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IMPORTANT: This page is no longer in use. If you want to make a character request, please make a new thread (obviously, check if it doesn't already exist!) in this subforum. Thanks. --Mario-Fan 07:49, 15 December 2011 (EST)

This is a list of requested characters for Super Mario Bros. Crossover. Please make a section for each character. In the section, include the game the character is from. If possible, also include some details about the character. Video and/or screen shots would be extremely helpful. If more than one version of a character exists, write the title of the game in parenthesis after the character's name. Please do not remove suggestions solely because you do not want them.

Please put character requests from unofficial games (ROM Hacks and homebrew) and of games other than the NES in the Non-NES Character Requests page. Keep in mind that even games ported over to the NES officially should go here. As long as the character has official NES sprites it should go here. If you want to make a fake/funny character request, do it on the Silly Character Requests Page. Last but not least, if you want to request anything other than characters, check the Feature Requests Page.

Please list the characters in alphabetical order. If you'd like to discuss these character requests, please do it here.


Alex / Kunio (River City Ransom / Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari)

Discuss Alex/Kunio from River City Ransom/Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari here.

Alfredo ("Alfred N the Fettuc" Action 52)

  • Alfredo from the game "Alfredo" which is also known as "Alfred N the Fettuc", the 9th video game of Action 52. He could kill enemies with his spatula or whatever he has.

Alucard (Castlevania III)

The son of Dracula. Probably his coolest power-up is that he can transform into a bat and fly for a limited amount of time.


  • Armadillo from the Famicom game of the same name.


Arthur (Ghosts 'n Goblins)

Discuss Arthur from Ghosts 'n Goblins here.


  • Athena from the NES game called Athena.



Balloon Fighter

  • Controls similar to swimming Mario, but faster. Would gain a balloon per each power-up.


Batman (Batman)

  • Widely held as one of the greatest NES games created, with one of the greatest NES soundtracks ever
  • Platform action game with mechanics that would integrate nicely into the SMBC environment
  • Features Batman, one of the most popular and enduring comic book characters ever created
  • Brings a unique wall-jump ability to SMBC. Although this is not as useful as Ryu's wall climb, Batman will arguably be equipped with a better weapon arsenal than Ryu.
  • It's Batman! He can walljump, punch enemies in the face, and has 3 different projectiles.


  • Suggested power-up structure:
    • None - Short-Range Punch (Attack) and Batarang (Special).
      • Similar to Link's boomerang, the batarang will retrieve coins and power-ups upon contact. However, unlike Link's boomerang, it can only be thrown in front of Batman, and cannot be upgraded. It could either stun enemies like Link's boomerang (which adds more variety to Batman's arsenal and gameplay), or damage enemies with multiple hits on contact like it does in the Batman NES game (for consistency). If it is chosen to damage enemies, it should do a lot less damage than the Punch attack.
    • Mushroom - Missile Gun, fires directly in front of you in a straight path (upgrades from Punch)
    • Fireflower - Triple Shot, fires directly in front of you and then splits into three discs that continue shooting forward (upgrades from Missile Gun)

Suggested music:


Bayou Billy

The main character from the Konami game, "The Adventures of Bayou Billy". He has hand to to hand attacks and also uses guns.

Billy (Double Dragon)



Bub (Bubble Bobble)

  • This cute little guy could put Koopas in bubbles. Would a Spiny Top pop bubbles?
  • Note: The NES version came later than and is different than the arcade version. Bub's origin is other than the NES, after all. Please refer to Super Mario Bros. Crossover Non-NES Character Requests.

NES version screenshot:



  • A frequently requested character.
  • Maybe have bombs remain exploding in a + pattern, hitting all blocks and killing enemies in that pattern. As such, bombs will have a delay, unless somehow the heart powerup (manual bomb detonation) can be implemented.
  • Mushroom/Flower may affect number of bombs and explosion length.


Bonk (Bonk's Adventure)

  • More famous from his PC Engine/TurboGrafx outings, but there was an NES version of the first game from which sprites/sounds/etc. could be taken. And hey, he has experience fighting giant reptiles.
  • Bonk attacks with his huge head
    • Tapping the attack button on the ground causes him to headbutt directly in front of him.
    • Tapping the attack button while in the air causes him to flip around and come down head first. While moving upwards, or moving downwards head first, the top of his head hurts enemies and breaks bricks. Turning upside-down immediately kills all upward momentum.
      • Tapping attack button while upside-down flips Bonk back right-side up. Player can tap the attack button repeatedly to rapidly flip Bonk around, causing him to float to the ground slowly.
  • Bonk can climb walls using his teeth
  • Bonk can swim
  • Possible power-ups:
    • Normal: Normal Bonk sprites, weak headbutts. Landing head-first momentarily stuns Bonk, but has no effect on enemies.
    • Mushroom: One-meat Bonk sprites (angry look on face), strong headbutts, landing head-first shakes the ground and stuns all enemies touching the ground similar to Link's boomerang (this behavior taken from Bonk's Revenge)
    • Flower: Two-meat Bonk sprites (all-white eyes, scars on side of head), stronger headbutts, landing head-first shakes the ground and causes Level 1 headbutt damage to all enemies touching the ground.
      • To give him something fiery to fit the Flower-powerup, he'l breath off fire like in Bonk's Revenge when he was in Butthead-form.
    • Regular stage clear isn't on Youtube (shocking, I know) but could be heard in the gameplay video above.


  • Already in the game
  • Has fireballs that he can spit at enemies.
  • If the user is pressing the up key, the fireball spits high. If pressing down, the fireball spits low, like regular Bowser.
  • Mushroom/Fireflower can affect speed of fireballs, size, or number.
  • At x-4 levels, Bowser against Bowser! Epic!
  • May need to be sped up


Bugs Bunny (The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout)

  • Bugs Bunny from the NES game The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout. He could attack enemies with his mallet.




  • Not a joke. Cheetahmen would be great in SMBC. Great at jumping and...out-running the enemies. It would make speed runs pretty easy. I mean, they have cool knives?
  • Would be a humorous joke character. Maybe a secret character. Has an unintentional infinite jump glitch in the original game. Maybe include it in SMBC as well?


Contra Force Characters


  • Has a pistol, timed bombs, and timed mines.


Burns (Contra Force)

  • Has pistol, grenades, and machine gun. Can jump higher than other Contra Force characters.



  • Has a pistol, a flamethrower, and a bazooka.



  • Has a pistol, a rifle, and homing missiles.


Christine (Arkista's Ring)

Christine could shoot arrows at short range when normal. Then after getting a mushroom she could shoot arrows at long range. Finally when sahe gets the flower she could shoot large fire balls.



Day Dremin Davey

A little kid killing goombas and koopas with swords whips and guns would be awesome.

Darkwing Duck

  • Yes. People actually requested him.


Dig Dug

  • Drilling goombas? Breaking unbreakable blocks with a drill?



  • His big ass stick as a weapon. Maybe we could use his special move from TMNT 3!


Donkey Kong

This one would be interesting to say this and some how so Right. After all Mario and Kong have history.

Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong Country 4{Pirate})

I'm not sure if a pirate game counts as official, but this game has NES style Donkey Kong country sprites. He could roll into enemies, or jump on them. The power ups could be:

Donkey Kong Jr.

  • Donkey Kong Junior from Donkey Kong Jr. could throw fruits downward. There could also be a way to play as the pink Donkey Kong Jr. from Donkey Kong Junior Math.


Duke Nukem

The original Duke Nukem was a side scroller and was pretty badass. It has its own cool music, he had his own weapon which can probably be made to wreck up the baddies and random blocks. He is also an unusual character to want to put in a game like super mario brothers, which seems like it would be a pretty good fit.



Enemies, Various

Think, dear friends, of the possible awesome that would come from playing as.... a KOOPA! or playing as a lakitu, hurling Spineys at your foes. Perhance take the mundane route and become everyone's favourite waddling mushroom thingies! or even (dare i say it? i do!) that most evil fiend, a spiketop! Good times to be had by all!


  • Excitebike from the NES game Excitebike. However, this character is very unlikely to ever appear in Super Mario Bros. Crossover, seeing as he doesn't have a single attack in his game and the only way he could kill his enemies is by running over them.
  • Excitebike appeared in the fan-created video "Super Mario Bros. Leftovers."

Sprites Tricks Sprites

  • Possible Power Ups Unlike other characters When you hit the Question block it unlocks new tricks.
    • None -> Can only Jump and Do Wheelie
    • 1st Hit -> Air Back Flip, Ground NAC-NAC
    • 2nd Hit -> Air SuperMan, Ground CAN-CAN
    • 3rd Hit -> Air 360, Ground TSUNAMI



Felix the Cat (Felix the Cat)

  • A great character with some great attacks.
  • Here is a (very incomplete) spritesheet for reference.


Fighter (Final Fantasy)

  • I choose Fighter because he tends to be seen as one of the icons from Final Fantasy 1 on the NES, but Black Mage could work perfectly too.
  • His attacks could be attacking with a Dagger/Sword.
  • He should have his IN-Battle sprite. As a Fighter he should attack with a Dagger/Short Sword, a Mushroom could Evolve his class into Knight and he would attack with a Broadsword.
  • Picking up the Flower Power could give him the Excalibur, which is the strongest weapon in the Original Final Fantasy 1.
    • As a Special Attack he could pick up certain items which would give him the ability to cast Thundera (Bolt2) by using the Zeus' Gauntlet which he alone could equip.
  • For Black Mage, it could work the same, having him start as Black Mage and evolve into Black Wizard.
    • Regular Attacks could a Staff attack as Mage and Catclaw (the most powerful Dagger)as Wizard.
      • Special Attack would Obviously be his elemental Attacks (Fire, Ice and Lightning), perhaps this could change into Flare/Nuke during Flower Power.
  • The music for the Star Power pick up could be the Victory Fanfare song.
  • I'm going to have to disagree with most of these people. The point of SMBC is to include characters from other games with their original gameplay intact. So, if a Final Fantasy character (or a character from any RPG) were in the game, it should work like this: when you run into an enemy, instead of getting hurt, a turn based battle would begin. Even though this would be funny, it might be more trouble than it's worth to implement into the game.

Firebrand (Gargoyle's Quest II)

  • Firebrand the legendary Red Blaze from the game Gargoyle's Quest II. Firebrand also made appeareance in other games like Gargoyle's Quest for game boy and Demon's Crest for SNES.
  • Firebrand has abilities like clinging to walls, flying (what is hovering actually), and a nice set of projectile moves like the buster, darkfire and the magic tornado.


Farron & Zap (Conquest of the Crystal Palace)

Jump to the 6:00 minute mark to see the LPer summon and use Zap for a brief moment before dismissing him. His recorded frame rate isn't so well, so the dog's animation looks choppy.


Getsu Fuma (Getsufuu Maden)


Getsufuu Maden (also known as Getsu Fuma Den, lit. "Legend of the Lunar Wind Demon") was a side-scrolling platformer released for the Japanese Famicom by Konami. Released shortly after the first Castlevania, and before the second, the game features gameplay seen in both games. Like in Castlevania 2, Getsu Fuma will be able to obtain many weapons and items, many of which subtly change how he plays. And it's similar to the first Castlevania in graphical style, in that it has an amazing soundtrack, and is a tough-as-nails game to beat.Though the title was released only in Japan, it is now available in the US over the Nintendo Wii's marketplace. The title also never recieved a sequel, but has gained a huge following over the years, netting him cameos in other Konami titles, such as the crossover title Konami Wai-Wai World, the music game Pop 'n Music, and most recently, the XBOX Live Arcade title Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, where Getsu Fuma and a stage based on his game was avaliable as Downloadable Content.

It follows the story of the player character, Getsu Fuma, as he ventures into Hell to defeat Ryukotsuki, a horrendous demo who slew his brothers when they tried to defeat him, and took their swords, the Pulse Blade.

How he would play: Without a Mushroom, Getsu Fuma would play very much like he does in the beginning of the game: His sword would have no special effects, and no enhanced jumping. Oh, and the fact he'll die in one hit.

When he gets a mushroom, he will gain his Jump-slash ability. When he jumps, he will spin mid-air with his blade out, allowing him to deal damage while jumping. A little unfair, true, but it was an awesome weapon in Getsufuu Maden.

And finally when he gets a Fire Flower, Getsu Fuma's sword will be at full strength, allowing him to shoot projectiles from the blade as he swings it (See the youtube video above for an example of this ability).

Suggested music:

Gizmo (Gremlins 2)

The Mogway from Gremlins 2.

  • When selected, a balloon would appear in his hands and he would float up off the screen.
  • When normal, Gizmo would throw paper clips.
  • When you get a mushroom, Gizmo will use the paper clip as a bow and shoot pencils with it.
  • When you get a fire flower, Gizmo will use the paper clip as a bow and shoot matches with it.

Music suggestions:

  • Title Screen - Entering stage
  • Cutscene - Entering pipe
  • Stage 1 - Overworld
  • Stage 2 - Underground
  • Stage 3 - Clouds/Low on time
  • Stage 4 - Castle
  • Stage 5 - Underwater
  • Boss - Invincibility
  • Stage Clear - Stage Clear
  • Game Over - Game Over
  • Ending - Castle clear


  • The Ghostbusters from the self-titled NES game; one of them or all of them. They actually originate from a movie, and the game wasn't that good, but come on! Ghostbusters in the Super Mario Bros. world... Now that would be interesting, wouldn't it?
  • But, wait... I'm afraid the Ghostbusters already paid a visit to the Mushroom Kingdom. That's why there's no Boos in Super Mario Bros. 1. BUT they could be doing another visit! It's a good place after all... There could also be a mode where the Boos invade the Mushroom Kingdom again and the Ghostbusters need to take care of them again.


Gohan(: Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension)

Gohan from Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension on SNES.Z=jump X=punch+kick c= Ki attack [1] 1 mushroom adult ss2 gohan stronger ki [2][3] power flower= Ultimate Gohan hold z= fly [4] Combos: x+z=

This isn't an NES game. Somebody move this to the other section.


Common you ALL know that this would be bada*s here are some sprites Goku.jpeg controls could be x=punch c=ki blast z=temporary flight(or you could just hold in space) mushroom ss2 fireflower= ss3 and ki blast upgraded to kamehameha



  • Harry from the NES game Hammerin' Harry. He mainly uses his hammer to attack the enemies, he can also pummel the ground to make the enemies on screen get knocked back a bit. The special button will allow him to use the spinning hammer ability.
  • Powerups:
  • Powerless-> Normal hammer
  • Mushroom-> Harry gets his blue outfit, which makes him jump higher.
  • Fire Flower-> Harry gets a big hammer. It is twice as powerful as the normal hammer and the pummel attack can kill enemies in the ground.

Hockey Player(Ice Hockey)

  • Most of you are probably unfamiliar with this character and its game, search it up on Wikipedia or something.



Jump Button : Jump (normal) (normal height)

Attack Button : Hit enemies with stick (fast) (everyone takes 3 hits to kill except Bowser(obviously) and Gommbas (2 hits) (Spinys and Bullet Bills are invincible)

Special Button : Shoot puck (on ground) (slow) (everyone takes 2 hits to kill except Bowser(obviously) and Gommbas (1 hit) (Spinys and Bullet Bills are invincible)(puck will not kill koopas, it will turn them into shells)

Looks/Person : Canadian (green) skinny Hockey player (fast) (weak)


Jump Button : Jump (normal) (normal height)

Attack Button : Hit enemies with stick (fast) (everyone takes 2 hits to kill except Bowser(obviously) and Gommbas (1 hit) (Spinys and Bullet Bills are invincible)

Special Buton : Shoot puck (on ground) (normal) (everyone takes 2 hits to kill except Bowser(obviously) and Gommbas (1 hit) (Spinys and Bullet Bills are invincible)(puck will not kill koopas, it will turn them into shells)

Looks/Person : USA (blue) normal Hockey player (normal) (normal)


Jump Button : Jump (normal) (normal height)

Attack Button : Hit enimies with stick (fast) (everyone takes 1 hit to kill except Bowser(obviously) (Spinys and Bullet Bills are invincible)

Special Button : shoot puck (on ground) (fast) (everyone takes 1 hit to kill except Bowser(obviously) (Spinys and Bullet Bills are invincible)(Koopas turn into shells) Can charge up for Slap Shot (FAST!) (everyone takes 1 hit to kill except Bowser(obviously))

Person/Looks : Sweden ( brown ) strong Hockey player (slow) (strong)

  • If this ever goes into the real game the colors don't have to be these ones.

Hudson Hawk

  • Hudson Hawk from the self-titled game.



Ice Climber(s)

  • One of them or both. Hittin' Goombas on the head with a hammer.


Indiana Jones

  • Looks like Indy is whipping his way into SMBC...hopefully.
  • There were three NES games with him:
  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom


  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


  • Young Indiana Jones Chronicles



Jerry (Tom & Jerry)

  • Jerry the mouse from the NES video game Tom & Jerry.



Kage (The Legend of Kage)

  • Kage from The Legend of Kage. It would be very fun to play as him. Kage would, however, require changes to his jumping, which in the original game took up three screens. He has power-ups readily available from his original game.


Karnov (Karnov)

  • Karnov would be an ideal edition to the SMBC lineup. Karnov's main attack is his firebreathing, this guy is like Fire Mario on Steroids. His fire attack can be powered-up by a super mushroom to be even stronger. Although his jump his weak, his special ability could be creating a ladder, as he does in his own game. When you climb back down the ladder, you recollect it to re-use it in another location.

Karnov would be an easy character to implement since climbing a ladder could use similar code to climbing the vine.

Keiji Thomas (Kung Fu Master)


  • Keiji Thomas, the player character from Kung Fu Master. He' would be a basic character, with his arsenal consisting of a basic punch and kick. However, his ability to execute these techniques quickly, along with both a crouching and aerial version of his punches and kicks make him a very versatile fighter. The possible downside is his jumping: Should his jumping be exactly the same as Kung Fu, it would be difficult for him to navigate through the Super Mario Bros. levels without some sort of assistance (Perhaps more platforms, or a Double Jump like Simon).

Possible upgrades

  • Mushroom: Knife Throw
  • Fire Flower: Fireball Throw

Music Selection: The start music. Can't find a video with just the clip, but it's at the beginning of this video. Also it's an example of how Kung Fu plays.

Overworld, Underground, water, and boss music:

Stage Completed:

Die: The sound effect from Kung Fu, which can easilly be ripped.

Game Over:

One potential problem with Keiji is the limited soundtrack for Kung Fu. It would probably get old listening to the stage music again and again. But to make up for it, here's a remix of the Stage theme by Duane and BrandO:

Ken (Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight)

  • Wall climbing
  • Gun
  • Awesome music


Kirby (Kirby's Adventure)

  • Kirby would be a fitting edition to the SMBC lineup, and has been the most requested character. If Kirby's transforming abilities take too long to program, a Dreamland-esque Kirby could be implemented and possibly changed in the future. Since Kirby appears soft, should he be allowed to break bricks?
    • I think it would be fun if he was allowed to inhale bricks, similar to the star blocks in the Kirby games.
  • An option to turn infinite flight on or off in the same way Samus' crouch can be turned on or off would be appreciated.
    • Another possible option is for flying to be activated by pressing the up button (Dreamland, Adventure), or the jump button in the air (Super Star, Dreamland 3, Kirby 64), or both (the GBA games).
  • If abilities are included in the game, they should be from Kirby's Adventure. No original power ups.

Possible enemy to transformations:

  • Goomba -> Beam
  • Spike-tops -> Needle
  • Hammer-Bros -> Hammer
  • Podaboos -> Fireball
  • Koopas -> Shell (a la Wheelie)
  • Parakoopas -> Cutter

Possible Powerups

  • Basic -> Kirby will be white. He can suck up bricks one at a time and shoot as a star projectile. Can also suck up enemies. When fighting Bowser, can suck up fireballs and hammers. Kirby can also run by double-tapping the left or right key. He can slide by pressing down and Z while on the ground. Unlike Mega Man, he can slide into enemies to defeat them. When he inhales an enemy or brick he will get, for example, 1000 points for a Hammer Brother. When swimming with Kirby, use arrow keys to move and the attack key to blow at Cheep Cheeps and Bloobers.
  • Super Mushroom -> Kirby will be pink. He can fly if you press the Up arrow key.
  • Fire Flower -> Kirby will be red. He can shoot laser beams, which are more powerful than star projectiles, if you press the Special Attack key. Also, when he does shoot a star projectile, it can go through multiple enemies and bricks, similar to Mega Man's fully charged shot and just like what happens if you inhale more than one enemy in Kirby's Adventure.
  • Starman -> Kirby will be invincible. While you are invincible, you can sing Kirby's favourite song by pressing C (like the Mike attack from Kirby's Adventure.).

Alternatively, drawing only from the first Kirby's Dream Land

  • Basic -> Inhale + Exhale; no copy abilities
  • Super Mushroom -> Bomb Exhale (exhaled projectiles pass through multiple enemies and walls, similar to the double-exhale from later games)
  • Fire Flower -> Spicy Curry or Minty Leaf
  • Special move -> Mike (only available with a Fire Flower; attacks all enemies on-screen, but returns Kirby to Super Mushroom form)

A paragraph was here but was deleated by the maker due to bad spelling and ideas

On the Kirby thread there has been a discussion and the reached conclusion is:

  • without a mushroom, Kirby would be black and white sprites. he can suck up objects, and decide to spit them out or swallow them. he cant get any power from objects in this state. he can still slide, dash, and use all maneuvering skills.
  • once Kirby acquires a mushroom, he becomes pink. he can now copy abilitys-
    • fire flower- gives Kirby fire breath
    • koopa- this has a few differing opinions
      • swallowing a koopa gives you wheel or a custom power similar to wheel.
      • swallowing a koopa gives you rock.
      • in my opinion, swallowing a green koopa should give you stone/rock, while red koopa should give you fireball.
    • Spiny- spike power.
    • Lakitu- UFO power.
    • hammer bro- hammer power
      • I don't think poobadoos should give you fireballs since they are unbeatable enemys.
    • goombas, bloopers, cheepcheep, and piranha plants give you nothing.

Suggested music (Kirby's Adventure):


Kuros (Wizards & Warriors)

  • Kuros from Wizards & Warriors. One of his actions could somewhat be like Mega Man: his jumping. Kuros would need gravity boots like Mega Man needs Rush.


Lance (Contra)

  • The second player in Contra could use the weapons Bill never had. For example:
    • Basic: Rifle (Only one that's same as Bill's)
    • Mushroom: Laser
    • Fire Flower: Flamethrower

Link (Zelda II: The Adventure of Link)

  • In Super Mario Bros. Crossover, Link doesn't grow to the larger sprite as many people thought he would. This is largely due to Jay Pavlina's own preference of always wanting to remain small. While there are plenty who agree with Jay, there are those who would like to see the larger Link in the game.


Little Nemo (Little Nemo: The Dream Master)

  • Little Nemo from the game of the same name. Nemo by himself holds no visible attack, other than throwing candy which lets him feed friendly monsters to ride them, or stun unfriendly monsters to stun them temporarily.
  • The main unique trait of Nemo that can be implemented into SMBC would be his ability to call in friendly monsters to ride, based on his current item power level. By himself, he would use the "Morning Star" wand to attack enemies that cannot be jumped on normally. The usage of the Morning Star would be affected by his item power level.
  • In order to prevent players from constantly using only the mounted monsters, candy can be limited and only be obtained via defeated enemies, much like Missiles for Sophia III and Samus, and the mount, when being summoned, must be fed the 3 candies in order to permit Nemo to ride them, much like in the actual game, else it will stand there and wander aimlessly, again as they do in the actual game.
  • When facing challenges regarding making difficult jumps, the Gecko and Gremlin summoning spots can be swapped, so that the player can have access to the hi-jump without requiring a mushroom. (If this would be the case, it would be a good idea to omit the ability to stomp spiny enemies when riding the Gremlin)
  • No Power: No Morning Star; Gecko Summon (Can climb walls, fast movement speed)
  • Mushroom: Morning Star without Beam ability (Melee attack only); Gremlin Summon (Can hi-jump, slow movement speed when not in air, can stomp spiny enemies (can be nullified in Hard/Extreme modes))
  • Fire Flower: Morning Star with Beam ability; Bee Summon (Can fly for a short period of time, is able to shoot stingers when in air, slow movement speed when not in air)

The Low Gravity Man (Low G Man)

  • The Low Gravity Man works somewhat differently from most videogame characters from his era. He freezes enemies by shooting them several times with his non-damaging (EMP) gun. After that, he can jump on his enemies and kill them by impaling them with an extending spear.
  • He can damage enemies without freezing them
  • Jumping on non-frozen enemies will damage him. He can also freeze enemies mid-air and use them as a jumping platform.
  • Power-ups would work like in the Low G Man game; he will jump higher (to ridiculous heights with the final power up), get a stronger and longer extending spear and will require less bullets to freeze his enemies.


M-308 Gunner (Metal Storm)

  • From a highly underrated game, M-308 gunner can manipulate gravity by jumping while holding up or down. M-308 gunner is able to aim in all 4 directions, and has an awesome death animation. If the area above M-308 gunner is just sky, then make him stick to the sky when he changes gravity.


Mario Bros. Characters

Bowser (Super Mario Bros.)

  • Playing as the enemy from the game you're playing could be really fun. Could be an unlockable character. The main problem with this, however, is if you're Bowser, then who's the boss at every castle? Ravior has started a group for people who want Bowser in the game called Bowser for SMBC!

Possible Moveset

  • No Power-up -> Stomp
  • With Mushroom -> Fire shooting
  • With Fire Flower -> Hammer throwing


  • No Power-up -> Stomp
  • With Mushroom -> Hammer throwing
  • With Fire Flower -> Fire shooting
  • It is more logical to get firepower when you get a fire flower. However, Bowser can throw hammers later in the game than when he can shoot fire. Also, hammer-throwing would be less powerful as it has limited range and weird trajectory. With the fire flower, you could game fire shooting along with more hammers on screen at once.


  • The character could start as a Koopa (or Parakoopa, since they can jump), and power-up into a Hammer Brother, and finally Bowser with fire-breath and hammers.

Hammer Bros.

  • Hammer Bros. from the Super Mario Bros. series. This one would be great and easy to make playable. Imagine playing as a hammer bro. against all the other hammer bros. when the cheat is turned on!
  • Power-Up Style 1 "Mutiple Hammer Style"
    • Basic -> Hammer toss (max 1)
    • Mushroom -> Hammer toss (max 2)
    • Fire Flower -> Hammer toss (max 3)
  • Power-Up Style 2: Each power-up makes the hammers faster.
    • Basic -> Slow Hammer Toss
    • Mushroom -> Slightly faster then Basic
    • Fire Flower -> Twice as fast as basic
  • Power-Up Style 3Koopa Bro Style.
    • Basic -> Nothing
    • Mushroom -> Enables hammer toss
    • Fire Flower -> Enables boomerang toss
  • Power-Up Style 4: Super Mario Bros. 3
    • Basic -> Hammer Bro., with hammer tossing (max 2)
      • Special tosses hammers
    • Mushroom -> Boomerang Bro., with boomerang tossing (max 2)
      • Normal attack tosses boomerangs
      • Special tosses hammers (possibly)
    • Fire Flower -> Fire Bro., with fire shooting (max 2)
      • Third Fire Ball Shooting
      • Normal attack tosses boomerangs
      • Special tosses hammers (possibly)
  • Power-Up Style 5: Alternate Super Mario Bros. 3
    • Basic -> Hammer Bro., with hammer tossing (max 3)
      • Normal attack tosses hammers
    • Mushroom -> Boomerang Bro., with boomerang tossing (max 1)
      • Normal attack tosses a boomerang
      • Special attack tosses hammers (possibly)
    • Fire Flower -> Fire Bro., with fire shooting (max 2)
      • Normal attack shoots fireballs
        • After shooting 6 fireballs you shoot a boomerang then go back to fireballs
      • Special attack shoots hammers (possibly)

Lakitu (Super Mario Bros.)

  • This character would no doubt play like no other character in the game.
  • Unlike other characters he floats around in a cloud and drops stuff to inter act with the level.
    • How he might be play-able.
    • Controls:
      • Arrows to float left, Right, Up and Down.
      • Z Uses a Vacuum to suck up stuff from the level.
      • A To drop a goomba "Normal Attack"
      • X To Drop Turtle "Mushroom attack"
      • S To Drop a Spike turtle "Fire-Flower Attack"
      • Z and A Pulls out Traffic Light "No Effect Joke Item"
      • X and S Pulls out Final Lap Sign "No Effect Joke Item"


Luigi (Super Mario Bros. 2)
  • Alternate to Mario. Higher jumping, super jump, and more slippery.


  • Possible power ups
    • None-Can stand and lift up goombas and turtles only
    • Mushroom-Faster lift up of goombas and turtles plus can lift up any koopa troop he can stand on.
    • Fire-flower-Same as mario Fire power.
Luigi (Super Mario Bros. 3)
  • Not much is different between Mario in Super Mario Bros. 1 and Luigi in Super Mario Bros. 3. Wouldn't be possible if Super Mario Bros. 2 Luigi made it in.
  • Possible power ups
    • None-same as mario
    • Mushroom-Get's bigger same as mario.
    • Fire-Could get fire power "Or may be hammer suit, Cape or a random power from bros 3 luigi."
Luigi (Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels)


  • Also known as Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan. Compared to Mario, Luigi is less agile and has less traction, but he can jump higher and farther.

Suggested Music

  • If any music tracks are not listed, assume that they are the same as Mario's music.

Character Select Screen concept


  • To show off Luigi's jumping ability, he could jump on top of the coin block, where it is too high for Mario to reach.

Alternate Color Palette/Skin

Deluxe Luigi.png Super Deluxe Luigi.png Fire Deluxe Luigi.png

  • This palette was taken from Super Mario Bros. Deluxe from the Gameboy Color, so that Luigi could have different palette from Mario as far as the Fire Flower goes, and would make a great skin.

Super Mario Bros. Luigi

  • I think this should get put in SMBC:

Smb Luigisheet.PNG

  • 1.=basic luigi
  • 2.=super luigi
  • 3.=fire luigi

Links and Sources

Peach (Super Mario Bros. 2)

  • A funny idea for Peach is, instead of starting at 1-1, you start at the end of 8-4 and have to go backwards through the game.

Toad (Super Mario Bros. 2)

  • In Super Mario Bros. 2, you could pick up enemies and vegetables in the ground and throw them. Toad happened to be the fastest at lifting these up. Toad could run fast and, instead of squishing them, could stand on top of enemies and pick them up to throw them. Vegetables could also be added to the level to be picked up in thrown.
  • "Sorry Toad, but our princess is in another castle" --Toad
    • or may be toad could say "Awwww shucks (castle number) and the princess is not here."

Another possibility could be that no vegetables would be present since they are not in SMB 1. He could pluck up coins and power ups, though. His Fire Flower ability could be throwing a bomb. Bombs were in SMB 2 and Toad's main weapon in the game, Wario's Woods. Pressing the Special button would pull out the bomb. Pressing it again would throw it. If Toad holds the bomb too long, it will explode and it will harm him, just like in SMB 2.

Marth (Fire Emblem)

Master Higgins (Adventure Island)

  • The prehistoric guy from Adventure Island
  • He has a lot of attack and he could be a great character
  • Here some sprites from the NES game Adventure Island 1, 2 and 3

Adventure island.gif

Mega Man Characters


  • A more recent idea has been Bass, from Mega Man 10.

Possible Movesets

  • No Power-Up: Bass has a gun like Mega Man's, but it cannot be charged and does half as much damage. He can still have 4 bullets onscreen at a time, but they cannot pass through walls. His jumping is the same, and should probably have a high-jump cheat, same as Mega Man and the also theoretical Proto Man. He cannot slide, but he has a charge, executed the same way. It is essentially the same, but Bass stands at the same height while charging. Sprites ripped right from Mega Man 10.
  • Mushroom: Bass is re-equipped with his standard gun: the Bass Buster. He must now stop moving to fire (still capable of jumping), but hold down the button and see the advantage of such: Rapid fire! Hopefully, he'd have the ability to shoot in every direction except straight down as well, but I can understand if such is not possible. Bass' orange trimming turns purple, like when he's about to use Treble Boost
  • Fire Flower: Bass' bullets do more damage now, the same amount as Mega Man's normal bullets. The bullet's change, to a shrunk-down version of the ball of fire in Solar-Man's head. Off the top of my head, Bass' main color becomes a shade of red, keeping the purple trim, but I really have no idea.
  • Now for the special. Instead of Rush Coil, Bass' special should be Treble Boost. There's an energy bar for it in the top-left, but at first, it's empty. You have to fill it up by killing enemies--hopefully, by the time Bass is being considered, we'll have the technology to have them drop small and large energy packs. Summon Treble with Special, and walk into him to combine! When fused with Treble, you can fly around freely, and press Attack to shoot three bullets in a tri-gun format.


  • Requested quite commonly as a reskin for Mega Man, but I think if he's getting in, he should have some changes. Protoman should have music only from games he's been in, and I think incorporating the "Protoman Whistle" as a jingle would make a lot of fans happy. CHAOS_FANTAZY has created a group on the Exploding Rabbit website, similar to Ravior's "Bowser for SMBC." Join to show your support for this idea!

Possible Movesets

  • No Power-up -> Just like Mega Man, except with the classic jump. No slide, either.
    • Default sprites: There's a spritesheet of him as a playable character in Mega Man 9.
  • Mushroom -> Protoman can now charge a Buster Shot like Mega Man. The gray areas of Protoman's costume become orange, like the color Mega Man is when he receives his Fire Flower.
  • Fire Flower -> Protoman gains the Proto Shield, which protects him from any harmful thing heading towards him. Note that while Protoman is shooting or charging a shot, his shield isn't protecting him. If an enemy comes up behind Protoman, it will damage him as usual. You'd have to meet tricky projectiles like hammers head-on with your shield to deflect them. Either the shield in front of him or turning the now-orange areas black would signify having a Fire Flower.


  • No Power-up -> Just like Mega Man, except with the Proto Coil and the Proto Jet (from Mega Man 9 and 10) instead of Rush.
    • Sprite: Protoman without his helmet (but keeps his shades).
  • Mushroom -> Charging enabled, gains helmet.
    • Sprite: Gains helmet.
  • Fire Flower -> Gains his shield, but is only up when jumping (as in Mega Man 9 and 10), and he can block fire and hammers with it. Or, Shield is always up and acts as a wall to enemies. Stays up while charging, but not while shooting, running, or sliding.
    • Sprite: Gains shield.

Another alternative The proto shield can block certain things (Fireballs from Bowser and also Bullet Bills and Hammer Bro hammers). Protoman has multiple things he can do. I think his special should be a taunt, from megaman 10: Protoman turns around and says "I don't think you'll be able to do this alone". Powerups: Basic = Normal, Mega Buster and no shield, Mushroom = Adds Shield and you have the proto(Type?) Buster. I cant really think about the fire flower.

  • Protoman could possibly be an unlockable character, for beating the game on Normal and up with Mega Man.


Robot Masters

  • There are a whole bunch of robot masters in the Mega Man series that could make decent additions to SMBC.
  • There is precedent for the Mega Man robot masters, from the PSP game Mega Man: Powered Up and from the PC fan game Mega Man: Day in the Limelight.


Mike (StarTropics, StarTropics II: Zoda's Revenge)


  • The main hero from StarTropics, an underrated NINTENDO game.


  • Mike attacks with a Yo-Yo as his main weapon. For a special attack, he could throw a torch at enemies, which is stronger, slower, and flies only a few tiles farther than a yo-yo attack.
  • When Mike picks up a mushroom, he'll be able to use the Shooting Star, which is basically a morning star-like weapon upgrade for the yoyo, that has better range, and fires stars a bit ahead of it. His secondary weapon while on Mushroom mode, would be in this case, the bolas which cover the whole screen in range.
  • When Mike picks up the Fire Flower, he trades his Shooting Star, for a Supernova. The final upgrade to the Yo-yo which is an alien-morning star like weapon that fires a ball of light across the screen. His secondary weapon in this more would be the super-laser gun. It has poor range, but it's devasatating.
  • Mike is able to attack up, down, left, and right (if he uses his StarTropics 1 moves) but could also attack in all 4 diagonals as well (if he uses his StarTropics 2 moves).
  • Mike would have two types of jump. His normal jump, by the use of tapping, and a longer "anklet powerup" jump, through HOLDING the button.


  • Mike can't swim in his game (except one cutscene)
  • He could either play as his submarine, the Sub-C, or just become floatier underwater.

Mike Haggar (Mighty Final Fight)

  • A recently added characer who is the mayor of Metro City, and the main hero from Might Final Fight, an 8-bit version of the original Final Fight, and a successful CAPCOM game.


Mike Haggar would be able to jump, punch enemies, and in Fire Flower form, he could perform his signature "Spinning Clothesline". In Mushroom form, he could do a suplex by grabbing the character. When the player presses the jump button and then the attack button, he could perform a body squat.

Mikey (Goonies II)

The hero of the Goonies II.

  • When selected, a door will appear behind Mikey and he will enter it.
  • Mikey starts out with just his yo-yo that doesn't go very far (about as far as Samus's regular shot). His special is throwing those bomb-like things.
  • When you get a mushroom, Mikey gets the Slingshot, which the shots can go all the way across the screen (like Samus's logn beam).
  • When you get a Fire Flower, Mikey gets the Boomerang, which flies all the way across the screen (like Link's Magical Boomerang). You can throw the boomerang in many directions, like Link's boomerang.

Full Soundtrack Video:

  • 0:01 - Overworld (Day)
  • 1:45 - Clouds
  • 2:59 - Underground
  • 4:19 - Overworld (Night)
  • 5:35 - Underwater
  • 7:06 - Invincibility
  • 7:40 - Entering pipe
  • 8:11 - Character Selected/Stage Clear
  • 8:40 - Game Over
  • 8:47 - Castle Clear


Ninten (Mother)

  • Ninten from Mother. He would use his psychic powers to fight enemies in Super Mario Bros. Crossover.


Nova (Power Blade)

Gfs 46965 1 2.jpg

The hero of Bower Blade 1 and 2. He uses a deadly metal boomerang to dispatch his foes. He can collect items to increase the number of boomerangs he can throw, the distance he can throw them, and their strength. If he manages to find a power suit, he will attain an armored form and can throw the eponymous Power Blade which can easily destroy anything.

  • Origin

Power Blade takes place in the year 2191 on the colony of New Earth. Nova is the Chief Security Officer for Master Computer. It has been taken over by aliens and he must now acquire 6 data tapes in the 6 sectors of New Earth from his inside allies. Only after defeating the 6 alien bosses can Nova secure the sectors and then finally challenge the alien leader itself.

  • Move List:

Standard:(Default sprite would be his blue clothing)

Attack= Throw boomerang (Travels minimal distance and then returns)

Gain Mushroom:(Clothing becomes red in reference to Nova's allies in PB1)

Attack= Throw boomerang (Becomes red, twice as powerful, and travels twice the distance before returning)

Gain Fire Flower:(Acquires the Power Blade armor)

Attack= Boomerang becomes the Power Blade and travels the entire distance of the screen. More powerful than the red boomerang and can pass through obstacles. Only one can be on the screen at a time but can be thrown in rapid succession much like the laser weapon from Contra.

  • Notes:

Throwing his weapon is the only move available to Nova but he can throw in 8 directions.

As a suggestion for powering up, he can start with the ability to throw 2 boomerangs, and then 3 upon gaining a Mushroom.

Alternatively, Nova can start with only 1 boomerang, and collect boomerang icons from randomly defeated enemies. This will enable him to throw the max amount of 3 boomerangs. This power-up style will be independent of collecting Mushrooms and Fire Flowers. Meaning that if and when Nova loses his Mushroom/Fire Flower power, he will still be capable of throwing multiple boomerangs if any icons were collected prior. The one drawback of this style being that he will obviously be unable to increase his capacity in stages where enemies are non-existent.

In the event that alternate characters are implemented, Nova has suits from Power Blade 2 that enable various abilities.

They are:

Newt Suit- Power to cling to walls and ceilings

Wet Suit- Power to swim and walk through water easily

Rocket Suit- Power to fly

Patriot Suit- Produces 2 orbs that encircle Nova and absorb projectiles

  • Music:

Character Select, Time Running Out, and all suggested alternate music are from Power Blade 2. Everything else comes from Power Blade 1.


[5](Suggest shortening this theme to just the ending part, similar to how it sounds when Megaman is selected)






Overworld Night






Bonus Stage






Stage Clear


Go into Pipe


Bowser Defeated


Time Running Out




Game Over


[22] (Actually the password screen of Power Blade 2. But it sounds so eerie that it may be suitable to play when prompted to continue or quit after the Game Over theme.)




Orpheus (Battle of Olympus)

  • Orpheus from Battle Of Olympus. Similar to Link from Zelda II.



Pac-Man (Pac-Land)

The iconic character appears in the Famicom side-scroller title, Pac-Land. The game is partially based on the classic 1980s cartoon from Hanna-Barbera (The game's main overworld music is the TV show's theme song!).

Pac-Man ("Pac-Man"/"Pacmania")

Discuss Pac-Man from Pac-Man and Pacmania here.


  • This classic character has gone largely underused. It seems she was intended to be a playable character in Family BASIC for the Famicom, and the sprites survive for walking/jumping/climbing/dieing, however her movement abilities are unknown. Could simply play just as Mario did in Donkey Kong and power-up with the Hammer?

Pit (Kid Icarus)

  • Pit would work very well in Super Mario Bros. Crossover. He'd kill enemies by shooting arrows at them and his game features a lot of great music tracks.
  • One of the common concerns is his similarity to Samus, though the similarity might just make him easier to program into Crossover.
  • When selected, Pit would fly off the screen, and his title screen music would play, but then fade out.
  • When normal, Pit would be his regular color (brown), and his arrows would go about as far as Samus's normal beam.
  • When you get a mushroom, Pit would be green, and his arrows would go all the way across the screen.
  • When you get a fire flower, Pit would be purple, and a fireball would encircle the arrows he shoots (which would fly all the way across the screen, and the fireball adds power).
  • When you get a star, Pit would be like he is at the end of the game (Gold armor, Mirror Shield, Light Arrows, Wings of Pegasus). He could fly all around the stage, and shoot powerful arrows. The Mirror Shield would do nothing, since he is already invincible. He would not flash, since he is already in gold armor and stands out.

Music Suggestions:

  • Selected - Title Screen (fades out)
  • Overworld (Day or Night) - Overworld Theme
  • Entering Pipe (to Underground or Underwater) - Under Attack Theme
  • Underground - Underworld Theme
  • Clouds - Sky World Theme
  • Castle - Castle Theme
  • Underwater - Sky Palace Theme
  • Hurry! - Medusa Fight
  • Invincible - Title Screen or Under Attack Theme
  • Level Clear - Level Clear Theme
  • Castle Clear - Credits Theme (would be cut off when rescuing Toad)
  • Dead - Just Died Theme
  • Game Over - Mad Reaper Theme


Pitfall Harry (Super Pitfall)

  • Pitfall Harry from Super Pitfall. Could work, even though he resembles Super Mario a lot.


Poison (Mighty Final Fight)

Poison from the Final Fight series would be most awesome in SMBC. She could start out with her basic slap attack. Her slap would get stronger after picking up a mushroom. Plus she would gain the ability to do her somersault kick using the special button. The flower would increase the power both attacks.


Prince Myer (Deadly Towers)

  • Prince Myer from the NES video game Deadly Towers would kill enemies by shooting swords at them.


Prince of Persia

  • Requested pretty frequently. He could have controls that feel locked onto a grid.


Professor Hector

  • Doesn't have any jumping abilities in Gyromite, but he could create R.O.B.'s lifts beneath him, similar to Megaman's Rush summon. Or jumping sprites could be borrowed from Stack-Up but the former seems more interesting. Has alternate costume (Professor Vector) and I'm wondering if the sleeping mode could be incorporated as his first form?



Rad Spencer (Bionic Commando)

  • Highly anticipated to be the new character added to version 1.2 of SMBC, Rad Spencer from Bionic Commando would be a terrific and unique addition to the SMBC line-up! He brings distinct gameplay mechanics, excellent character design, and memorable music from his NES incarnation.
  • Playing as a character that can't jump in the Mario universe? Interesting!


  • Realistically, Rad's gameplay from Bionic Commando is not compatible with the SMBC environment without some major changes. The most simple and obvious change would be to enable Rad to have the ability to jump, similar to Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 (see 0:19 in video below):
  • Controls:
    • Bionic arm: As in Bionic Commando, Rad is capable of extending his bionic arm forward, diagonally upward or vertically upward to push enemies away, grab powerups, or latch onto platforms (e.g. moving platforms, or single rows or blocks/bricks). Once latched onto platforms, Rad can swing from them, or retract his arm. Once Rad has retracted his bionic arm under a platform he can shoot but cannot move; however he can let go and fall directly downward or climb on on top of the platform. Note that Rad can only climb onto a platform that has two empty blocks on top (otherwise he would be stuck). Also, once Rad swings off from a platform, he cannot change direction mid-air; however he can shoot in mid-air and can again extend his bionic arm to latch onto another platform.
      • Similar to Bionic Commando, Rad does not take damage from contact with moving enemies (e.g. Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Buzzy Beetles, Spiny Tops, Hammer Brothers, Bullet Bills, and possibly Spike Tops). Instead, moving enemies are pushed back from contact with him while swinging. However, Rad will take damage from stationary enemies (e.g. piranha plants, firebars), podobos, and projectiles (e.g. hammers, Bowser's fire) while swinging. Also, Rad can collect power-ups while swinging.
    • Weapons: Rad's gun is capable of shoot various types of projectiles at enemies. He has no melee attack.
    • Ducking: As in Bionic Commando, Rad can duck in order to stun Goombas with his bionic arm or shoot them with his standard cannon (see below). Rad cannot move while ducking.
    • Jumping: Not present in Bionic Commando, Rad should have the ability to perform a small jump, which together with his bionic arm, allows him to clear all platforming obstacles.
  • Suggested power-up structure:
    • None: Standard Cannon. Fires small green bullets straight forward with a maximum salvo of 3 bullets per screen. Reaches to the end of the screen.
    • Mushroom: Super Joe's Machine Gun. Fires a stream of bullets in front you that angle diagonally upward, downward, and in front of you, but with with less range than the standard cannon. Ironically, this gun did not have rapid fire enabled in the original Bionic Commando; this should probably be changed if added to SMBC
    • Fireflower: Rocket Launcher. Fires a devastating single rocket projectile forward that can destroy multiple enemies and bricks along its path. Only one rocket is allowed to be fired per screen. It is unclear whether this should damage Buzzy Beetles and Spiny Tops; as it would be the only "unlimited" weapon in SMBC that would do so.

Suggested music:


Rash (Battletoads)

  • Classic beat 'em up character. Awesome moves, and awesome pause music. Also able to climb, jump, duck, and swim.
  • Can't break blocks with head until you get a power-up.
  • Enemies can't recoil from smash hits because they would just die.
  • Bowser would play like a normal Battletoads boss, like after a hit, he would bounce up, or move backwards. If you don't do anything near Bowser, he hurts you, obviously.
  • When fighting Bowser with Rash, if you have no power-ups, it takes 8 smash hits to kill him.
  • With Mushroom, it takes 6 smash (which is automatic) hits to kill Bowser.
  • With Flower, it takes 5 smash hits to kill Bowser.
  • Enemies will freeze when getting combo'd. Other enemies would turn around after touching the enemy getting combo'd.
  • When in water, it takes this many spikes to kill the following. The first number is for normal Rash, 2nd # = Mushroom, and 3rd # = Flower. Cheep Cheep : 111 | Blooper : 221 | Lakitu : 322

Size Chart

  • This shows how large Rash is compared to all of the current characters in the Crossover.


Placement on Title Screen

  • This picture shows where Rash would go on the title screen when you first turn on SMBC.
  • Obviously he goes last.


Move set

  • This explains what you can do with enemies, what kinds of attacks you can do, and what it would look like with no power-ups, a mushroom, and a flower.
  • Here is a couple concept GIFs that show Rash punching and kicking.
  • sbeatupchart.png


Suggested Music

  • A video testing all of these selections can be found here, minus the alternate choices and death.

Trailer Concept

  • We fade in on Mario fighting Bowser on 6-4. Because Bowser throws so many hammers, and you have to dodge a podoboo, Mario backs off. Then this music fades in, and it cuts to a short half-view of Rash on a turbo bike, not exactly showing him, but you know it's the bike and him. Rash speeds through the level and right as he's right above Mario, Rash jumps off his bike, slides just under the hammers, while dodging the podoboo, and does the Kiss my Fist move on Bowser, and 0:18 in the video starts, and Bowser falls into the lava. Then it zooms in on Rash and shows Newcomer | Rash. Then the original Battletoads title music plays and Rash doing all of his moves demonstrating how awesome he is in SMBC. Done!
    • a GIF showing this concept can be found here
    • Turbo Bike sprites: turbobike.png
    • Kiss my fist on Bowser: kissmyfistbowser.png

Tutorial Concept

  • The following is a concept tutorial of Rash based on the content of this request.

Downloads and Links

  • The Rash Pack for the developers of SMBC is here. It includes:
    • Complete OST of Battletoads
    • Almost Complete OST of Battletoads & Double Dragon (all that it's missing is it's stage complete noise)
    • Sprite sheets for Rash from both games
    • Cropped sprites from our move set posts.
  • Most of the music from Battletoads can be found here for quick previewing or downloading.
  • Discuss Rash on the forums.

Rygar (Rygar)

This Character is a must have


  • Sprite Set


  • Examples

mariorygar01.jpg mariorygar02.jpg mariorygar03.jpg

  • Videos

  • Character Info

I think that this character will fit the game flawless. Rygar will paralyze enemies when he stomp them and whit every hit it push enemies back keeping them away until the die. It has a life bar that can be a customized...

For example

(-)(-)(-) 0 energy - standard. Close range attack whit his disc armor. One hit to die.

(-)(-)(8) 1 energy - pick a mushroom. Standard range attack

(-)(8)(8) 2 energy - pick a flower. Long range attack

(8)(8)(8) 3 energy - pick a additional flower - just another energy ;)

star power. Activate the “Attack and Assail” Abilities that kill any enemy with one single hit while power start last. No invisibility

It can always have the grappling activated to climb anywhere and break block whit the disc armor.

  • Cons

In the Rygar.nes game, after you get the grappling hook, if you crouch to attack an enemy, it will use the grappling to climb down (where is available). This is a serious problem while fighting some enemies. A solution for this is to use an alternate way to use the grappling to climb down, like hold down+attact and the jump, or the great extra key.

  • More info

You can search youtube for "rygar nes" to view more videos of him.

Great Job


Scrooge McDuck (Duck Tales)

  • From the Duck Tales NES game. Could move bricks around with his golf club like cane. Has downward thrust (motherfucker)!!! Best of all, he has some EPIC music!


Solid Snake (Metal Gear)

  • Shooting people, throwing grenades! FUN!


Spy (Spy vs. Spy)

  • Spy from the NES video game Spy vs. Spy, we could choose from the black or the white one. Everyone loves playing as the ninja, playing as a spy could be fun, too!
  • Could lay traps on bricks for Goombas to walk over. Could also punch Goombas.

Spy_vs_spy.gif [24]


  • Spelunker from Spelunker.


Stanley the Bugsman (Donkey Kong 3)

  • Stanley from Donkey Kong 3. He could only attack enemies upward with his Bug-Spray Gun.


Steve Hermann (Shatterhand)


Shatterhand was one of the best platformers on the NES. The gameplay is very similar to Mega Man, where the player selects a stage to play on, with a boss at the end, and lot of powerups the player can use. The difference is the player can only punch. Punch enemies, punch bosses, punch powerups, punch errant walls that get in your way..

The best additions come from the powerups the Player can collect, appearing as a little floating robot that flies near the player character, and fires many varieties of bullets, ranging from bullets that bounce off the walls, to laser beams.

Strider Hiryu (Strider)

  • it could be interesting to see Strider Hiryu back in action in the super mario crossover since he too started on the NES but much more detailed than the others and he was also thrown in the popular vs series marvel vs capcom so... why not in the crossover?
  • his power ups are up to you.


Sun Wukong (Saiyuki World 2)

  • The character Sun Wukong, from the game known in North America as Whomp 'Em.
  • Gains power-ups from defeating bosses, similar to the Mega Man series, so there are a lot of power-up options to choose from for SMBC.


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

  • Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, and/or Donatello from the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game for the NES. In their original game, they have melee attacks with varying style, range, and damage, and can pick up powerups to get ranged weapons such as shurikens and boomerangs.
  • They can jump quite high, though their jumps control a little strangely. If you jump from the wrong place you go falling to the ground.
  • They can also swim, and can walk smoothly over single-space gaps.
  • Toad would refer to him/them as "Turtles"
    • "Thank you Turtles, but our princess is in another castle", or "Thank you Turtles, but your brother is in another castle".
  • Gameplay:
    • You start off with Raphael (short range sai attacks, and shuriken for longer range attacks)
    • When you pick a mushroom, you "trade" Raphael for Leonardo.
    • Leonardo has better range (katana) and the 3-way shuriken throw.
    • When you pick a fire flower, you "trade" Leonardo for Donatello.
    • Donatello has the best attack range (bo staff) and has boomerangs for long distance.
    • Now Michaelangelo could either be used as:
      • The swimming animation for all turtles (water levels)
      • The STAR power up, when the turtles pick up the Turtle power up from the game (invulnerability)
      • The one who the other turtles are supposed to rescue at the end.
        • Alternatively, start as Raphael, and then become Michaelangelo at first mushroom pick-up, Leonardo at first fireflower, and Donatello at second fireflower.
  • Alternatively
    • You can select whichever turtle you want at any time, much like the original game. This could be done via either a key combination, or something in the pause menu.
      • Shorter range characters such as Raph or Mike would do more damage than longer range characters such as Leo or Don.
    • Powerups would improve the turtles' secondary weapons:
      • No powerup: Shurikens (a straight projectile, much like Ryu's)
      • Mushroom: Spreads (like the shurikens but one goes straight, one goes diagonally up and the other diagonally down)
      • Flower: Scrolls (a crescent-shaped blade about the height of the turtle that goes straight across the screen and keeps going, damaging everything it touches)
    • Ammo pickups could be required for secondary weapon usage, like Samus' or SOPHIA's missiles.
    • Powerups could additionally affect their base melee damage.


Thonolan (Kick Master)

Gfs 45506 2 2.jpg

The main character of the game, his special abilities are martial arts(exclusively kicks) and magic. He is like the opposite of Shatterhand who uses punches and technology. His close ranged attacks would provide a challenge as it would require you to get up close and personal. His magic techniques can be used with the special button.

  • Origin

Kick Master takes place in the Kingdom of Lowrel where the evil sorceress Belzed has attacked and killed the King and Queen while kidnapping Princess Silphee. All the knights except for Macren were also killed. He and his younger brother Thonolan, who is not a knight but a martial arts master set off to rescue the princess. Macren is tragically killed before the start of the game and now Thonolan seeks to avenge his brother and rescue Silphee.

Suggested Move List:

  • Standard:(Start out with Bouncing Bulb Spirit)

Attack= High Kick

Down+Attack= Sweep Kick

Jump+Forward+Attack= Flying Kick

Jump+Down+Attack= Knee Drop

  • Gain Mushroom:(Bulb Spirit Attacks become more powerful)

Attack(Press twice)= Roundhouse Kick

Down+Forward+Attack= Sliding Kick

Up+Attack= Vertical Press Kick

  • Gain Fire Flower:(Bulb Spirit becomes Pulse Wave Spirit)

Attack= Becomes Double Butterfly Kick

Up+Attack= Becomes Blazing Flip Kick

  • Special Button= Fire Bouncing Bulb/Pulse Wave projectile

Thonolan will constantly have a spirit following him to aid in his attacks. Pressing the special button will enable him to fire a maximum of three bulb projectiles at a time. They can be fired in any direction and bounce upon contact with a surface. If caught in between 2 indestructible surfaces, the bulbs will bounce back and forth infinitely. No more bulbs will be able to be fired until they disappear either by contact with an enemy or by simply advancing further in the stage. Upon acquiring the Pulse Wave Spirit the ability to shoot in 8 directions is lost. However the Pulse Wave can be aimed high, mid, or low and covers a wide range. It travels horizontally continuously across the screen, damaging all enemies it comes into contact with. It also passes through obstacles.

Thonolan will have a magic meter which will be depleted with each spell use. By defeating enemies he will gain items to replenish the meter. They should probably appear and disappear in the same manner as from his game; meaning they fly up into the air and he must catch them before they fall off the screen.

  • Music:

Some of the music are paired together in the files. Each theme will be distinguished.


[25](The Players Left portion of the music)






Overworld Night




Bonus Stage








Stage Clear

[36](The Password Display portion of the music)

Go into Pipe


Bowser Defeated

[38](The Found Spirit portion of the music)

Time Running Out



[40](The Death portion of the music)

Game Over

[41](The Game Over portion of the music)



Timmy (Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril)

From the NES game released in Feb. 2010, Timmy's gameplay is similar to Mega Man.

  • Power ups in his original game include a stronger weapon, higher jumping, and slower falling.
  • A free, legal playable demo of this game can be found here. A NES emulator is required to play this game.
  • A physical NES cartridge of the full game can be purchased here.




Valkyrie (Macross)

Ok this one will be tricky to put into Super Mario Bros Cross Over but it would be so worth it.

  • Z/X To Change from Fighter, Guardian and Battloid
  • Possible power Ups
    • None -> Machine Gun
    • Mushroom -> Stronger Machine Gun
    • Fire-Flower -> Enables Missiles
      • Missile Power Up (Ammo Pick up) -> missile bombardment (Fires several small weak missiles)

Vic Viper (Gradius)


  • A classic NES hero from a classic SHMUP series. The original Gradius for the NES is widely known, however the arguably superior Gradius II sequel was released for the Famicom only in Japan.
  • Would bring very unique and distinct gameplay from current roster of SMBC characters, an arsenal of distinct power-ups, and some great music tracks (particularly Gradius II). Vic's sprite and weapon sizes would fit well in SMBC environment
  • Just like in Gradius, Vic can fly anywhere on the screen with unlimited fuel, and therefore can easily avoid all pit dangers. However, also like Gradius, the screen would automatically scroll to the right, which would require an auto-scrolling mode be added to SMBC (see requested Automatic Screen Scroll Mode cheat). Also, Vic would only be able to destroy bricks and enemies (or reveal question blocks) by blasting them.
    • If Vic is added alongside an automatic screen scroll cheat, the cheat could have three options. The default would be "Auto" in which the screen automatically starts scrolling when you play as Vic Viper and the scroll speed is dependent on the difficulty level. An "On" option would make the screen scroll for all characters and a speed slider bar would appear to adjust speed. An "Off" option would turn off scrolling, even for Vic. When playing as Vic the screen scrolls the same way as other characters.
  • Similar to Gradius, if Vic collides with any blocks/bricks/pipes/platforms/enemies (except warp pipe entrances) it is instantly destroyed, regardless of its power-up status or if it has shields. Any contact with vines will automatically stop the screen from scrolling and Vic will fly up the vine to the secret area.
  • Vic's movement speed is slowed down in Water levels
  • Suggested power-up structure:
    • None -> Normal blaster
    • Mushroom -> Speed-Up (twice the speed), Double fire (fires both upward and in front of you) and Missiles (ground missiles)
    • Fireflower -> Laser (more powerful shots only in front of you, replaces Double), Two Options, and Shield (a frontal shield which can absorb up to 5 projectile hits; destroyed upon contact with block/brick/pipe/platform/enemy, except warp pipe entrances)
  • Alternative 1: With a Mushroom, Vic gets one option instead of double fire. The fireflower replaces Vic's normal blaster with the Laser.
  • Alternative 2: Vic retains the power-ups bar at the bottom of the screen from Gradius. Each time a mushroom or fireflower is obtained, it moves the selection in the power-up bar one to the right, and you can select the power-up you want by pressing the Special button.

Suggested music:


  • Gradius I:
  • Gradius II:


  • Origin: Monster In My Pocket
  • Appearance (Image):Monster%20in%20My%20Pocket%20%282%29.gif
  • Gameplay (1:25 onwards):
  • Details: One of the two playable characters in Monster in my Pocket.
  • Possible Movelist:
  • Neutral: Normal attack depicted in video.
  • Mushroom: Normal Attack + short explosion just in front of the character.
  • Fire Flower: Throw fireballs, Special button summons a key (restricted to once per level to avoid misuse by cheapness).
  • Possible Alternates:
  • The Monster (Depicted in the above video)
  • Batman (ROM Hack, submission page [43])



  • Perhaps not many people remember the old NES Wolverine game, but it was a fun sidescroller type game.
  • The Power-Ups could work with the Berzerker Rage bar he had in the game.
  • He Special Attack could be calling Havok like in the Original Game.

War Wolf (Werewolf: The Last Warrior)

  • Might be an interesting character to appear in SMB crossover. Not to mention Werewolf had an awesome soundtrack...
  • How power-ups would work:
    • Normal: Human form. Has a punch attack and a charge yell ('NOO!!')
    • Mushroom: Werewolf form. Melee attack is twice as powerful as in human form, and he can climb walls and jump higher (maybe can also break bricks with his head and/or claws in this form?) Also has the ability to backflip (either with jump+attack as in the original game, or the special move button), which makes him temporarily invincible whilst backflipping.
    • Fire Flower: I have two ideas for how the flower affects the Werewolf:
      • In the original Werewolf, War Wolf had an 'anger' meter that increased with each time he picked up a power-up as a werewolf. After building up his anger five times he becomes the golden 'Super Werewolf', which further boosts his melee attack.
        • since we don't have a proper Life meter in SMBC, each time War Wolf is injured in Werewolf form, his anger would drain by 1 point. If he takes a hit without any anger, he'll revert back to human form, and can die after one hit there. (Also in the original Werewolf game, the Werewolf form also had a charge attack that killed all enemies onscreen, but at the cost of some Life being drained. If he were to be included in SMBC, maybe he can use this charge attack at the cost of 1 anger point (if he has anger - he won't be able to use it if he doesn't)
        • Also in the original Werewolf, The anger meter drains over time when playing as Super Werewolf, until completely drained, when he transforms back into normal Werewolf.
      • Alternately, the Fire Flower can change him straight into Super Werewolf, without the Anger meter/buildup. But he'll just change back to normal Werewolf or human after only one hit. In this case, the Super Werewolf power shouldn't be time-limited.
  • Also of interest is how the music soundtrack should be handled. Should we play the 'human' theme when he's human, and the 'werewolf' theme when he's a werewolf, like in the original game?
  • Finally in the original game, we see an awesome (for NES technology, anyway) transformation cinematic when War Wolf picks up the 1st red 'W' powerup. Might be cool if this same cinematic played the first time he picks up the Mushroom in SMBC!




Yumetarō is a character from a very unique Sunsoft game called "Gimmick!" that was only released in Japan and Scandinavia (as "Mr. Gimmick!").

  • Yumetarō has one main ability used throughout the game, he creates stars which bounce around the screen with realistic physics, the stars can be used to attack enemies or can be jumped onto (with enough practice) and used as impromptu platforms to get to special areas. Only one star can be on-screen at once in the original game but mushrooms or fire flowers could increase this total.
  • Yumetarō could also find items such as bombs or fireballs that could be used once in place of a star, by holding up and attacking he would create the selected item instead of a star and could then throw it. In smbc he could simply get fireballs or bombs as rarely appearing enemy drops when he is has gotten a fire flower and be able to hold one at a time and use it with the special button.
  • The final unique trait of Yumetarō was his ability to "ride" enemies, he could jump onto and stand on an enemy and not take damage (as long as the enemy had to distinctive feature to prevent that such as spikes) but touching the enemy from the side wold inflict damage as normal.
  • As Yumetarō is the japanese name for the character and would not fit well in smbc the name Gimmick or Mr. Gimmick could be used instead as it is slightly more recognized.


Zero (GBA) would be nice for SMBC. I'm sure what his GBA sprites from but his attacks could be: his zero buster, (LONG range)and his Z-Saber at close range. I'm not sure, what special attack would be through.

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