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IMPORTANT: This page is no longer in use. If you want to report a bug, please make a new thread (obviously, check if it doesn't already exist!) in this subforum. Thanks. --Mario-Fan 07:39, 15 December 2011 (EST)

This is a list of known bugs in Super Mario Bros. Crossover. Please list bugs in the appropriate category and make sure there are no duplicates. If you don't know what section to put the bug in, put it in #Other or make a new section.

Please do not include feature requests in this page. Requests such as "Samus didn't originally get bombs in the game, she had to get powerups" is not a bug, it's a feature request. Also, if the bug appeared in the original game, it was probably kept on purpose (such as Bill not moving against a wall but still animated as if running).

It's really easy to post a bug. Just click "Edit" in the section you want to post in. Then write a nice description of the bug. Also, be sure to put an * at the beginning of the line so it shows up as a list item. If you don't know what the hell you're doing, feel free to click on the "Discussion" tab at the top and post something there. I love this wiki! No more navigating through hundreds of posts to find bugs! If you'd like to discuss these bugs, you can do it here. If you want a bigger chance that your bug will get fixed, then you can upload a screenshot. To take your screenshot, press print screen when you encounter a bug. Then, open up some picture-making program like Paint and do the Ctrl+V command. Then save it and upload it. To find out how, see Help:Images.



  • When characters are hidden from sight above the top of the screen, (e.g. jumping above the top level bricks in World 1-2) if they fire projectiles it will make a projectile shooting sound. However, in the original SMB, a projectile shooting sound is not made when Mario is hidden from sight above the top of the screen.

Bill Rizer

  • While shooting and getting a fire flower, Bill "ice skates," or his running animation freezes while moving. Was able to replicate this twice.
  • When holding forward back and down (in order) at the same time and when you shoot he starts shooting backwards.
  • When Bill entered World 1-2, he wouldn't fall from the top of the screen.
  • On 8-4, right before the bridge, there is a moving platform over the lava for non-Mario characters to jump on. However, it looks like one can simply walk onto it. I tried to do that, but I "slid" all the way back to the pipe that you come out of after the underwater segment. I tried to move out, but I was was stuck (I was able to move in place though-- similar to the 3-1 jumping board glitch on the original game when Mario is "stuck" on the missing jumping board). I was underneath the surface by about 2 blocks: (excuse the pic quality since I was not thinking about making a screen shot of the problem).


  • If you walk off of a platform without jumping (that is, you're falling in a standing position rather than flipping), Bill cannot shoot straight down (holding down and shooting will cause you to shoot forward instead). You can still shoot diagonally down, or any other direction.


  • If you kill a Goomba with a stomp and downward thrust simultaneously, it makes a "ka-dowch" sound and then the Goomba starts sliding along for a second and disappears suddenly. This, however, is totally awesome.
  • On stage 1-3, if you freeze a paratroopa and goomba while they are touching each other, they seperate, moving farther and farther away from each other. ONLY HAPPENED ONCE!
  • On stage 1-3, at the first tree with the two Goombas on top. Boomerang the first Goomba as it falls. When the second Goomba falls, it will displace the first Goomba's sprite. Collisions with the first Goomba will only be detected when you collide with its original position, not the current position of its sprite. Once the Goomba begins moving again, it will start moving from the current position of its sprite but otherwise the game will behave as normal again.
  • If an enemy is stunned by your boomerang as you are downward thrusting it, the downward thrust is momentarily disabled. This can lead to your character taking damage while downward thrusting, or sometimes enemies disappearing. The easiest way to reproduce this bug is to continuously throw your boomerang downward while downward thrusting over enemies.
  • If you kick a shell and stun it with your boomerang while it is moving, it will cause damage to your character when touched, even though it is not moving (your character should rekick the shell instead)
  • If Link has mushroom power, and down attacks on the ground, you get flashes of Green Link.
  • On stage 1-4, The first hallway of fire bar's is glitched when you move-jump into the blocks. Tested both sides of fire bar blocks.
  • Link's collision mask is 14 pixels wide. In his original game the mask was much smaller, and the current mask makes it very difficult to get up through a one-block wide gap. - ReNeX


  • Mario runs faster than he does in SMB.
  • Mario's vertical acceleration is faster than in SMB.
  • Mario's ducking slide stops too soon
  • You shouldn't be able to move forward when pressing down and forward while on the ground. As Super Mario, the only thing that should happen when pressing down and forward is standing up.
    • This however should not affect his aerial movement as he is still able to move forward in the air
  • Super Mario has too much forward momentum while ducking and jumping
  • On stage 1-4, Level 1 Mario has the same glitch Link has. Must be a size thing


(That image isn't in the right place! --Mario-Fan 07:31, 18 January 2011 (PST))

  • In water levels, Mario swims in MID AIR!

Swimmin' in the air - Mario.png

    • (Of course he does! You just turned the water cheat on in land levels! There isn't any air in the water levels! THIS IS A FEATURE THAT IS ALREADY IN, NOT A BUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --Mario-Fan 01:26, 22 January 2011 (PST))
      • Actually, they're right. You can swim in the air above the water line if you start swimming immediately, before it drops you below the water. Reset 12:39, 22 January 2011 (PST)
        • (Hmm. You're right. I'll add a picture. --Mario-Fan 00:32, 23 January 2011 (PST))
          • (Interesting... It only happens with Mario... --Mario-Fan 00:37, 23 January 2011 (PST))

Mega Man

  • I was playing the games Megaman vs. Ghosts n' Goblins and Megaman vs. Metroid and it made me realize that Mega Man from SMBC does not control the same as any of his original games. In the aforementioned games, I noticed that Mega Man sort of "hesitates" for a few frames when you start moving from rest. At first I thought just that game had crappy controls, but when I tried the originals, I realized that they are almost the same. It seems like he moves about a pixel, pauses for 2-3 frames, then moves a full speed. In SMBC, Mega Man has a smooth but quick acceleration that applies to both air and ground controls. Mega Man 1-6 all have no air acceleration whatsoever; press any direction, you move full speed instantly; release a button, you stop instantly. Ground controls vary from game to game, mainly the deceleration. What happens when you release forward while on the ground for each game:
  • Mega Man
    • Slide forward a bit
  • Mega Man 2
    • Slide forward a slight bit
  • Mega Man 3 and on
    • Instant stop

(I really don't like the consequences of the originals' controls. It results in it being quicker to start moving or change direction in midair than on the ground, which feels unnatural to me. Mega Man is rewarded for bunnyhopping. --Thunk)

  • I, Mario-Fan, was playing SMBC in World 3-1. I got the star as normal Mega Man, ran along, and when the star ran out, he kept his red outline even though I had no power-ups. It's not hard to recreate - all you have to do is get the star in 3-1 and wait. Then you get this:

Mega Man glitch.jpg

  • Take Mega Man, go to a bean stalk, climb on it and slightly tap diagonally down (left+down or right+down). Mega Man will go into this short limbo where up or down buttons make Mega Man do different animations (walking, shooting, jumping). Meanwhile his face becomes the back of his head. Quite scary with and without the helmet.


  • at 4-1 Mega Man jumps too low to jump over the first pipe after the auto save (Sorry, I do not know much English)--Egor.chelak 17:32, 12 February 2011 (PST)
    • Use Rush with the Special button. Not a glitch. --sbq92 11:35, 11 March 2011 (PST)
  • You can also turn on the Mega Man High Jump cheat.
  • With high jump on, Mega Man can't jump on top of a high platform on World 2-2, or 7-2 which is the same stage, so it's impossible to make the jump with High Jump
    • In most of the games, Mega Man jumps all the way to the surface of the water. This should probably be replicated in SMBC.
  • In World 5-1, I used a fully-charged shot to hit all 5 ? Blocks in a row as well as the Hidden Block just after them, which was just barely off-screen. When I scrolled it on-screen, it was visible and had given its coin, but it was not solid (I could jump right through it).
  • Whenever you summon Rush Coil into a pit with Bouncy Pits on, Rush still bounces, even though I don't think it should happen. Worse, I can't recall him back up! Continuing to walk forward, Rush Coil will go offscreen and vanish. Then I can use him again. How strange. :P
  • Sometimes, if you shoot while walking into the one-block pit in World 1-2, he walks over the pit:

Mega Man acting like SOPHIA.png

Ryu Hayabusa

  • While having a flower, if Ryu uses his sword, and lands on his feet like 1/10 of a second later, the attack doesn't work.
    • (kyoo has this problem with normal and mushroom Ryu. proof is in the 2 hour super easy video, you can see it)
    • IT is easy to see this glitch if you get in between a block right above and right below you and mash the jump and attack buttons.
  • While I haven't checked with other enemies, if I die by a hammer and fall into a pit, the death tune does not play. (1.2)
  • (Not sure what stage) If on a water level, and a moving platform is going down, Ryu latches onto the side of it, and jumps off below the ground, Ryu moves to the left and can't jump out of it. (let me know if this doesn't make sense)
    • Mario-Fan's note: I think that this is referring to stages with those platforms with Water Mode turned on.
  • On level 2-1 if you cling on the spring at the end level ryu clings on to nothing and goes though the bricks into the finish pole

Samus Aran

The bugs that are in the original game aren't in this game. I miss my bomb then jump from explosion jump bug.

  • The Wave Beam doesn't go through moving platforms like the elevators.
  • When loading a saved game that has the Classic Samus cheat set to "ON," the cheat doesn't actually function, despite being set to "ON." The cheat needs to be turned off and then on again.

Simon Belmont

  • While repeatedly jumping and throwing axes at the same time as Fire Simon, the axe sound is sometimes looped without stop and Simon is restricted to only throwing one axe at a time. This continues until you go to a new section of the level.
  • If killed while on a spring and knocked into a block that would send you knocked back into the spring, the death music will not play and Simon will just bounce in between them for a moment in the knocked back position.
  • In survival mode as fire simon after killing bowser with axes in 1-4 if you jump and attack with the whip at the same time as you collect bowsers axe, instead of proceeding, the screen will flash with the floor suddenly missing and you will fall to your death.
    • Confirmed also in Single Character mode, and in 4-4.
  • If you jump on to the axe at the end of a castle with Classic Simon on, you die. It looks like this (image from Phurgawtin):


  • If you turn on bouncy floors when you do the above you go to the beginning of the level. It looks like this (image from zzzp2):

Thank you simon.png

  • It happened to me (MarioFan5000) too:


  • You can also die when you hit the axe if you don't have Classic Simon on. It seems to have to do with the angle you hit the axe at and whether you're still rising in your jump.


  • If you hold up while jumping on the flag, SOPHIA's top part will stay above the wheels as Sophia goes into the castle. No effect on gameplay. Image from Phurgawtin.** Confirm by Ketchupninja.


  • If you turn the Water Mode cheat on in 8-4 and finish the game, Sophia slides to this position (see in photo) and waits for the credits. As a matter of fact, it happens in any castle with the above conditions.


  • If you go down a pit with the bouncy pits cheat on in 1-tile wide pits, you go backwards through the terrain, and hitting the flag will make you fly way up, then fall back down, with 100 points.


  • I wanted to see what will happen if I'll move onto the location of the invisible block in the way shown on the screenshot, and then start shooting. In result, I got stuck and needed to reload the level in order to be freed:

(You don't have to reload it. All you have to do is jump to get out. --Mario-Fan 08:20, 11 February 2011 (PST))

  • When hitting the block with the star in 1-2 while being squeezed between the star block and a normal block, the star doesn't come out.
  • When In 2-2 or any water level, you can get out of the water and hover in two ways:
    • 1: Hover before you get in to the water. Similar to the "Swimming in air" bug as Mario. SOPHIA water hover.png

(If you have the infinite hover cheat on you get to end of the water area. --zzzp2 14 February 2011)

    • 2: If you swim up to a block which sticks above the water while pressing up, you get thrown up. SOPHIA swimming glitch.png

(Press up and left here to go up and land on top of that block. Then you can hover past! --zzzp2 14 February 2011)

    • I don't think SOPHIA being able to jump out of the water is a bug... --sbq92 11:44, 11 March 2011 (PST)
  • On the bridge level, the bridges' sprite is bigger than it appears, and includes some sky coloring, so when SOPHIA drives on the bottom side of the bridge, it appears to be floating.
  • ON the sky bonus areas, if you roll under the clouds plaforms, than jump off down below, it will freeze for a second with part of SOPHIAS wheels still on screen, then have SOPHIA fall back into the level.
  • Not sure if this is a bug or a deliberate difference, but in Blaster Master it was possible to activate hover on your way down from a jump and eventually gain sufficient momentum to begin rising; however this is apparently impossible in SMBC.
    • Correction: Upon further testing it appears that this happens some times and not others. I'm not sure yet how to cause it, but it is particularly noticable when trying to fly with the infinite hover from a star.
    • I can now consistently get this behaviour from a star, but not without yet. With a star, jump and begin hovering on your way down from a jump (more noticable if you jump from a high platform). You will not be able to gain upward momentum no matter how long you hover.

Effect on gameplay: Minimal.

Collision Detection

  • In SMB, if you were to try to hit a block from underneath with your head, and you weren't centered on the block, you would be pushed off to the nearest side without hitting the block. In SMBC, you just hit the block.
  • In SMB, if you were moving downward upon an enemy, it didn't matter what location of the enemy you hit, you always knocked them out.
  • While invincible (Cheat) and in water mode (Cheat) your character phases through enemies even if s/he jumps on them. However, if you leave water mode on and turn off invincible, he will die instantly on touch with any enemy, even if he jumps on them.
    • This happens to everyone and not just to Simon, so I (Mario-Fan) moved it here. I don't remember this from Version 1.1...
    • I don't think this is a bug. In the original SMB Mario cannot touch any enemies underwater without a Star. Because other characters in SMBC do not have the ability to "swim", they were programmed to perform a slow large jump instead. However, they are not jumping in the normal sense and still cannot touch enemies without a Star, which is consistent with the original SMB. Perhaps this should be a feature request - that characters who "jump" with an underwater effect are able to "stomp" on enemies upon descent, perhaps also applicable to Mario descending on top of an enemy while swimming?
      • BTW, when showing a friend the characters starting with Mario on 29-12-2010, I still had the cheats you had to turn on for this bug on. So I turned them off and jumped on the Goomba. And guess what? I died. I recreated this to take a screenshot:

Water Mode glitch.jpg

  • When a goomba is stomped it leaves behind a squished sprite for a few frames; in SMB any enemies that walked into it would turn around as if hitting a wall. In SMBC they move through it. Does this count as collision detection or enemies? I wasn't sure.
  • At world 5-3, when I randomly pick Bill R. (With fireflower) a bullet was shot right below me the same height on the platform I was standing on. And I took a hit from the bullet right below Bill.
  • On stage 8-4, with flower-powered Link, I somehow managed to hit the invisible block with Beam Sword when trying to kill the Piranha Plant next to the lava (that was in the part where you have to hit invisible block and jump into levitating pipe in order to progress). I haven't been able to see that I hit that block - I was only notified by the sound it made. When I came here, the block did not had any collision at all - I was jumping through it. The block fixed itself when I tried to just walk forward and reach that part again. Only happened once.
  • On stage 8-4, in the part with water, blocks create two corners next to the pipe; if you will hit the upper one vertically with Link or powerup-less Mario, you will start sliding backwards for a moment, eventually being kicked out outside the bricks.


  • On multiple occasions (at least three), as Mega Man, I have gone to jump on a Buzzy Beetle and I've gotten hurt. I have jumped on it near the front of it, so it is likely I'm just running into it's head, but it looks like I'm landing on its shell. Perhaps the hit box should be double-checked.
  • Sometimes I get a little "stuck" for a moment when colliding with Bill Blasters. This has only happened as Mega Man as far as I have been able to tell, and it seems to happen mostly when I slide into them (although it has happened when just running into them). It's not a major issue, but sometimes it's annoying (and scary!) getting a little "caught" on a Bill Blaster.
  • When Link falls (without downthrusting) onto a Green Koopa Paratroopa as it is jumping up, he will sometimes fall through it and take damage instead of stomping it (has only happened to me on 8-1, but I doubt that has anything to do with it).


  • If an enemy was walking off screen to the right, in a spot where another enemy would spawn, then you started approaching that side, the other enemy would appear instead and the original enemy would appear behind it
  • A Spiny dies if you hit the block underneath it (they shouldn't)
    • I think this is more likely a feature request than a bug.
  • Hammer Bros. should be able to jump from the top level through the lower platform onto the ground
  • I had a Star in world 3-1 when I came to the hammer bros. I killed the first one and the second one was on the top level. I went to the middle level and hit the block underneath him, killing him. As he died (when he was falling off screen) he hit me and died again because I had a star. I was playing as Ryu if that's important. Didn't affect my game, but could in different circumstances, I guess.
  • Lakitu comes back from death way too soon and moves fast when doing so
  • Jumping Paratroopas fall too fast
  • On level 4-2 the Goombas can enter a block frame if you make 3 goombas enter the same frame. The last 2 goombas that enter the frame push the 1st one
    • I think that in such situations, enemies should be able walk over the trapped one like walking on the regular blocks.
    • I, Mario-Fan, took a screenshot:

Goomba 4-2 glitch.jpg

  • In Bowser castle levels where a firebar is attached to the bridge that contains Bowser, if you defeat Bowser by touching the axe, the bridge collapses, but the firebar attached to the bridge continues to rotate for a little bit. The firebar should either disappear or fall into the lava as soon as the bridge collapses.
  • Certain Koopa Troopas and Paratroopas will pop out of their shell while the game is paused. This allows you to keep stomping the same Troopa for infinite 1ups. This works with last red Troopa in 1-2 and some Paratroopas in 2-1 and 8-1. There could be more levels with this.


  • Not sure if this is a bug, but a moving Bullet Bill is not killed upon collision with a moving turtle shell (the shell just passes through Bullet Bill) (version 1.2.03)
  • Any turtle shells or Buzzy Beetles that are kicked and are moving along the ground disappear when they go off-screen. This is in contrast to all other objects that are simply frozen in place when they go off-screen (version 1.2.03)
    • Objects ought to keep moving up to about three blocks off screen, and then disappear, I think. I forget exactly how it worked, and will edit this once I find out.
  • In SMBC, Bloobers will only move towards your position; however in SMB, Bloobers would often swim away from your position as well. Not sure if this was intentional or is a bug.
  • Hammer Bros get stuck in pipes for a second in 6-2. (1.2.03)
  • When stomping on Cheep Cheeps on the bridge levels, it plays both the "Goomba squish" and the "Koopa kick" sounds at the same time, when it should only be playing the "Goomba squish" sound.
  • When you come out of the pipe in 2-2 or any other water level, you can kill the pirahna plant that is inside the pipe without making it come up.
    • Bill R:Jump and shoot down
    • Simon: Get in the socket between the block and the pipe and use your whip.
    • Samus: Plant bombs
    • I havent tested it with other characters, but in theory you should be able to kill it with other characters.


  • Some large castles at the end of levels have extra blocks filled in that shouldn't be.
    • I think it's referring to this:

CastleGraphicsError1.png CastleGraphicsError2.png

  • Some small castles also have strange glitches. Some are like the above-mentioned large castles (blocks in the wrong places), and on some the upper portion of the castle is layered in front of the lower portion. Also, sometimes the flag doesn't rise from the top of the castle, but rather from just above the doorway.
  • The "TIME" which appears in the top right corner of the screen and the current stage time remaining which appears right below it are not perfectly aligned (the current stage time remaining appears to be offset slightly to the right of the word "TIME")

Level Design

  • The platforms in 2-4 are going down (left platforms) and up (right platforms) instead of up and down respectively
  • The pipe to go down in world 3-1 should be the second pipe from the beginning, not the first
  • Piranha Plant in the last pipe of World 5-2 is missing
  • The platform in Coin Heaven B in world 6-2 is supposed to be shorter
  • Vertically moving platforms move fast when dropping down (should start slow then build up speed)
    • Not sure what platforms this is referring to. Please give more details. (I think this is referring to those see-saw things --Mario-Fan 07:12, 20 November 2010 (PST))
      • That, the stand-alone drop down ones AND the ones that go up and down
  • The clock time on world 2-1 starts at 300 (should be 400)
  • In 5-3, the two platforms that move left-to-right over the large chasm towards the end of the level are not populating correctly. They move at the same time, making them far enough apart that several characters can't make the leap. It seems to be with the placement of the first one, which is coming too far to the left than I remember.(I tried with Mario, Ryu, Link, and Bill. Ryu did succeed, but only by jumping at the moment so that the second platform comes back, and he was able to attach to the side of it.) --cerbstarraiser
  • Most of the time, the flag that you raise at the end of a level (not castle) doesn't go all the way up, but only on the first level of the little castle.


  • Firebars move at a faster speed than original
    • (kyoo's note, does it, or does Mario just run too fast making it so you run into them instead of past them?)
  • With Bouncy Pits cheat on, you can't escape from the cloud area
  • Firebars reset to starting position in maze dungeons when you move on to the next part of the dungeon (this is seen as a jump in their movement).
  • Enemy movement to the lower level by passes gaps (please give more details)
    • On the stairs with the gaps on every other step, enemies should be falling through the gap instead of hopping onto the next step
      • kyoo says 8-2 pisses me off because of this bug. those spinies should be falling to their death on the next step
  • Sometimes, Bill, Ryu, Samus, and Mega Man don't jump when I order them to. They make the sound effect, but just jump like a centimeter.
  • In 8-4, the last two firebars are rotating in reverse order
    • The left one should be rotating clockwise and the right one should be counter-clockwise
  • In the original SMB, your character's descending speed underwater accelerates; in SMBC, your character's descending speed is constant. As a result, the descending speed of your character in SMB is faster than in SMBC.
  • In 8-2, you should be able to hide from the second Paratroopa on the third step up on the staircase. Here are some screenshots (thank goodness I don't have to take a screenshot while playing it on my Wii):

SMB:How to dodge the second Paratroopa in SMB 8-2.jpg

SMBC:How NOT to dodge Paratroopa No. 2 in SMBC 8-2.jpg


  • Getting a 1-Up mushroom displays "1000" as if a Super Mushroom was retrieved, but it still gives an extra life. It should display "1-UP" instead.
  • At least in Survival mode, loading a save file does not load previous button assignments.
  • You know how you can't stomp on enemies underwater? Well I turned on Invincibility and Water Mode but couldn't jump on enemies. I turned off Water Mode, but I STILL couldn't jump on the enemies.
  • When you have the "Bouncy Pits" cheat enabled, it is impossible to leave the coin heaven sections.
    • (Very simple bug that can be fixed by turning off the Bouncy Pits cheat, then when you hit solid ground again, turn it back on.)
  • When you toggle "Cheat Notify" in the Options menu, it does not make a coin collection sound (version 1.2.03).
  • When playing in Single Character Random mode, just before the level starts (i.e. when it displays the number of lives you have left with a black background screen) the name of your character is briefly mismatched with the character chosen. Once the level begins, the name displays correctly (i.e. it matches the character chosen) (version 1.2.03).
  • Any power-ups that result from killing enemies that are in front of impassable objects are not collectible (e.g. from a piranha plant killed when it is mostly inside a pipe, or from an enemy killed in front of platform with bouncy pits cheat enabled). Recommend that these power-ups instead appear on top of nearest platform above (version 1.2.03).
  • When star power is about to end and you die from falling down a pit, the star music correctly stops; however the stage music will soon begin to prematurely start playing again before the screen changes to showing you how many lives you have left (i.e. the stage music should not restart until after the "lives you have left" screen and it resets your character's position) (version 1.2.03).
  • In the original SMB, when a Star Man is produced from a question block, it would sometimes travel diagonally downward without an initial bounce. This does not seem to be possible in SMBC (version 1.2.03). Also, the Star Man moves slightly faster once produced in SMBC than in SMB.
    • Yeah, I (Mario-Fan) have noticed stuff like that too: In the original, the star in 1-1 bounces all the way to the first steps (I mean the ones that stand like /_\ ) and in SMBC it bounces off the first ? block it reaches.
  • When you kill Koopa, in 8-4, and return to the pipe, starting the stage all over, when you enter the 'Koopas area' (by that i mean the last part of 8-4, that is where you encounter the hammer bros), you just appears nearby the pipe, and the game stucks:
    • Yeah, from your description, I think the same thing happened to me. I was trying to walk onto the moving platform above the lava, but then I was stuck under the ground and the character (Bill) would move, but was stuck.


  • When playing Survival mode, after assigning all of your 1UPs to revive/strengthen characters (leaving you with 00 mushrooms), then saving and reloading the game, you now have 01 1UP mushrooms. --cerbstarraiser
  • When you restart a level that is underground or underwater, it repeats the animation of your character going down the pipe. However, in the original SMB, when you restart an underground or underwater level, it does not repeat this animation (the animation only plays the first time your character is going to these levels).
    • This animation also plays every time you select a level that is underground or underwater using use the Level Select cheat (it should not).
      • Selecting the level via the Level Select cheat brings you to the beginning of the level, though, so it should start you before the pipe. --sbq92 11:50, 11 March 2011 (PST)
  • After leaving a coin room/heaven, the enemies are not there (i.e. Koopa Para troopas in 3-1, and Hammer Bros in 5-2).
  • On 1-2, 2-2, 4-2, and 7-2, when going into the pipe at the beginning, the time isn't displayed, but when the level begins, 6 seconds have passed. The timer shouldn't start until the character is in the level.
  • This bug involves Survival Mode and Tutorials. Precondition: The player enters Survival Mode. When the game asks if it's ok to display tutorials, the player selects "NO". In a level, the player turns tutorials back on through the option menu. Effect: If the player dies, they get stuck in the tutorial at the character select screen. The tutorial text switches back and forth between two texts repeatedly. Image: [1]
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