

Passage 8

As the two Mega Man's slid down the passage, occasionally bumping into each other, causing a loud 'clink!' to echo throughout the hallway, they wondered how long this hallway could even be. Eventually, they came to a two-way fork in the hall-way. Mega Man went right, and Mega Man 2 went left.

Chapter 30


Chapter 31



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