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The choice of difficulty can be selected at the very beginning of your adventure. There are two parts: The map set and other options.

Map Sets

For any game mode (SMB, SMBS, LL), there are three different sets of map layouts, with different elements.


  • There are more coins, and most of the items, including extra lives, can be found easier.
  • In maze stages, extra coins will show the correct path.
  • Lakitu will only throw two Spinies at the same time.
  • There is no poison mushroom.


  • Mostly the same as in original game (SMB, LL), except for necessary adaption for characters other than Mario.
  • Lakitu throws four Spinies at the same time, as in original game.


  • The map layouts have changed vastly, featuring more traps and more dangerous enemies.
  • Watch above, Lakitu goes crazy and spams Spinies up to six at the same time.
  • Beware of poison mushrooms everywhere.
  • Beating hard maps will unlock special cheats.
  • Hidden Hudson Bee in every level; can you find them all?


These can be adjusted:

  • Lives start with.
  • Powerup method (Modern/Classic).
  • Start with mushroom or not (Modern powerup).
  • Available sub-weapons (Classic powerup).
  • Attack strength.
  • Defense strength (instant-death, lose some powerups, return to basic state).
  • Ammo drop rate.
  • Enemy replacements and behaviors.
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