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IMPORTANT: This page is no longer in use. If you want to make a feature request, please make a new thread (obviously, check if it doesn't already exist!) in this subforum. Thanks. --Mario-Fan 07:44, 15 December 2011 (EST))

This page is for feature requests for Super Mario Bros. Crossover. Please list feature requests in the appropriate section. If you're not sure what section to put it in, put it in Other. Feel free to make a new section if you feel it's necessary. Please put an * at the beginning of each line so it shows up as a list item. Please do not remove suggestions solely because you do not want them.

If you want to suggest a character, go to the Character Requests Page.

Please only use this for serious requests and only for feature requests. If you have a joke request, put it on the Silly Requests Page. Feel free to discuss these feature requests here.



Bill Rizer

General Requests

  • Add a strafe ability.
  • Considering Bill is overpowered, a way to take away power is to make single hit kills, instead of going back to pre-mushroom state. This is how it is in the original game, so it makes sense in that regard also. (Mario-Fan's note: This should be added as a cheat and not a main feature so that gameplay doesn't become super-hard. Bill is NOT overpowered. He has poor air control.)
  • Have the ability to jump down from platforms and bricks by pressing Down+Jump.
  • Since Bill lacks an ability for his secondary weapon button, make this button snap his aim to diagonal up or down (keep him standing and allow switching between the two with the up or down buttons, similar to the button available in some 2D Metroid games). This would allow for aiming without movement without having to use the "walking in place" glitch (which could then be removed). Contra III for SNES had this feature.
    • Actually, Contra III was slightly different. It locked your character in place and allowed you to aim your gun in any direction without moving. I think this is preferable to locking your aim in a diagonal position.
    • However, for many this disadvantage/inconvenience is part of the charm for the 8-bit Contra games.
  • Add a Super Mario Bros. 3 gameplay mode (allows players to play Super Mario Bros. 3).

Konami Code integrations

  • Gives Bill limited flamethrower or laser shots.
  • Maybe start out with 30 lives like in the original Contra (when you entered the Konami Code)?

Weapon-related Requests

  • Flamethrower and Laser
    • If it were to be in the game, make it so that it can shoot multiple times. Not only once. [Shouldn't it behave like the original, for the sake of playing like the original? --sbq92 19:49, 26 February 2011 (PST)]
  • Potential power-up options:
    • Basic
      • Semi-Automatic
    • Super Mushroom
      • Machine Gun default, can press "Cycle Left" or "Cycle Right" button to cycle between Machine gun and Flamethrower
    • Fire Flower
      • Spread Gun default, can press "Cycle Left" or "Cycle Right" button to cycle between Spread Gun, Machine Gun, Flamethrower, and Laser
    • Optional: If this is implemented, have him re-spawn right away like in the original games, rather than restarting from the beginning of the level or the mid-point. He still loses his power-ups, but you've lost a life. This could make you lose lives faster without realizing it.
  • Bill Rizer's flamethrower should be his special when he has a Fire Flower. However, since Bill is considered slightly overpowered the flamethrower should have short range, like Ryu's non fire power sword range. It could also be a constant flame in front of Bill that does accumulative damage against enemies.
  • I think Bill Rizer has a Grenade. The Grenade button would be the Special button. Grenade would be ammo (like for Samus and SOPHIA III) that enemies drop. [Bill doesn't have grenades in the original games... --sbq92 19:49, 26 February 2011 (PST)][He does in Contra 3,and they are collectable]--medicham818 1:28, 20 March 2011


  • Step Ladder would be used to cross 1 block wide gaps
  • Have Link hold out his sword for as long as the attack button is held.
  • If other characters get a weapon/subweapon menu (Mega Man, Simon), Link should probably get to choose between his Boomerang, Arrows, and Bombs (possibly the Magic Rod, too). Ammo for everything but the boomerang has to be collected from enemy drops.
  • Mushroom makes you Link from Zelda 2
    • Jay said he didn't like this when he had it this way.
    • It would make everyone avoid getting mushrooms.
    • It means Zelda 2 Link cannot be a separate character.
  • Downward thrust to one-shot enemies
  • Give Link's sword a larger hit box in Downward Thrust Mode
    • The way it is currently makes it a pain to downward thrust on spike tops and bloopers because if you hit them slightly off center you die. Link's DT deserves to be more powerful than it is and it wouldn't break him if he gets more power.
    • Possibly the same for Upward thrust.
  • Give Link momentum in the direction he is currently moving in (ex: if Link is moving up, downward thrust gives him upward momentum).
  • Allow Link to Downward Thrust hammers from thrown by the Hammer Bros. or Bowser. It could either "kill" the hammer or just allow Link to bounce off of it unharmed.
    • This would make it fun for times when the All Hammer Bros. Cheat is on and there's pretty much a wall of hammers. Link could just hop across them.
    • Similarly, allow Link to throw stun (or kill) hammers when struck by a boomerang
  • Link should be getting more and more score when hitting enemies with Downward Thrust without touching the ground, eventually resulting in 1UPs. 1UPs could be harder to get on higher difficulty levels. The enemies that can't get hurt by this attack (like Bullet Bills or Spike Tops) would be discluded for this.
  • Downward Thrust Ride on Bullet Bills could result in getting 50 points for each successful bounce.
  • Link should start with 3 hearts, with various enemies dealing various damage depending on the individual enemy and the difficulty.
    • Link could gain a heart container after completing each world, gaining 7 total, putting his heart total up to 10 for World 8.
  • Have a complicated code like the one in Dinospy's signature or the letters DTMF that generates a very powerful downward thrust.
  • Move the Magical Boomerang from the Fire Flower to the Mushroom to make Link's progression of power more smooth (and possibly move the Magic Shield from the Fire Flower to the Mushroom to compensate).


  • An option to give him different sprites:
  • I think you should add a new power up to SMBC, The raccon leaf power up.

Mine:Racoon mario.png Raccon mario leaf.png

real ones:Smb3 raccon mario.gif Smb3 racoon leaf.png

  • I think you should add Ice mario (same as fire mario except his balls are blue, they freeze enemies, and mario and the ice flower look like this:Ice flower.png Ice mario.png).

ice ball:Ice ball.png

    • The only problem with these extra powerups for Mario is the question of how the powerups would be distributed. Maybe the Fire Flower and Ice Flower should swap alternately between each other. You'd also need a frozen koopa,goomba, etc. sprite for the ice flower, so it may not work.
  • Change his Character selection music to Game Start or Next Level from the original "Mario Bros." game

Mega Man

  • Have the Mega Man High Jump Cheat turned on by default when the game starts.

Miscellaneous Requests

  • Mega Man's controls are not quite like the original. Hard to describe, however. Jay should play around with an 8-bit Mega Man game (preferably from 3-6, since 1 and 2 had different controls) and try to perfect the controls.
  • Increase the diagonal trajectory of when Mega Man slides off of a platform. In the original games, he didn't sink straight down.
  • If Mega Man is charging when he gets a Fire Flower, the charge should stay rather than be canceled.
  • Mega Man's fully powered Fire Flower weapon should do damage to Buzzy Beetles and Spike Tops. [I personally suspect some of Mega Man's special weapons, when implemented, will probably hurt Buzzy Beetles and Spike Tops. --sbq92 00:39, 26 February 2011 (PST)]
  • The first level of each world should begin with "READY" flashing for a few seconds, and then Mega Man beams down.
    • For the purposes of both the level timer and a game timer (for speedruns, etc.), it shouldn't start counting down until Mega Man has beamed down.
  • Mega Man's death animation should be changed to be more accurate to the original game.
  • Mega Man's eyes should blink when he is idle.
  • Mega Man 2 is the only game in which the enemies flash when hit by Mega Man's weapon. In MM3-7 the enemies flicker instead (in MM nothing happened, just the sound effect). While flashing is technically accurate, it's not the most up-to-date effect. Perhaps the flickering could be implemented instead of the flashing.
  • In the original games (except the first game), water physics would let Mega Man jump all the way to the top of the water.
  • Have Mega Man slide down the flag pole (i.e. use one climbing animation frame) rather than climb down it.
  • With a Star Man, Mega Man could have the ability to shoot fully charged shots (if he at least has a Super Mushroom) and place down unlimited Rush Coils. [Unlimited Rush Coils makes no sense and would be of little use, but unlimited charge shots is a great idea. However, unlimited ammo will probably be his benefit when his special weapons are implemented. --sbq92 00:39, 26 February 2011 (PST)]
  • Mega Man should have his standard 28-unit energy bar, and as he gets hit, he loses energy. When he runs out of energy, he dies. Different enemies would deal different amounts of damage, and he would receive more damage on higher difficulties. However, getting hit, regardless of how much energy he has left, would still cause Mega Man to lose his current power-up level.
    • Each Bowser should then also have an energy bar, with different difficulty levels affecting how much damage they take.
      • Bowser could (or perhaps even should) flash with the "starburst" when hit by Mega Man (like the Robot Masters) and have a brief moment of invincibility in order to avoid rapid shots, thus rendering him a bit more difficult.
      • Super Easy
        • Plasma Shot: 3 damage (10 shots) | Charged Shot: 9 damage (4 shots)
        • Fire Storm: 4 damage (7 shots) | Charged Fire Storm: 12 damage (3 shots)
        • [Atomic Fire: 4 damage (7 shots) | Middle Charged Atomic Fire: 8 damage (4 shots) | Charged Atomic Fire: 12 damage (3 shots)]
      • Easy
        • Plasma Shot: 2 damage (14 shots) | Charged Shot: 6 damage (5 shots)
        • Fire Storm: 3 damage (10 shots) | Charged Fire Storm: 9 damage (4 shots)
        • [Atomic Fire: 3 damage (10 shots) | Middle Charged Atomic Fire: 6 damage (7 shots) | Charged Atomic Fire: 9 damage (4 shots)]
      • Normal
        • Plasma Shot: 1 damage (28 shots) | Charged Shot: 3 damage (10 shots)
        • Fire Storm: 2 damage (14 shots) | Charged Fire Storm: 6 damage (5 shots)
        • [Atomic Fire: 2 damage (14 shots) | Middle Charged Atomic Fire: 4 damage (7 shots) | Charged Atomic Fire: 6 damage (5 shots)]
      • Hard
        • Plasma Shot: 0.67 damage (42 shots) | Charged Shot: 2 damage (14 shots)
        • Fire Storm: 1 damage (28 shots) | Charged Fire Storm: 3 damage (10 shots)
        • [Atomic Fire: 1 damage (28 shots) | Middle Charged Atomic Fire: 2 damage (14 shots) | Charged Atomic Fire: 3 damage (10 shots)]
      • Extreme
        • Plasma Shot: 0.5 damage (56 shots) | Charged Shot: 1.5 damage (19 shots)
        • Fire Storm: 0.67 damage (42 shots) | Charged Fire Storm: 2 damage (14 shots)
        • [Atomic Fire: 0.67 damage (42 shots) | Middle Charged Atomic Fire: 1.33 damage (22 shots) | Charged Atomic Fire: 2 damage (14 shots)]
  • Mega Man should have a weapon energy bar and a menu (MM and MM2 style would be preferable since it's simple, although a full menu like MM4-6 could also work).
    • Weapon energy should only be refilled after every world.
    • If the menu style is from MM and MM2, Mega Man should "blip" when the menu is closed. (The enemies in SMBC are too slow for this to be used to dodge them, but it would be a nice added detail.)
    • "Cycle Left" and "Cycle Right" buttons could be added for Mega Man to be able to cycle through the special weapons without having to pull up the menu. Pressing both at the same time would revert Mega Man to his default weapon.
      • As in Mega Man 10, when cycling through the weapons, the weapon's icon could appear over Mega Man's head for a second or two.
  • Enemies should drop large and small energy pellets and weapon energy pellets.

Special Weapon Requests

  • Fire Storm (Mega Man's current Fire Flower weapon) should either behave like it does in Mega Man (i.e., does not charge and provides a brief fire wheel around Mega Man upon firing), or it should be replaced with Atomic Fire, since Atomic Fire already has a charge effect. Atomic Fire doesn't look as cool, but it would be more true to how Mega Man plays.
  • Mega Man gets a new weapon at the end of each world. This way, he'll have eight to choose from in the end, including his default weapon (Plasma Shot | Mega Buster | Fire Storm [Fire Storm would never use up weapon energy]). [Optional: The weapon could be chosen randomly from each of the existing weapons from each Mega Man game that corresponds to the world completed. However, this would require more programming (more than 50 weapons), and Jay may be opposed to this. Also, it could mean someone gets stuck with a lot of crappy weapons, such as Leaf Shield, Spark Shock, Skull Barrier, Star Crash, Plant Barrier, and Junk Shield. Such a selection would be unlikely, though, and it would be more likely that Mega Man would always get a few useful weapons.]


    • Optional: Mega Man can only use special weapons while he has the Fire Flower power-up. The main Fire Flower weapon (currently Fire Storm) remains his default weapon while he has the Fire Flower power-up and it does not use up weapon energy. Upon getting hit while equipped with any weapon, he reverts to the appropriate state (depends on difficulty setting) and cannot use the weapons until he gets another Fire Flower.
      • This idea seems reasonable, although it does limit inexperienced gamers. I personally don't see a problem with allowing special weapons at all power levels, especially since the weapons require energy, and as long as none of them are ridiculously over-powered, they can effectively be used to help Mega Man without breaking the game. Keep in mind that he won't start the game with a bunch of special weapons, and if he only gets one at the end of each world, he won't have many until later in the game anyway, and that's most likely when he would need to be able to use them without the Fire Flower power-up, since it would be more difficult to keep power-ups in the harder levels. --sbq92 12:42, 26 February 2011 (PST)
        • The benefit of the Fire Flower, then, would still be to provide a special weapon (Fire Storm or Atomic Fire) that does not use up energy. Also, perhaps the Fire Flower would allow special weapons to use half energy, and maybe Mega Man could receive the Weapon Energy Balancer as well, which causes weapon energy to refill the weapon with the lowest energy while Mega Man is on his default weapon or a weapon that is already full.
          • Alternatively, collecting another Fire Flower could behave like the Weapon Energy Balancer. The Fire Flower would act as a large weapon energy pellet, and it would either refill the weapon Mega Man has equipped, or if that one is full or he is on his default weapon, it would refill the weapon with the lowest weapon energy.
    • Alternatively, when Mega Man obtains a Fire Flower while already fully-powered, he permanently gains a special weapon from one of the Mega Man games (this could be randomized from a limited set of weapons). He can only use them while fully-powered, however.
  • Different enemies could be weak against different special weapons. For example, Goombas take four shots of Mega Man's normal weapon on Normal difficulty, but perhaps they only take one or two shots from a fire-based weapon.
  • Mega Man could gain Koopa Flame after killing a Bowser. From the Bowsers at the end of World 6 and World 7, Mega Man could also gain Koopa Hammer (a separate weapon with different colors?). However, upon dying, Mega Man loses Koopa Flame/Hammer until the next time he kills a Bowser.
    • Koopa Flame Megaman bowserflame2.png
    • Koopa Hammer Megaman bowserhammer5.png
    • Since Koopa Hammer comes so late in the game and is semi-temporary, it should be rather powerful, killing most enemies in a one or two hits (even on Extreme difficulty), and able to kill Buzzy Beetles, Spike Tops, and Bullet Bills. It should have an awkward arc, though, that makes it somewhat difficult to use easily (similar to Mario's Hammer Bros. Suit in Super Mario Bros. 3).
    • Alternatively, Koopa Flame and Koopa Hammer could be obtained after finishing World 7 (as per the above-mentioned idea for obtaining weapons). This would mean no fiddling with 8-bit graphics from non-NES Mega Man games.
  • As yet another possible method for obtaining special weapons, Mega Man could obtain a new one depending on which difficulty level he completes. There would be one set weapon per difficulty level, and the various Rush Adapters would be obtained as well.
    • The other Rush Adapters could be obtained as well. Since there are five difficulty levels and four Rush Adapters, it could easily be worked out. (The entries in { } are for a potential four Adapters alternative.)
    • Special weapons would use up special weapon energy (based on their respective games) and enemies would randomly drop energy and special energy pellets. All special weapon energy would be restored upon completing a world.
  • Replace Mega Man's slide with Charge Kick when he has a Fire Flower.

Rush-Related Requests

  • The height of the Rush jump increases with the Super Mushroom and Fire Flower. With the Fire Flower, you should be able to jump to the very top of the screen with Rush.
    • This would cause Rush to be both an advantage and a disadvantage, since he is needed for jumping, but the power-ups would make Mega Man's jumps too high.
  • Place Rush directly under Mega Man when holding Up OR Down and pressing Special.
    • Alternatively, assign one direction to that, and the other to the New Rush Coil from Mega Man 5.
  • Incorporate Rush Jet and Rush Marine.
    • Rush Jet could be obtained after one of the first three worlds, preferably sooner rather than later.
    • Rush Marine can only actually be used underwater, naturally, but is always on the menu, for simplicity.
    • Or just have Rush Marine replace Rush Coil underwater (along with allowing Mega Man to always jump to the surface of water).
  • Mega Man could have the Rush Jet Adapter from Mega Man 6 in addition to Rush Coil at the start of the game. The Rush Jet Adapter allows Mega Man to fly a short distance, and a weapon energy meter indicates how much fuel is left. Fuel regenerates as soon as Mega Man lands and stays on the ground. This would allow Mega Man to overcome most obstacles with his lower default jump height without having to use Rush Coil, while also keeping the Rush Coil option to clear greater jump heights as required.
    • Alternatively, since Rush Jet Adapter is convenient but not essential to clear obstacles, it could be added as a Fire Flower power-up. [This is a good idea. --sbq92 00:39, 26 February 2011 (PST)]
    • Alternatively, the Rush Jet Adapter could simply be obtained after one of the worlds, such as 4, 5, or 6.
    • Unlike in Mega Man 6, the Rush Jet Adapter should not prevent sliding or from other weapons being used. [It seems fine the way it is... Besides, if implemented, my assumption is that it would function like one of the other Rush utilities and would have to be selected separately from other special weapons. --sbq92 00:39, 26 February 2011 (PST)]
    • With a Star Man, Mega Man would have unlimited jet pack fuel.
    • An example video of Mega Man using the Rush Jet Adapter is below (click to show):

Ryu Hayabusa

  • Enemies drop sub-weapon pickups. Ryu's charge attack (currently the Windmill Shuriken) changes depending on the last sub-weapon picked up.
    • Jumping Tornado, and the Fire Wheel.
  • Collecting a Fire Flower while fully powered-up creates a Shadow Clone.
  • Ability to latch onto the back of bullet bills.
  • Change the palette after you get a Super Mushroom to something more noticeably different than without the mushroom.
    • Perhaps a more distinct gray as the basic form.
  • Increase sword damage in all 3 forms.
  • Cut scenes like the Ninja Gaiden series, he definitely has to get shot at some point
  • Ability to jump off a wall/jumping between walls by simply holding down the jump button and pressing in the opposite direction of it. Having to press the jump button between every jump off a wall kills flow, which was a very prominent feature in at least the two first games. The current jump mechanics slightly kill the fun with this character.
  • Ryu should have his standard 16-unit energy bar, like the one in the Ninja Gaiden series.
    • Each Bowser should then also have an energy bar, with different difficulty levels affecting how much damage they take.
      • Super Easy
        • Katana: 4 damage (4 hits) | Large Katana: 6 damage (3 hits)
        • Shuriken: 3 damage (6 hits) | Windmill Shuriken: 6 damage (4 hits)
      • Easy
        • Katana: 3 damage (6 hits) | Large Katana: 4 damage (4 hits)
        • Shuriken: 2 damage (8 hits) | Windmill Shuriken: 4 damage (4 hits)
      • Normal
        • Katana: 2 damage (8 hits) | Large Katana: 3 damage (6 hits)
        • Shuriken: 1 damage (16 hits) | Windmill Shuriken: 3 damage (6 hits)
      • Hard
        • Katana: 1 damage (16 hits) | Large Katana: 2 damage (8 hits)
        • Shuriken: 0.67 damage (24 hits) | Windmill Shuriken: 2 damage (8 hits)
      • Extreme
        • Katana: 0.67 damage (24 hits) | Large Katana: 1 damage (16 hits)
        • Shuriken: 0.5 damage (32 hits) | Windmill Shuriken: 1 damage (16 hits)
  • Allow Ryu to crawl as in the Master System NG (sprites here).
  • Ryu gains the Spin Slash when he has a Fire Flower, triggered by pressing Jump in midair.
  • Ryu should not cling to horizontal pipe entrances (like at the ends of water levels).
  • Ryu should be able to climb on ceilings like in NG3.
  • Ryu should be able to climb across one tile tall gaps in walls.
  • Ryu should not cling to walls one tile tall and adjacent to a floor (for example, the staircases at the ends of levels).

Samus Aran

  • Screw Attack
    • Even better: Screw Attack capability when star is collected! [Kind of pointless, since you kill all enemies automatically anyway... --sbq92 19:54, 26 February 2011 (PST)]
    • Give Samus the screw attack on Fire Flower?
  • Collecting a Fire Flower while fully powered-up switches between Wave Beam and Ice Beam.
    • Or, using implemented "Cycle Left" and "Cycle Right" buttons could be used to switch between the two at any time while having a Fire Flower.
  • Using a missile should switch her sprite to the missile mode (blue visor and arm cannon) until the next beam shot is used. Suitless Samus would switch to her blonde pallet, as she did in Metroid when equipped with missiles.
  • Samus could have the Space Jump while under water. She didn't have this ability until Metroid II, but Jay said that he was making up swim sprites for Link and the Spin Jump sprites are already in the game. It would be more intuitive for a Metroid player this way. Would be fun with the cheat on, as well.
  • Jumping mechanics from the original game. This should be an option to turn on/off in the cheats menu, since some people probably prefer the current more manageable jump.
    • Perhaps include the original jumping mechanics as part of the Classic Samus Cheat.
  • The current hitbox for Samus when she is crouching should be changed to be more accurate. For example, Bullet Bills currently fly straight through her crouching sprite which looks odd. If Samus is hit by a bullet bill while crouching it should result in an enemy collision instead. I'm not sure if this is a bug since it is uncertain if this behavior was intended. [This happens with Ryu and Simon as well. From what I can tell, the point of crouching is to avoid attacks, so it allows both Ryu and Simon to do that. Samus, then, was given the same benefit. --sbq92 19:54, 26 February 2011 (PST)]
  • A "Justin Bailey" cheat which allows Samus to remain out of her suit for the whole game.
    • May not be necessary with the new skinning options available.

Simon Belmont

  • Multiple Weapon Choices using special like in Castlevania Harmony of Despair.
    • Knife(C)
    • Axe(Up+C)
    • Holy Cross(Left or Right+C)
    • Holy Water(Down+C)
  • To make him better, Simon have ability of dive kick(like castlevania harmony despiar) and slide.
  • Ammo limits for extra weapon choices.
  • Change his Easy Jump so that he can change directions midair at any time, much like Ryu.
  • Coin blocks could have a chance to give him a random weapon for him to switch to, which would mean that at character creation in 1-1 he would have no special, and this would be pretty close to original gameplay. Only problem is it would make MANY people mad he doesn't have unlimited axes from the start. That's one thing that many people enjoy doing in the game.
    • In addition, a cheat could be added to the game which lets you choose which special weapon Simon has in storage.
    • Could optionally have Simon start with the axe, but still be able to switch weapons from coin blocks, hopefully making everyone happy
  • Change the color of Simon's axes according to what power-up he has. For Example Regular=Purple, Mushroom=Orange, FireFlower=Red
    • Or, have a II or III (the items) appear above his head while throwing axes.
  • Having some way to implement his other items (holy water, knife, cross, watch) from Castlevania would be cool. Or adding ammo (hearts) like Samus and SOPHIA.
  • Holding Attack button, the whip will be in still Simon,s hands and pressing any direction, the whip will be moving atttack like Richter and Julius Belmont.
  • The whip must be grab the items after attack like Link.
  • Simon can attack in 8 directions like Super Castlevania.
  • New sprites for grabbing the flag and jumping (plus facing the right direction if changing it mid-air!).
  • With Star Power, give Simon the ability to throw unlimited axes
  • Simon should have his standard 16-unit energy bard, like the one in the Castlevania series.
    • Each Bowser should then also have an energy bar, with different difficulty levels affecting how much damage they take.
      • Super Easy
        • Leather Whip: 3 damage (6 hits)
        • Chain Whip: 4 damage (4 hits)
        • Flame Whip: 6 damage (3 hits)
        • Axe: 4 damage (4 hits)
      • Easy
        • Leather Whip: 2 damage (8 hits)
        • Chain Whip: 3 damage (6 hits)
        • Flame Whip: 4 damage (4 hits)
        • Axe: 3 damage (6 hits)
      • Normal
        • Leather Whip: 1 damage (16 hits)
        • Chain Whip: 2 damage (8 hits)
        • Flame Whip: 3 damage (6 hits)
        • Axe: 2 damage (8 hits)
      • Hard
        • Leather Whip: 0.67 damage (24 hits)
        • Chain Whip: 1 damage (16 hits)
        • Flame Whip: 2 damage (8 hits)
        • Axe: 1 damage (16 hits)
      • Extreme
        • Leather Whip: 0.5 damage (32 hits)
        • Chain Whip: 0.67 damage (24 hits)
        • Flame Whip: 1 damage (16 hits)
        • Axe: 0.67 damage (24 hits)
  • Give Simon infinite double jumps underwater (as in some Metroidvania games).


  • After you kill bowser and grab the axe, Jason hops out of SOPHIA III and runs to talk to Toad
    • Downside:In the original Blaster Master, if you took a huge jump, you die or get hurt. Not exactly the best idea. --DarkBowser100 18:17, 24 December 2010 (PST) [Not sure how this is a problem--it's a single moment in a cutscene, Jay doesn't have to make Jason die... --sbq92 10:46, 15 February 2011 (PST)]
    • This can be easily compensated by Jason hopping out of SOPHIA III after first landing on the ground below, or once you reach Toad.
  • When climbing up a vine, Jason hops out of SOPHIA III and climbs up the vine. Upon entering new area, SOPHIA III is at base of vine, and when Jason finishes climbing to the top of the vine in the new area, hops back in SOPHIA III
  • Ability to hop out and play as Jason. Jason could be more of an extra fun thing than an important gameplay mechanic.
    • And actually, you should have to be Jason to climb a vine into the coin heaven
    • Normal Jason: Normal Jason Gun (Medium range, blocked by walls)
    • Mushroom Jason: Lv. 1 Top-Down Jason Gun (Goes across screen, blocked by walls)
    • Fire Flower Jason: Lv. 7 Top-Down Jason Gun (Some kind of triple laser,goes through walls)
  • Change it so that whenever you use hover, your "combo points" from bouncing on enemies is reset, that way you can't gain so many 1-UPs through chaining your jumps with hover. I checked the preview video to see that your points were getting doubled between hovers.
    • Jay has said this was not a problem.
    • This is not a problem because SOPHIA III doesn't hover that long. Her hover is more of an extension to her jump than anything else. It also takes a while to recharge.
  • Have Jason standing in front of the tank on the character select screen, and he hops in when selected. Pretty much reverse the existing animation. It just makes sense.
  • When SOPHIA III is hidden from sight above the top of the screen (e.g. jumps on top of the brick ceiling in World 1-2) if she fires homing missiles they will still guide towards enemies. However, for all other characters, their projectiles do not appear when they are hidden from sight above the top of the screen. Either SOPHIA III's missiles should not appear (to be consistent with SMB) or all character projectiles should appear.
  • The Mushroom and the Fire Flower could each increase the rate in which the hover meter refills and/or decreases the rate in which it drains. Not a significant increase/decrease, but enough to make a bit of a difference.
  • When SOPHIA III jumps up and clings to the bottom of a block, it should have the effect of "bumping" the block (gets coin or releases powerup if there is one, kills enemy on top of block).
  • Have SOPHIA start with less abilities, and gain them with powerups. The other characters currently all have some kind of significant difference between their mushroom and fireflower forms (Ryu's sword gets some much-needed range, Link gets a projectile, Mario gets OHK fireballs, Bill gets spread gun, etc.) but all SOPHIA gets is a slight increase in damage.
    • For example, perhaps you can only attach to walls when you have a mushroom or better, and can only attach to ceilings if you have a flower. Climbing on the wall, and particularly the ceiling, is a powerful ability, and in Blaster Master it was only obtainable near the end of the game. In addition, having to power up to get the climbing abilities would make Hover more useful/interesting.
  • New possible powerup scheme:
    • Basic: Basic Cannon, Hover, Dive, Brick Break
    • Mushroom: Hyper, Hover, Dive, Brick Break, Wall.1
    • Fire Flower: Crusher, Hover, Dive, Brick Break, Wall.1, Wall.2

All Characters

  • Include two new buttons: "Cycle Left" and "Cycle Right." These buttons would be used for a variety of characters, such as allowing Mega Man to cycle through his special weapons once they are implemented.
  • Some of the characters should have a more distinguishable colour when being powered with mushroom. I mean here Bill, Simon and Ryu, maybe also Sophia. It was a few times when I wasn't aware that I don't have the mushroom and got killed by Bowser because of that. [Bill, Simon, and SOPHIA all have different weapons with a Super Mushroom than with nothing, so simply attack and you can tell what power-up level they are at. --sbq92 11:22, 26 February 2011 (PST)]
  • Classic Controller Mode: Change the characters moves so that they would play like using a real NES controller. See the thread "Classic Controls Option" for more information.
  • Histories/biographies of all the player characters.
  • Add a life counter to the HUD (just put "X (number)" next the the character name, for example "MARIO X 3").
  • Scale the speed at which each character's credits scroll to match up with the best stopping place for their credits music.
  • Replace the moving platform in front of the flagpole with a falling platform.
  • Bricks should break in one hit from any weapon (except Mario's Fireballs). Currently they take two hits from Bill's rifle and Ryu's normal shuriken on some difficulties.


  • Ability to use Game Genie codes
    • How can Game Genie codes be used with a FLASH GAME!? (by TiagoDu) [It would have to be programmed in. I think the current cheat system is better. However, Jay could incorporate various Game Genie effects as cheats, although some already are, such as infinite lives. --sbq92 11:31, 26 April 2011 (PDT)]
  • Character Select option: Once unlocked, appears in the main menu right under Level Select. Allows you to change your character (including to a random character) in place without restarting the level.
    • In Survival mode, this Would only allow you to select characters that are alive.
  • Infinite Invincibility
    • Very similar to invincibility, but it kills enemies as you run into them. It would also always give SOPHIA infinite hover and ammo the entire time.
    • In order to avoid having constant invincibility music playing, this cheat could simply make enemies die when you touch them as though you were invincible.


  • Default to Super Mushroom power-up after dying.
  • Default to Fire Flower power-up after dying.
  • Rapid Fire
    • Enables all characters to have rapid fire for their weapons, similar to Bill's machine gun.
  • Hard Hammer Bros.
    • When you jump, they jump. They throw further, and more frequently. The hammers are always lobbed to either land on your head (if you're still), or just in front of you (if you're moving).
  • Double Enemies
    • Double up the enemies in the game.
  • No Enemy Limit
    • Might get laggy as hell, which is why I'm suggesting it as a cheat, and not a main feature.
  • Ninja Enemies
    • Instead of just being there, they jump up from the bottom of the screen, and fall in from the top.
  • Walk through walls and objects.
  • Running speed for all characters.
    • For most characters, this may be better suited by either double-tapping the direction (Like Kirby) button or automatically running after walking a certain distance (Like Yoshi in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island), rather than by holding down the attack button (which Mario does)
  • Unlimited jumping in the air.
  • Fire shoots at you like a Bowser level.
  • One Hit Brick Kill. Make all weapons kill bricks in one hit. This includes characters that can't break bricks with their head being able to (Mario, Mega Man, Samus without mushroom, Link, Ryu). This also includes Mario's fireballs.
  • Save power-ups, like in Super Mario World.
  • Rapid shot(hold) and Auto Charge for Mega Man.
  • Enemies are able to benefit from collecting power-ups! Enemies would gain new powers/abilities by collecting a Super Mushroom or Fire Flower, and would get the opportunity to respawn when collecting a 1-UP. Possibilities include:
    • With a Super Mushroom, enemies grow twice as large and gain speed and health.
    • With a Fire flower, enemies change color and gain the ability to hurl fireballs at you like Mario. Koopa Troopas and Buzzy Beetles could gain the ability to charge after you while in their shell.
    • With an Ice Flower, enemies change color and gain the ability to hurl snowballs at you like Ice/Penguin Mario (From New Super Mario Bros Wii).
    • This cheat could be even better if incorporated with the Evil Enemies Mode cheat, where enemies would actively seek power-ups once revealed.
  • Jumping Enemies
    • All enemies have the ability to jump (like Bowser and the Hammer Bros.).
  • An option to disable pits in underwater levels so that when you reach the bottom your character simply stays at the bottom of the screen.


Evil Enemies Mode

  • Very similar to Evil Hammer Bros. Mode but all enemies get it. Goombas still cannot jump, though; they just walk to whichever direction you are facing.
    • It would be good if enemies in Evil Enemies Mode were a bit smarter and avoided all pits, projectile shots, and well as your character when s/he has Star power as best as possible.
    • Also, Hammer Brothers should jump if you try to hit them from the block underneath, and should be able to chase you through warp pipes!

New Powerups Mode

Throws in powerups from other games, e.g, Raccoon Leaf/Tanooki Suit/Cape Feather, Ice Flower/Penguin Suit, Mini Mushroom, Mega Mushroom, Hammer Suit and Frog Suit (If Mega Mushroom is incorporated, the pallet for Normal Mushroom should change to red with white spots, as the current design looks like a Mega Mushroom from New Super Mario Brothers DS, and the two powerups could get confused).

Automatic Recovery Mode

Recover power-ups if you go a long period of time without getting hurt,simaler to the Call of Duty series' health system.

New Enemies Mode

Throws in some enemies from SMB3 and Super Mario World, e.g, Parabeetle, Dino-Rhino, Mini-Rhino, Rex, Monty Mole, Sledge Bros, Boomerang Bros, Fire Bros, Boo, Thwomp, Dry Bones and Flying Hammer Bros. Feel free to upload your 8-bit sprites for the enemies to this page.

Dry Mode

For use in underwater levels. At the high walls in the water levels, if you were using Dry Mode, there would be a springboard. Cheep Cheeps and Bloobers would be replaced with land enemies.

SMB3 Water/SMB3 Lava/SMB3 Ice

In SMB3 Water, SOPHIA can splash out of the water by holding Up, and Mario would be able to jump out of the water, just like in SMB3. Also allows SOPHIA and Mario to swim in the little pool in 3-1.

In SMB3 Lava, touching the lava means instant death, even if you enter the lava one of the following ways:

  • SOPHIA or Ryu climbs into the lava
  • SOPHIA hovers into the lava,or
  • Your character falls in with Bouncy Pits (which by default works with lava).

Also, Bowser will disappear when he falls into the lava (just like one of the Super Mario World enemies).

In SMB3 Ice, snow levels will be slippery. The snow levels are 3-1, 3-2, 5-1, 5-2, 7-1.

These could be added as cheats.

Water Mode (modified)

Modifies the Water Mode cheat in version 1.2.03 to have the options DEFAULT/ON/OFF, where ON means there is always water, and OFF means there is never water.

  • Some underwater levels have sections that require water in order to pass (i.e. where the normal jump height would not reach). One idea to overcome this is for a spring to be placed just before these sections if the cheat is enabled.
  • It's unclear how bloopers and cheep cheeps should behave in underwater levels when the Water Mode cheat is set to OFF. Some ideas:
    • For bloopers, have them behave as they do in The Lost Levels where they "swim" normally as if water is there. Optionally shaded pink to match how they appear in Super Mario All-Stars.
    • For cheep cheeps, a few options:
      • They swim through the air as if water is enabled: Preferred option since it is consistent with how water enabled cheat works in non-water levels (i.e. land enemies are unaffected)
      • Become like cheep cheeps in World 2-3 and fly up from the ground
      • Fall to the ground and flop back and forth upside down, just like in Super Mario World  :)
    • Or, Cheep Cheeps and Bloobers could be replaced with other enemies.

All Night Nippon Mode

A remake of Super Mario Bros. called All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. was made with a few differences and this mode could incorporate the small differences All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. had.

Automatic Screen Scroll Mode

Automatically scrolls the screen in all levels . If your character gets caught against blocks/bricks/pipe on the far left side of the screen as the screen is scrolling, you automatically lose a life regardless of difficulty setting. Exceptions to automatic screen scrolling include when you reach the flag, a one-room secret area, or Bowser at the end of a level. Of course, you would not be able scroll the screen left at any point. To incorporate this in the game, perhaps the current (version 1.2.03) "Classic Screen Scroll" cheat could be slightly changed to "Screen Scroll" with three options: Classic (Disabled), Enabled or Automatic.

  • When the screen automatically scrolls, it is not clear how scroll speed and stage clear time should work. A few ideas:
    • Scrolling speed is set at a rate so that each stage can be cleared within a reasonable time, including allowing sufficient time to explore secret areas and defeat Bowser at the end of castle levels. Ideally, the scrolling speed will be the same for all levels, and if necessary, the default timer for each stage is adjusted to allow sufficient time. This is probably the most ideal solution as it is similar to how auto-scrolling stages in SMB3 are handled (e.g. Level 1-4 in SMB3)
    • Scrolling speed increases as difficulty is increased. Provides added challenge to higher difficulty levels.
      • A better way to introduce this into the game would be to put it in as a cheat. It could be a cheat within itself. Instead of increasing speed via difficulty, there could be a slider bar in the cheat menu for speed. While it would make the game harder, this is a cheat and shouldn't be affected by what difficulty you're in.
      • The BEST way is to make the scrolling speed slow enough for characters to outrun. Should change for each character.
    • Scrolling speed increases as points are accumulated. Provides an added incentive to destroy everything in order to increase time bonus at end of the level; however the faster the screen scrolls, the more challenging the game becomes. Optionally make it so that the initial scroll speed is not fast enough to clear the level for added challenge.
    • Scrolling speed moves at faster rate when your character is positioned at least 3/4 of the screen to the right
    • Scrolling speed increases on command (say, by pressing attack+special buttons at the same time)
    • Stage clear timer is disabled when this cheat is enabled

No Attack Limit Mode

Megaman and SOPHIA can have more than 3 shots out at a time, Simon can have infinite axes even without powerups, Link can shoot many sword beams at a time with firepower, Bill Rizer's machine gun would never have to skip a bullet (and also more than 4 or 10 shots with the Semi-Automatic or Spread Guns respectively), Samus could drop bombs constantly and Mario can shoot more than 2 fireballs at a time, and so on with any characters that I missed. Should not apply to Link's Boomerang, Rush Coil or Windmill Shruiken as their characters only have one of those.

No Fall Mode

Falling into a hole teleports you to the top of the screen, as if it wraps around.

  • A better name for this might be Pit Wrap Around Mode. --DinixM 18:42, 6 January 2011 (PST)
  • Perhaps after a couple trips, you could burn-up, then after a few trips of burning up, you die (or in Easy and Super Easy modes, lose your powerup).

Evil Twin Mode

Instead of fighting bowser, you fight a duplicate of yourself who paces and jumps like bowser, but imitates your moves any time you imitate a keystroke.

Bowser Mode

Turns all enemies, from Goombas to Hammer Bros., into Bowsers.

Astronaut Mode

Low gravity, which causes all characters to move slower and jump higher. Even applies to water levels.

  • Water levels already have those traits except for Mario.

Failure Mode

When you die the Super Smash Bros. announcer screams "Failure" and the crowd says "Awww"

Reverse Mode

Instead of starting at world 1-1 and trying to get to world 8-4,you start at the very end of world 8-4 to try to get to the very beginning of world 1-1

  • Personally, I would rather see something different under that name: instead of going from left to right, you go from right to left, so the levels are basically reversed. Could be added as a cheat, and if enabled/disabled in the middle of the level, the change could be applied after going to the another level.

RPG Mode

Basically when you touch or attack an enemy you fight it RPG style.

Pacifist Mode

All weapons are turned off. Jumping on an enemy causes you to bounce off without killing them.

Trampoline Mode

Jumping on a creature works like a trampoline, skyrocketing you into the air.

Anti-noob Mode

Same difficulty as extreme with additional stuff thrown in to avoid noob methods. For example, the ceiling above the underground levels would be crawling with spike tops, and spinies. Bowser's fire would alway line up to your horizontal position, and his hammers, though fewer, would always be lobbed so they're aimed for your head.

Battle Mode

The screen stops scrolling at certain points, and you must defeat all enemies to continue. Unbeatable enemies won't count. For example piranha plant without weapons won't count, but if you have a weapon they will. If an enemy walks/falls off the screen it will count as a death.

Halloween Mode

This mode switches koopas to dry bones and goombas to eries from Super Mario World. lakitus that throw skeleton spinies.Buzzy Beetles are replaced with bony beetles. The background is black with graves and grass.Skeletons from Castlevaina may be found.

No Hole Mode

All holes are filled in with blocks. Using this mode in combination with invincibility mode would make it impossible to die.

  • This is also true of existing Bouncy Pits cheat and requested No Fall Mode

The Wall-Climbing Mode

All characters will be able to walk on blocks like Sophia the 3rd.

Enemy Respawn Mode

If an enemy's spawn point goes off screen, the enemy will reappear when its spawn point is on the screen again, like in the Mega Man games.

Random Question Blocks Mode

Randomly makes all question blocks in a level either give you one coin, multiple coins, a power-up, a one-up or a star. Of course, it shouldn't be distributed equally - it should use the approximate distribution of most levels. Say for each block, a 65% chance of being one coin, a 15% chance of being multiple coins, a 10% chance of being a power-up, a 5% chance of being a star, and a 5% chance of being a one-up.

Random Enemies Mode

Each of the enemies in a particular level is randomly selected so that the player cannot predict which enemy they will encounter at a given time. Lakitu would randomly be chosen to appear in the level. Piranha plants would be placed at random on pipes throughout the level.

Random Enemy Placement Mode

Makes the enemies in a given level spawn at random spots rather than the default spots.

Random Secret Areas Location Mode

Makes secret areas accessible from pipes (vines) appear at random pipes (question blocks containing a vine) This encourages exploration in each level.

Random Environment Mode

All day, night, underground, castle or snow (e.g. World 6-3) levels are randomly chosen to be either in the day, night, underground, castle or snow. The background, enemy colors, music, and effects would match the environment chosen.

  • Note that water levels likely cannot be included, as they may likely require water in order to successfully complete the stage.
  • Alternatively, randomly choose among only day, night, underground and snow levels, so that Bowser is always in his castle.

Easy Bricks Mode

All bricks only take one hit to be destroyed regardless of the difficulty selected. Mario's fireballs can break bricks and activate mystery blocks. Maybe it could be unlocked by breaking a certain number of bricks?

Exploding Rabbit Mode

Replaces all goombas with...Exploding Rabbits! Exploding rabbits hop along the ground in an unpredictable pattern, and when you are close enough, they quickly chase after you and are able to leap high and far to reach you! They do not take many hits to be defeated, but when stomped on, they flash for a few seconds and then explode, destroying all enemies and bricks within a three-block radius! They also instantly explode when blasted to death and can choose to self-destruct if you are cornered. A unique new enemy that introduces new strategies and pays homage to the game's creator. Similar to Bob-omb.


Downward Thrust (motherfucker) Mode

  • All enemies become evil versions of Link and can downward thrust (motherfucker)! THIS IS NOT A JOKE.

Ice Mode

  • All music is replaced with Area 6 music from Blaster Master and everything becomes icy.
  • Random meltable ice blocks on-screen. Can be melted by most characters. What characters' power do you think would help melt an ice block?
    • Mario (Fireballs), Link (Sword Beam), Megaman (Fire Storm).
    • Samus (Missile), Sophia III (Hyper and Crusher), Ryu (Windmill Shuriken), Simon (Flame Whip).

Crazy Warp Pipes Mode

Every pipe in the game leads you to a random secret area or to another random pipe in a random level. The exit points for each pipe could be determined either at the start of each new game, or every time you enter a pipe.

  • In addition to this mode, it would be fun if a super powerful indestructible enemy was chasing you at a fast speed, and can only be outpaced by entering warp pipes
  • It could also be a fun addition to other modes that encourage exploration such as Treasure Hunt Mode

Hellspawn Mode

Every level has Lakitus, randomly appearing Bullet Bills (as in World 5-3), and flying Cheep Cheeps (as in World 2-3) at the same time. In addition, piranha plants respawn from their pipes, and all other pipes spawn random enemies. For hardcore SMBC gamers only!

Upside-Down Mode

The name says it all: all levels are upside-down, with their gravity as well. Could be added as a cheat, and if enabled/disabled in the middle of the level, the change could be applied after going to the another level.

Unique Enemies Mode

An optional mode, this will replace some of the enemies with enemy characters from the player character's games. For example, when playing as Samus, Bloopers will be replaced with Metroids. Bowser would be replaced with Ridley (but with the same attacks). As Link, Hammer Bros. could be replaced by Octorocks. I could go on. This would mean a lot of programming and coding for very little reward, but it would be a cool way to integrate the "Crossover" part of SMBC.

Mario's Exact Movement (Cheat)

Removes any forward/backward momentum from Mario, making his movement closer to Link's.

Deluxe Mode

All graphics are the same as those of SMBDX. For example, the water/lava moves, Toad jumps, Peach talks, etc...

SMB2 Mode

Changes enemies like goombas into shyguys and koopas into tweeters and you can pick up enemies and throw them. And bowser World 1 through 5 will be birdo and World 6 through 7 will be mouser and World 8 will be Wart.And there will be turnips you can pick up in every level.


  • An option to change everything from 8-bit to 16-bit.
  • Replays Options: Every time you beat a level it will ask if you wish to view the replay, save the replay, or send the replay (this could be turned off in the options menu). If you save the replay there will be a Replay list on the main menu. If you send a replay it will go to a site where everyone's replays will be, and there could be a top ten replay list as well, you know just to show off your "skills" at SMBC.
  • When you beat the game on Normal or higher give Mario his original blue overalls, brown hair, and darker red hat and shirt as a cheat.
  • Switch characters while in a level using numerical keys as default control.
  • Various graphical settings. For example, in Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, lava and water move in waves, and Toad jumps when you save him.
  • Unique cheats for each character, with various requirements for those characters in order to unlock the cheats.
    • For example, you would have to complete the game with Mega Man on Normal difficulty to unlock unlimited energy for Mega Man, and on Hard difficulty to unlock unlimited weapon energy for Mega Man.
  • If people like Protoman or Luigi are added into the game there could be a button to change the character back and forth, but they would still have their own powers. For example, if you highlight Mario on the character select screen, a button could be pressed to cycle between Mario and Luigi.
  • When the Water Mode cheat is turned on, land enemies should have bubbles coming from them.
  • Receive a time bonus when completing a castle level.
  • Alternative items for different characters.
  • Different Bowser battle styles for each character. For example, Bowser would be in a confined room and have an energy bar when you're Mega Man, or he would have a life bar like that of Castlevania or Ninja Gaiden if you're playing as Simon Belmont or Ryu Hayabusa. The difficulties would have an effect on damage dealt to Bowser.
  • Use the World Map from SMBDX as an interface for the Level Select Cheat (stack all 8 maps vertically, use Up and Down to move between worlds and use Left and Right to move between levels).

Luigi Mode

Mario Only. Mario Turns Into Luigi And Jumps Higher! You Will Already Have The Cheat When You Start The Game!


  • Lakitu throws Spike Tops in Extreme mode.
  • In Extreme mode, if Link touches the Axe with his boomerang in a Bowser level, it'll pull it to him, collapsing the bridge and killing him.
  • Hard and Extreme should be unlockable: Complete Normal to unlock Hard, complete Hard to unlock Extreme. [I second this! Having to unlock the higher difficulties is a great idea. Many games do this. --sbq92 12:47, 28 February 2011 (PST)]
    • A new difficulty: Brutal. It would be like Extreme, but would also have:
      • Random Bullet Bills like in 5-3 and 6-3.
      • Lakitu in every overworld level (i.e., he wouldn't appear in underground levels, peak levels, water levels, bridge levels, or castle levels).
      • Sections with Hammer Bros. have three or four instead of just two.
      • Buzzy Beetles and Green non-flying Koopas are replaced with Spike Tops.
  • On Super Easy and Easy, award a 1up for grabbing the top of the flagpole (as in New Super Mario Bros.).
  • On Super Easy and Easy, go directly from normal to Fiery if you pick up a Fire Flower while normal (as in later games).
  • On the Normal and lower modes, Bowser from Worlds 6 to 8 should throw his hammers much less often, as the current frequency makes it practically impossible for normal Link to avoid being killed, especially on 7-4 and 8-4. On Normal and Easy mode, it could be done for him, Samus and Simon. On Super Easy it should apply to all other characters.
  • Unlockable Ice Mode (This mode would have you playing as Mario only!)
    • Changes to game play
    • Changes to graphics
      • Blocks would be ice.
  • Super mode unlockable by beating the game.
    • Changes:
      • No more warp zones.
      • "Sneaky" enemies that refuse to appear until their spawning spot is behind you AND you won't be able to see them when they appear.
      • Starmen are disabled.
      • Several slippery blocks in cave levels.
      • More pits.
      • Upon beating it, you not only get the "normal" ending, but after it, you get a picture with your character, Princess Peach, 7 toads, several starmen, mushrooms, and fireflowers, and a "CONGRADULATIONS!"


  • To each their own item
    • Everytime any character kills an enemy they get an item. Mario gets extra power ups, Link gets abilities, bombs, and arrows, Bill gets more weapons, Megaman gets weapons after each boss and after 1-1 gets weapon energy, Samus gets more weapons, Ryu with his weapons (art of the firewheel on the crossover.)
  • Their own enemys and bosses which can be changed on options (taking on Ninja Gaiden's baddies with Samus or shooting Ridley with Sophia)
  • Create-A-Koopa event
    • I was thinking in the future holding a series of create-A-Koopa events where players and fans of SMBC can submit their own Koopa's then at the end of the event a new difficulty would be added called Special Koopa forces
      • Koopa Special forces would be like the normal game but with the addition of the fan made koopa troops mixed in.
  • Two Player Simultaneous. You play the game co-op with another player similar to Contra.
    • Can also consider split-screen if players stray too far from each other
    • If 2 player co-op is ever incorporated, it should be similar to New Super Mario Brothers Wii. For example, if a character dies but the other survives, the character would soon come floating over in a bubble.
  • The floating platform at the end of the level for characters other than Mario is changed/removed based on character and level to make it harder, but still possible, to get to the top of the flag.
  • Alternate routes only specific characters can gain access to. Similar to what Knuckles did with Sonic.
  • Enemies from other games mixed with or instead of the original enemies (maybe a checklist in the options screen to pick the enemies you want to see?) The problem is this isn't what the game's about. What's the point in playing SMBC if you're going to fight the same enemies? It's not going to affect gameplay, so is it worth it?
    • Goomba: Zeela (metroid), Leevers (zelda. Why? Because it's one of few enemies in zelda that can be viewed from a side perspective), Zombie (Castlevania). Please continue this list with enemies from other games.
    • Power-ups, items, and enemies from other Mario-related games past and present. (Examples: Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr, Mario Bros, Super Mario Land, New Super Mario Bros Wii)
    • Boss characters from the guest characters' games at the end of the castle levels. (Examples: Donkey Kong, Ridley, Dark Link, Dr. Wily, and Dracula)
  • Add random enemy feature from the Dahrkdaiz Rom Hack 'Super Mario R'. Enemy positions remain fixed. However, which enemy is at that position changes each time through the level. Levels order is random. 1-1 may then go to 8-2, followed by 4-3, followed 6-1, etc.
  • Show the frustration of trying to start a NES game! Show the gray flashing screen, having to press Reset and blowing into the cartridge, like this link [1]
  • If the game ever strays too much from the original, a classic mode should be added.
  • For Survival mode, when you die as a certain character, instead of starting over the level from the beginning with the select screen, it automatically cycles to the next character in place that you had initially selected (of course, you would need to have a few seconds of invincibility when you automatically cycle as the new character, just like when you are normally hit by an enemy) This would further distinguish survival mode from the other modes and make the order of your initial character selections more strategic.
  • An option to show the number of lives your character currently has during normal gameplay. This could appear in the blank spot above where the number of coins is displayed during gameplay, as it appears on the character select screen.
  • Currently all characters except Mario and SOPHIA III perform a large slow jump when underwater, similar to the Mega Man series. Instead, these characters should swim just like Mario using their jumping animation (i.e. unlimited slow small jumps). This makes more sense when trying to scale pits (it doesn't make sense that by missing a jump underwater you "fall" to your death) and it eliminates the need to introduce additional platforms not in the original SMB. Also, the "vaccuum" effect from SMB for underwater pits that currently only affects Mario can be extended to the rest of the characters.
  • At the character select screen in Survival mode, if you choose to randomly select your characters, the cursor stays on the question block while you select your characters. However, whenever you die and are brought back to the character select screen, the cursor changes position to the next available character. It should remain on the question block until you choose a character manually.
  • After a moving turtle shell/buzzy beetle is no longer stunned by Link's boomerang, it currently resumes moving at its previous speed which doesn't really make sense. If the shell is on the ground when no longer stunned by Link's boomerang, the koopa troopa/buzzy beetle should come out of its shell and begin walking normally. If the shell is in the air when no longer stunned by Link's boomerang, it should fall straight down to the ground.
    • Related to this: All objects that are no longer stunned while in the air should drop straight down to the ground, rather than resuming previous movement.
  • Add Megaman X8 type mode where you can select two characters to go into a level that can swap out at any time in it. So, at the beginning of 1-2, I could choose to go in as Bill and Simon for ultimate brick breakage. Then, if Bill is about to die, I can swap out for Simon. But, if you don't want to go in as two characters, you simply choose a character twice. So, I'd chose Bill, then choose him again to go in as only him.
  • There are a few cases when some of the characters simply cannot reach the coins:

Alternate character select menus

Secret of Mana style

This character select menu would have and feature multiple possible functions. First of all the basic menu would allow you to spin through the characters to choose which one you wish to use. After choosing your character you would go to a sub ring to choose your skin for that character. Other features after enough characters are added could include pressing up or down to go to other pages of characters perhaps put in categories such as systems,bits,game specific characters or whatever my example for this is bits. BTW this is a second version of my idea I replaced the floating platform with a mushroom platform as homage to the original character select screen.

Super Smash Bros. style

All credit to this goes to Sandro this screen of course speaks for itself for the most part. My added ideas though would be mouse interface to allow you to drag the token (not pictured) to your desired character as in Super Smash Bros... Also in the 1P window two arrow buttons could be added to the sides to scroll through skins like with colors in SSB.

Mario Kart Wii Style

On the right, you could have the character panels, and on the left, the selected character could use their walking animation. After pressing being selected, the character could use their selected animation.

  • Whatever the style, include the current World Map from SMBDX in a corner or somewhere, with the upcoming level flashing.

Bonus Modes

Bonus Modes could be selectable from the main menu and not part of the game. If a story mode is ever released, these could also be integrated into that.

Crazy Enemies Mode

  • Similar to Endurance, but waves of all of the character's games come to capture Peach! (i.e. Ghosts from Castlevania, aliens and Red Falcon troops from Contra, etc.)
    • Also, you could put them in arenas from other games. (i.e. Energy Zone from Contra)

Classic Donkey Kong Game

It could work like this at the main menu we could have an option called NES Donkey Kong.

  • Unlock-able content
    • 1st Play threw of NES Donkey Kong unlocks NES Donkey Kong Mario
      • NES Donkey Kong Mario Power up style is the same as mario but the Fire flower gives him the hammer instead.
    • 2nd or over Play threw Unlocks Donkey Kong.
      • NES Donkey Kong when playing as donkey the power ups have no effect on him instead he can pick up and Toss the Koopas, Turtles and Blocks instead. Plus he can stop on the ground flippin turtles over and killing Koopa troopers.
  • Other classic games that could be similarly be added include Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong Jr.
    • Alternatively, it would be awesome if there was a bonus mode where Donkey Kong was substituted for the fake Bowser at the end of a castle level. Donkey Kong would play similarly to his classic game, hurling barrels at your character (some on fire).

Classic Mario Brothers Mode

A very fun and classic gameplay mode that brings fresh gameplay tactics, unique enemies and an excellent Colosseum type environment for two-player fun!

Battle Mode

This mode would be a great addition after 2 player or even as a test bed for multi-player mode.

  • Classic Mario Bros. Flash game
    • Basically lay out speaking it would be set up much like the classic Mario bros game.
      • Plus it could have different modes of play.
      • 1 Player Survival, 2 Players Survival, 1 Player Vs. 2nd Player
  • Also this would be a great mode to launch future un-lockable content.
    • Such as Clear wave one to un-lock Koopa mode and goomba, Wave ten for Hammer Bros.

Lakitu Keepy-Uppy

You have to kill Spinies that Lakitu's drop before they touch the ground.

Two Player Battle Arena

You fight another character in a small arena similar to the Mortal Kombat.

Castle Defense

Two castles are 20 or so blocks apart and one spawns numerous enemies while you, the player, must keep them from getting to your castle as best as possible.

Time Trial

With this option disables INF TIME and adds option to change speed of character. (like the speed game genie codes of Ninja Gaiden 2)

Save the Heroes

You start off as Mario (or a chosen/random character) and all other heroes have been captured by Bowser. Each hero has only one life each, and all one-ups are either disabled or turned to power-ups. Each time you defeat a level, you are able to free a hero of your choice. If your hero dies s/he is recaptured and must be freed again to be used. This is somewhat similar to how TMNT for the NES works.

Some options for this mode include:

  • A hero can only be saved if Bowser is defeated
  • One-ups stay, but can only be used to power-up freed heroes, similar to Survival Mode

One nice thing about this mode is that it provides an incentive to defeat all levels and avoid the warp pipes, particularly as more characters are added to the roster.

Treasure Hunt Mode

In order to complete the game, your character must not only defeat Bowser, but also collect a certain number of treasure items which are scattered in random locations in random levels throughout the game. Items may appear in open reachable areas, as a substitute for a displayed coin, be produced from killing a certain enemy, or be hidden in a question block. This further encourages exploration of all levels and secret areas of the game. Ideas for treasure items include red coins, all three pieces of the tri-force, additional weapons, or all the body parts of Dracula (like in Castlevania II).

  • It may be a good idea to have one treasure item placed for each World
  • If the fake Bowser at the end of a level has a treasure item, you must defeat him without touching the axe in order to retrieve the item (if you touch the axe, both Bowser and the item fall into the pit below)
  • This mode may require the Level Select cheat in order to go back to previous levels, in case you missed the item along the way.

Enhancements Mode

Adds some simple background animation and sound effect enhancements to really help the game to "come alive". These include:

  • Overworld/Cloud/Night stages - Clouds move slowly in the sky, similar to the character select screen
  • Night stages - Small twinkles of stars randomly appear in the sky
  • Snow stages (e.g. World 6-3) - Snow falls randomly from the top of the screen
  • Underground stages - A slight echo follows each sound that is made
  • Objects make a splash sound/animation when entering and exiting the water
    • This sounds like something you'd see in SMB3. Good Idea.
  • Springs make a "bouncy" sound when jumped on
  • When bricks are damaged but not destroyed, it triggers a sound and graphic change/animation
  • Paratroopas make a "wing flutter" noise while moving upward in the air
  • Hammer Bros. make a unique sound when jumping
  • Lakitu makes a sound when throwing an enemy
  • Spinies make a sound when hatching from an egg

Ammo Power Up

Thanks to the new missile power up for samus and sophia the sprite could be changed into an A for ammo and can be used with other characters like mario, bill R and ETC.

  • Such as
    • Bill R = Contra Laser
    • Mario = Hammer Toss "Would be a nice reference to Super Mario Bros. 3 secret hammer suit."
    • Link = Magic Sword
    • Ryu = Super Shuriken
    • Mega Man = Ice Slasher (Or may be could allow Mega Man to use a Weapon Menu)
  • Already uses it
    • Samus = Missiles
    • Sophia III = Missiles
      • This idea is bad because SOPHIA and Samus have the ammo because it matches their original game. Giving Mario a hammer toss is bad because it's adding things just to add them. Ryu already has enough abilities. Remember that Samus and SOPHIA didn't have a special ability, now they do. Bill never had limited lasers, either.

Overworld Map

This feature can be found in both Super Mario Bros. Deluxe and Super Mario Bros. 3 (and also Super Mario World on the SNES). Would be best included in "Story" mode if that ever comes into existence. Not only would it not interfere with players who do not want it, it would be useful in creating a story mode.

  • Advantages
    • New levels can be sorted.
    • Secret levels can be unlocked (Plus allows revisiting of pas levels)
    • Additional new types of koopas
    • Possibility of new power-ups some thing people have been asking for
      • Has nothing to do with the inclusion of an overworld map.
  • Disadvantages
    • Less like the original (It's not the original Super Mario Bros. game.)
    • More programming for Jay
    • More graphics/sprites needed for characters
    • More "work" between levels
  • Added image the map could use:

Smb world.png

  • Maybe it could only be used in single character?
  • Put the map of the current world on the character select screen, with the level you're about to enter flashing.
  • Use the map as an interface for the Level Select cheat.

You Vs. Boo

From Super Mario Bros Deluxe on the Game Boy Color, this is a one-player race against a computer controlled Boo, or a ghost.


Have constant waves of enemies come at you while you are trying to protect Princess Peach. If the enemies capture Peach, the game is over. Co-op play would be great for this. A great example of this is forum user Duckerdoo's signature, as of 1/5/11. Below is a modified version of his sig - what's changed is the night time and Bowser in the background has been removed.

Endless Attack

From Mega Man 9 and 10. The default theme (for Mega Man at least) would be the MM10 EA theme:

Here are some gameplay videos.

Level Editor

  • After beating the game/completing set achievements you could get unique tiles from that character's original game. For examples, Castlevania Candles and Stairs, Metroid and Megaman Doors, Contra Exploding Bridges and rivers.
  • Levels that can scroll up and/or down
  • No limits, even if they are absolutely level-breaking. For example, a pit right after the flag should be allowed.
    • Not only limitless placing, but also limitless size so we can build massive stages.
  • Recommended settings and options. We should be able to set the character to use, the options and cheats that are implemented, and so on. That way if anyone makes a level for one specific character they can set that character as the recommended character to use.
  • Green Springs from the Lost Levels.
  • Wind Element from the Lost Levels.
  • Red Piranha Plants from the Lost Levels.
  • Poison Mushrooms from the Lost Levels
  • Include the physics-defying "Air Bloobers" as an enemy, from the Lost Levels.
  • A level description that can be saved somewhere in the level's saved file. This would mostly be useful when user's are sending each other the code of the level they created and need to say what options/characters are best for the level.
  • Yellow blocks from Super Mario World.
  • An upload feature on the site to share the levels and a txt document save feature.
    • The upload feature should require a playthrough by the creator before being uploaded. Possibly a maximum size.
    • The txt save feature should be limitless. This would make it easier to save WIP levels. This would also allow for levels to be pasted directly into forums, even forums other than Exploding Rabbit.
  • Be able to set enemy movement, and patterns. For example, have us choose the flight pattern of koopa paratroopas. Or be able to make them stay in one spot. Or maybe we could set it to random to keep the players on their toes. Also the flight line of bullet bills. Adding in some curves would be a great idea for bullet bill riding levels.
  • Custom time limits, or even better, put in 0 for unlimited time!
  • Enemies from each character's game. For example, you could add the fisheads from Castlevania or the robots from the MMega Man series.

More Levels

  • The Minus World from the original game.
  • Worlds from Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. 13 new worlds to explore! A group has been made requesting it called Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels Crossover
  • Worlds from Super Mario Bros. Special, a game made by Hudson Soft. More info found in these links: [2] [3] [4]
  • Arranged mode in the options would be nice. Basically it would swap around blocks and koopa grunts plus several other changes and surprises to the levels.
  • Bricked-Out Level: An extra level consisting of an underground level with a floor and every frame as a breakable brick. This would tap upon the fun of destroying bricks with Simon's Axes and Bill's Spread Gun. Could be a quick update and could be taken out when the level editor is created. *Vs. Super Mario Bros. Arcade:
  • Random Level Generator: Generates a random level for complete unpredictability! Each randomly generated level must not have any impassable sections resulting from impossible jumps, or a wall of unbreakable blocks. There should also be reasonable minimum and maximum level lengths. The timer should either be calculated as a function of the level's length, or for simplicity, disabled. An example of a Mario flash game that uses randomly generated levels is Infinite Mario.

Rescue Mode

  • A mode in which the player selects one character to start with and has to use to "rescue" the other players from bowser. You would pick about three players and pick one to play as. As the game goes on and more players are rescued, you can cycle trough them in game to play as them and the others would be friendly AIs.



  • Note: SMBC currently uses the NSF music format, so MIDI files likely cannot be used.
  • Now that we have the addition of music sets, extra sets could be implemented. Possibly as unlockables.
    • Super Mario Bros. 3 Set
    • Super Mario Bros. 2 Set
    • Super Mario Bros. Remix Set (contains remixes of the original SMB music)
    • Super Mario World Set
  • A Sound Test would be cool. Should use the actual titles of the songs and what game they originate from.
  • On the select screen before level 8-4 the music should change to something scary to get you pumped up. SMB3 Dark World Theme is a good candidate. A background change would also be good.
    • Perhaps a night background?
    • Perhaps a different background for each world, according to each world?
      • For example, for World 1 the mushroom platforms would be the standard platforms from 1-3, for World 2 they would be bridges from 2-3, for World 3 it would be night time, etc.
  • Put the default music quality in the game at High rather than Mid, as it's likely most people playing have a high-speed internet connection.
  • Most of the things here
  • Different music for bonus areas like in Super Mario All-Stars. And no, that's not the cave theme - see this for proof. Maybe the Get Equipped With theme for Mega Man?
  • Final Boss Music- I think for bowser there should either be the bowser song from super mario 64, and/or the respective boss music for each character, but seriously this bowser song would really spice up that boss part: and possibly the ultimate bowser music for the final and real bowser battle:
  • Change the title screen music - possibly to this:
  • Add a feature that allows you to use a custom music set. In other words, choose music from one of the existing music sets to play on a specific stage type. Like having Link's invincible music, but Bill's game over music and on the overworld it would play Simon's music, or something completely different.

Blaster Master



  • A Mega Man music change to incorporate more melodies from Mega Man 3-6.
    • Alternatively, this could be incorporated for Proto Man if he becomes a playable character.
  • The title screen music from Mega Man 3 is a good song, but it seems out of place for Mega Man's levels. It should be Cutman's theme, because that's the first level from the first Mega Man game, and I think it would fit the best.
  • Change the current Mega Man castle theme to Mega Man 6 last boss
  • How about a different set of music for each world, from the corresponding Mega Man game? World 1 = Mega Man, 2 = Mega Man 2, etc. Use music from Rockman 7 FC for world 7, and Megaman 9 for world 8 (Megaman 8 sucks anyway). There are NSF covers out there for most of the non-NES entries in the series that can be used.


  • Change Samus' star music to something fast paced. Everyone else's music speeds up when you get a star, but Samus' slows down. Also, the star music shouldn't be the same as the game over music.
    • There are no songs in the original Metroid game that can properly be used as star music. Zero Mission, however, has this: VGMusic doesn't allow remote linking, so you'll have to copy, and paste into address bar.
    • The songs Tourian or Staff Roll could work. If anything, they'd be better than the existing song.
    • Another idea is to use SMBC's built-in NSF player to make the playback speed of a particular track faster than normal (if supported)
  • Swap the underground(Kraids lair) and underwater(Norfair) music.
  • There is one song in Metroid that is unused in SMBC, Ridleys lair. This could possibly be implemented into the game somehow.
    • Mario-Fan's note: Good idea for a water level!

Ninja Gaiden

  • Replace the Ryu Star theme with the Ninja Gaiden 3 Act 2-2 theme.
  • Change the music when you die to the one in Ninja Gaiden 2. The current death music "All Gone" was always long and annoying to listen to in Ninja Gaiden, especially in the later levels where deaths started to rack up and you had to listen to that 4 to 5 second tune every 15 seconds.

Super Mario Bros



  • A Jukebox/music selection feature. Able to listen to music outside of game and and change the music that plays for characters. e.g Change Megaman's night music to a different Megaman song or swap it with his day music ect.
  • (similar to above) The ability to change any music piece for each character. Have the setting for Overworld, Night, Cloud, Star etc. Make sure it's only from that character and from NES
  • Please add an option that would let us change the Background in the options. Or have it where each character uses his, her or now it's own back grounds.
    • Optional tilesets that closely match the game the character's came from. Completely optional so I can play as Simon, with Mario level design, in a level that looks to be from Mega Man.
    • Also see Level Skins page
  • I'm not sure if this is the same as the suggestion two points above, but now that we have the option to choose which music set that we want to have played, like choosing to have the Ryu music set being played all the time or a Random option that changes the music every time we exit the screen or beat a level, I would like to suggest an option to customize the music set. For example, having the Ryu music for the overworld, Megaman music for underground, and Bill Rizer music for the night stages. It would allow players to set up the music they like for each different setting (e.g. Overworld, Star, Castle, etc.) without having to constantly switch the music in the Options menu manually.
  • A "Enemy Stomp" option. When on Default, only Mario can stomp enemies. When On, all characters can stomp enemies. When Off, nobody can stomp them.
  • Ability to have custom sound effects. Combined with skinning it allows even more customization of player and enemies. An interesting video that displays the power of this effect is available here
  • The Toad/Princess messages should be customisable. For example:


  • Different powerups for each character.
  • an option to change graphics settings e.g. from NES to SNES Everything would then look like Super Mario All-Stars.
    • like 8-bit to 16-bit
  • When you unlock the Level Select cheat, you can go to new levels. e.g, 36-1 for the Minus World. This video will show you some levels you can use.
  • Ability to save cheats so that you don't have to unlock them all over again.
  • Give Bowser less health for all characters except Mario. Aim for 12 hits with a basic weapon in Normal. I used SOPHIA for a Bowser battle in Normal, but it took a massive 37 hits to defeat him with the Basic Cannon. Also, it took 7 hits to defeat a Hammer Brother with SOPHIA's Basic Cannon. Jay should drop this to 6.
  • Put some floating platforms on the big jump that appears after the powerup in 2-3 and 7-3. It should appear with all characters except Mario.
  • In Survival, have all characters alive when you start the game.
  • Let the Spike Tops climb walls. They do it in all other games in which they appear (like Super Mario World) and this could make the Extreme difficulty even more extreme.

General Requests

  • If and when there is a multiplayer mode, you should be allowed to have two options:One for 2 player on the same computer, and another for 4-player multiplayer online.
    • Or, you can have up to 8 players, one for each character.
  • Enemies should die for each character like they do in their respective games. I.E. Bill's enemies explode in circular explosions, Link's enemies wink out, Simon's enemies become fire, etc, with the appropriate sound effects to match. SOPHIA III already does this, and it's awesome, so everyone else should, too.
  • Each character, when damaged (not killed), should have his own "power-down" anim, like, If simon got hit in level 2 (Mushroom), then he is knocked back and returns to level 1 (starting state). with this, we have to be careful when we're near holes, as an enemy hit coud mean death!
  • Method to save replays of your games, on your PC or on the cloud, if possible
  • At one point the members of the Exploding Rabbit forums wanted to be able to add DLC in the game, such as new levels,music and characters. The idea for the characters to be downloadable a sounded excellent, so that unsatisfied fans of the game could add their own characters who did not make it on the next update. However this is up to the creator Jay Pavlina to decide whether to somehow allow this feature.
  • An in-game timer, most useful for speed runs.
    • The timer begins at the beginning of the first level and does not include level cards or cutscenes.
    • The timer could have a variety of settings
      • Timer: [On | Off]
      • Display Timer In-Game: [On | Off]
      • Show Time at End of: [Level | World | Game]
        • A menu window could pop up at the end of the chosen option that displays the time and any cheats that were used during that level/world/game. This could be used in screenshots to demonstrate time and challenge modes attempted (e.g., if Invincible cheat is used, it would demonstrate the person is probably going for the Ultimate Speedrun Challenge).
    • There could also be an online list of best times, per character, as well as achievements for completing the game in under a certain period of time. This would also enable a "Justin Bailey" cheat for Samus, with a requirement being completing the game in under a certain period of time (a reasonable period of time, but not too easy).
  • Power Up hold like in Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World.
  • An intro battle. Jay even said he originally wanted to do this in the first developer's commentary.
  • Alternate skins for all players. Selectable on the select screen in a similar fashion as Super Smash Bros. does it. Could probably be quick to program and would make two player integration in future updates more seamless.
  • Unlockable Characters. This could be the best way to integrate non standard characters, such as enemies or non-NES characters.
  • Jay should put himself in the game. Not as a playable character, but as a random Bowser replacement. Or maybe as a true form when you defeat Bowser instead of cutting the bridge. Also maybe the rabbit. These could make some good cameos in the game. Other cool cameos could be stuff from the various games the characters come from added to the background. This would be a neat 'cheat' that's unlocked when you beat the easiest mode.
  • Different game-over screens for each character. For an example, when Simon loses his last life, instead of the mushroom by the Yes-No continue option, it would show the heart that was there in the original Castlevania. Which screen would be shown would be determined by which character lost the last life.
  • When you hit the flagpole, any enemies remaining on screen become coins, similar to grabbing the card at the end of stages in Mario 3, or going through the gate in Super Mario World.
    • There are no naturally occurring instances in the original SMB where enemies follow you into the endzone. Even Lakitu turns away as if he hits an invisible barrier. I'd think the only way this would ever happen is with "evil enemies".
      • The Bullet Bills do, however, follow you to the flagpole. So instead of disappearing, they could act like being stomped on, giving the additional score.
  • The powerups should look more like they did in the character's original games and the powerup-get sound effects should be like in their original games.
    • This could probably be done via skinning.
  • "Load Savestate" option at the Continue screen.
  • An option to back up menus, that way I won't have to reload the page every time I select the wrong difficulty.
    • In addition, a way to "back out" of any mistaken menu selections
      • This is already implemented by pressing the Attack button?
  • A way to save the game when you complete a world.
    • There should be a save button after finishing a world or a level and a way to access the cheats before starting another level.
  • An option to start a "New Game" from the in-game menu.
  • While the game is loading and the coin counter is increasing, have a random character (rather than only Mario) scroll across the screen to indicate loading progress.
  • After enough time elapses on the title screen, a short demo of the game is played, perhaps by a random character from the title screen scrolling to the right in front of the other characters to begin a demo of World 1-1 (similar to SMB). This demo is stopped immediately when the player presses any key at which point it returns back to the title screen.
  • It would be a nice feature if the version number of the game displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen whenever you bring up the in-game menu. That way you can always easily tell what version of the game you're playing.
  • On the character select screen, when a random character is chosen who does not fully appear on screen, the screen should scroll appropriately before the character is chosen. For example, on the default character select screen, if SOPHIA III is randomly chosen, it will not show Jason on screen before she is selected.
  • Flagpole jump like in 3-3 of the original SMB.
  • On the character select screen, the name in the top left corner of the screen currently defaults to show the last character selected (or Mario if first starting the game) This name does not change as you switch between different characters on the character select screen which can appear slightly confusing. Request either that the name in the top left corner changes as you switch between different characters, or it does not show on the character select screen (since it already shows beneath your currently selected character)
  • When you unlock all cheats, it should make a 1-UP sound to confirm that cheats were unlocked when it exits the cheats section, rather than the default menu exit sound.
  • When you are first starting the game, the initial background music should turn off or on depending on how the Music option is set.
  • A new menu option that displays certain statistics of the game so far including:
    • No. of power-ups collected
    • No. of power-downs
    • No. of enemies defeated
    • No. of enemies suicides (e.g. falling down pit)
    • No. of enemies smashed (e.g. hit by moving shell)
    • No. of jumps
    • No. of lives lost
    • No. of pipes entered
    • No. of warps used
    • No. of character changes
    • No. of bricks destroyed
    • No. of coins collected
  • It would be nice on the title screen when you are choosing between New Game, Load game, etc. and you could have the ability to go back. It's frustrating to pick the wrong option and having to load it back up, look at the Exploding Rabbit logo, the message, and back to the title screen.

Wiki & Main Site

  • Please add Major modes of play below Requests this is where people would post ideas like these
    • Lakitu Keepy-Uppy, Bricked-Out Level,Two Player Simultaneous and Classic Classic Donkey Kong Game.
  • Add rejected ideas under Game Info this is where Jay Pavlina will list ideas he is not planing on putting into Super Mario Bros. Crossover.
  • Please add a link inside Super Mario Bros. Crossover to the updates section of the wiki.
  • I think we could use some language links. We could start with Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Italian. Then we could move on to other languages.
  • Why not let the Konami Code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A - it also triggers an easter egg on Facebook, Google Reader, Netlog, and all the websites found here) generate a save file with Single Player Bill?!
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