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IMPORTANT: This page is no longer in use. If you want to make a character request (no matter whether NES or non-NES), please make a new thread (obviously, check if it doesn't already exist!) in this subforum. Thanks. --Mario-Fan 07:54, 15 December 2011 (EST)

This is a list of requested characters for Super Mario Bros. Crossover coming from anything other than the NES, such as the SNES, the GBA and any of the SEGA consoles. Please make a section for each character. In the section, include the game the character is from. If possible, also include some details about the character. Video and/or screen shots would be extremely helpful. If more than one version of a character exists, write the title of the game in parenthesis after the character's name. Please do not remove suggestions solely because you do not want them. This page should also include unofficial games (such as ROM Hacks and homebrew) from the NES.

Avoiding requesting characters just to request them. Unless you think it could add something to the game, don't request it.

Please note that this is NOT to be used as a silly character request page.

Character requests from the NES go in the Character Requests page.

Even if the characters do not appear on the NES, chances are they may still make it into the game.

Please list the characters in alphabetical order. You can discuss character requests here.



Adol (Ys3)

If this was to happen, starts with nothing. Mushroom gets Short sword, wood shield and armor, beating a stage allows spending coins to upgrade equipment. Fire Flower gives Flame sword but buying it you won't loose it

Alex Kidd

I know, he's not from Nintendo, but... Normal: power punch Firepower: ring power (trows slash air from his fists) (Please make it clear whether "Normal" is without powerup or with Mushroom, and add suggestions for the other thing --Mario-Fan 01:36, 29 January 2011 (PST))


Alis (Phantasy Star)

She was the main hero in Phantasy Star on Sega Master System and likewise along with the Final Fantasy characters would take some imagination. And sprite editing. She would play kind of like Link only for C button would shoot fire magic which would require MP pick ups she could get from defeating enemies. She would use weapons from Phantasy Starand. Her growth would be like this: Normal: Wood Cane Mushroom: Iron Sword Fire Flower: Light Saber alisn.png

Alpha Cody (Final Fight)

Cody from Final Fight, one of the best Capcom games ever. He could do all the things he does in Final Fight. Z=jump X=punch C=throw knives Z+X=kick 1 mushroom: red stripes fist on fire able to attack enemies such as Goombas. 2 mushrooms= knife all the time.

Ayane (Dead or Alive)

Ayane from Dead or Alive would be an intresting addition to Super Mario Bros. as a male character.

Possible power ups: None: Grapple toss Mushroom Allows male attack Fire Flower allows special attacks


Bass (Base)

Well Bass does have 8-bit graphics in megaman 10 but he wasnt on the nes heres his sprite sheet: by: Nintendoguy09

Bart Simpson

-No Power Up- Skateboard Skateboard Attack -Mushroom- Skateboard Spin Skateboard Attack -Fire-flower- Broom Attack Hammer Attack

Batman (Batman Flash)

  • Origin: Batman Flash (Monster in my Pocket ROM Hack)
  • Appearance & Gameplay (0:15 onwards):
  • Details: Graphics Edit of the Vampire (Monster in my Pocket)[1]
  • Possible Movelist:
  • Neutral: Normal attack depicted in video.
  • Mushroom: Normal Attack + short explosion just in front of the character.
  • Fire Flower: Throw fireballs, Special button summons a key (restricted to once per level to avoid misuse by cheapness).

Bub (Bubble Bobble, arcade)

  • This cute little guy could put Koopas in bubbles. Would a Spiny Top pop bubbles?
  • Note: Bubble Bobble was first released as an arcade game in 1986, about 2 years before the NES release. So Bub's origin is indeed other than the NES.
  • Gameplay: Bub would blow a bubble at an enemy to trap it (before the bubble goes to its full size). Then Bub would pop it, killing it. (In Bubble Bobble, a popped enemy would fly and bounce off left and right-facing walls and turn into a food item when it lands.)
    • Bubbles would slowly float across wind currents (invisible), though in SMBC, they may just float slowly upward, as SMB does not have wind currents (unlike Lost Levels).
  • Bub can also jump on and bounce off bubbles when the jump button is held down.
  • Bubbles are more easily popped when the back spikes or head spike come into contact with the bubble. Otherwise, the bubbles will squish Bub a little. (Bub is never squished downwards; there are unused sprites for this, though.)

Comprehensive arcade version sprite sheet by RandomTalkingBush (including many unused)
Guide to all 100 arcade levels/rounds (screenshots)**


  • Important: The NES version (which was subsequently released on the Wii's Virtual Console) is different from the arcade version (including colour schemes and animations).
  • Mushroom/Flower may increase bubble firing rate. Charged-up bubble blowing was not in the first Bubble Bobble game.
    • Maybe for mushroom: Include some charged attack like in BB Part 2 (NES) and BB Part 2/Junior (Game Boy) where the bubbles come out in a cluster. However, in these confusingly-named original games, the character inflates or becomes able to float (something that wasn't in the first Bubble Bobble).
    • Maybe for flower, include a special attack: blow fireballs (as with the red cross item from Bubble Bobble), or bubbles containing fire inside them. The released fireballs will slowly fall to the ground, and spread over some distance. Only this fire will stun the player but kill enemies (as in Bubble Bobble).
  • Normal death would be him spinning out (forget how many times) while falling straight to the ground with eyes struck out by a literal black line then a dizzy animation (this was not in the NES version) before poofing away. Use just the death sound (similar to Bill Rizer and Mega Man where the music stops and the sound plays).
  • Touching a fireball/Podobo in a castle (in "small" form): The arcade version has an incineration death animation (Bub is engulfed in a flame and disintegrates into a pile of orange dust (sad, isn't it?)) that has not been implemented in the NES version, but has in the Game Boy version (choppy animation there). Use the arcade's incineration death but have him stuck in midair.
  • The arcade animation of getting squished by bubbles is not in the NES version.
  • Getting a star: Try to include alternate colour scheme for him flashing as with getting a heart in Bubble Bobble. (Alternate colour scheme palette is in the sprite sheet.)
  • Music:
    • Character select: Second half of the "beginning of a fantastic story!" intro theme due to time constraints
    • Above ground: Bubble Bobble theme; use some music from different worlds in Bubble Bobble Part 2 (NES)* for World 3, 6, etc as has been done with other characters in SMBC.
    • Entering a pipe to underground/water: ???
    • Underground: ???
    • Water: There is a set of levels in Bubble Bobble Part 2 (NES)* that has waterfalls. Maybe use the music from that world.
    • Castle: Super Drunk (final boss) theme, or maybe the boss theme from Bubble Bobble Part 2 (NES)*
    • Star: Getting a heart in Bubble Bobble. This is also the music on the EXTEND screen.
    • Complete a castle: Music after defeating Super Drunk
    • End credits: The end credits music in Bubble Bobble.
    • Game over: The game over music in Bubble Bobble.

Bubble Bobble Part 2 NES music NSF file.

*Don't be confused! Bubble Bobble Part 2 (NES) may have been named in different regions as simply Bubble Bobble 2. It must not be confused with other similar titles such as Bubble Symphony aka Bubble Bobble II (arcade) or the Game Boy version of Part 2 (aka Bubble Bobble Junior), or Rainbow Islands.

**Note that the NES/Virtual Console version of Bubble Bobble has a mandatory objective (getting a required item in round 99) for a good ending. This objective led to a wholly new set of levels/rounds in the NES/Virtual Console version only, and was never in the arcade version. And the linked guide leaves out the fact that both players were required to get a good ending.


Chun-li,chinese energy ball master

  • From the Street Fighter series.

Spam energy balls all day, fly around, do some kicks. KO!!!!

  • possible Power ups styles
    • Style 1: Very Mario-ish.
      • None: Can only jump, Punch also Kick.
      • Mushroom: Allows use of Spinning bird kick.
      • Fire-Flower: Allows use of her energy ball Attack.
    • Style 2: Pro Close Quarters character.
      • None: Can only jump, Punch also Kick.
      • Mushroom: Allows sweep kicks as well as jumping kicks.
      • Fire-Flower: Allows spinning bird kick

Commander Keen

From the Commander Keen series (1990-1991, rereleased on Steam in 2007). There's a lot of material (he's in seven games, with three different engines!), and thus several ways to deal with powerups. Here's one suggestion:

  • Nothing: Normal Keen from Invasion of the Vorticons. With a Vorticon HyperPistol (that can only shoot to the side), and pogo stick.
  • Mushroom: Keen from Goodbye Galaxy! and Aliens Ate my Babysitter! Featuring the neural stunner (that can be shot to the side, up, or down (while jumping), and has a faster reload time than the Vorticon HyperPistol), pogo stick (and the Impossible Pogo Trick), and being able to grab onto the lip of a ledge and look up or down.
  • Fire flower: Same as mushroom, but with stronger bullets and maybe slightly faster running and a faster reload time.
  • Star: Same as default (just invicibility).

Here are the sprites--note that Keen has a diving suit for underwater levels.

xNjZI.gif from this.

kHuGP.gif from this.



Dino is a character from the computer game Dino Run wich you can play here he was not from an NES game,but the character would work really well,his sprites are 8-bit and he wouldn't have any attacks but he could stomp ennemies and unlike the other Super Mario Bros. Crossover characters,he would have a way shorter timer,like in his game.There could also be a way to customize Dino like in Dino Run.

Power-ups would work like that: Nothing:Nothing. Mushroom:Dino runs faster. Fire Flower:Dino can do a small speed boost about every 20 seconds,like in his game.



Epsilon Eagle

From Treasure's Alien Soldier. Sprite sheets from Spriters-Resource:

There's a few Forces (weapons) available, but messing around the game will give you the best idea of what to include. The Zero Force is the main weapon when out of ammo.

For sure, the warp-dash (Zero-Dash) should be the max power-up. The clinging code can be adapted from "Sophia 3" (or Metal Attacker) I think.


The Exploding Rabbit

This could be Jay's chance to get extra creative with art design and moveset design. Just the rabbit in the logo, only in 8 bit. Can have whatever moves Jay decides. It could be as overpowered or as underpowered as he wants.

E.T. (The Extra Terrestial)

From the infamous Atari 2600 game, E.T. is back from the grave of sand to participate in Super Mario Bros. Crossover!


The unnamed (as far as i know)player character from the SNES Game E.V.O, a rather fun game centered around evolution that would be great fun to see implimented, but rather difficult to do, i imagine.

  • Powerless = amphibian form
  • Mushroom = Mammal form
  • Fireflower = Dinosaur form
    • z = Jump.
    • x = Bight.
    • c = Eat.

There could be a Few different ways this could go:

  • Way one. typical Mario game style, get power up, grow, reapeat
  • Way two. each enemy, when killed, would drop a piece of meat, which when bitten (or eaten)would give a certain amount of Evo points, which, after a certain amount was collected, would Raise the character to the next power level, powerups would give a boost to Evo points
  • Way 3 (the way I'd love to see, and the one that'd take the most work from jay)You'd get Evo points the same way, On pressing either c (the eat button, seeing as its redundant would be removed) or maybe enter, would open the Evo Menu from the Original game and let you customise your character in the Same way as in the original game
  • Way 4: a combination of way 2&3, you'd have the Evo points bar and at set points your character would evolve slightly, then reach the next level of evolution.
  • Sprite sheets:

(any sprites you can find for the Player characters' forms in later chapters would be nice)


Fancy Pants Man

He Has Fancy Pants And Hes A Man So We Call Him Fancy Pants Man! FPM [Fancy Pants Man Sprites! ]


Fortran is a weird Mario with teeth and an F on his cap from a very bizzare unofficial Famicom game called Dian Shi Mali. He would be very interesting... First of all,every coins he gets is saved.At the bottom of the screen,you can see the number of coins he has got. Power-ups work like that: Nothing:Nothing. Mushroom:Fortran can throw his coins at ennemies. Fire Flower:Fortran throws one,very big and slow fireball.


Giana (Great Giana Sisters)

Giana was the star of Great Giana Sisters, a knockoff of Super Mario Bros. for various 8-bit computers that has attained legendary status... for only being on the market for a week before being forced from shelves by an injunction from Nintendo. Because of this, her game play would be very similar to Mario's, with a couple of exceptions:

  • Giana cannot run
  • Mushroom: Giana becomes Punk Giana, and can break blocks with her spiky eighties hair
  • Flower: Giana gains the ability to throw thunder balls, which behave similarly to the super balls in Super Mario Land on Game Boy in that they bounce off surfaces (though Giana's travel faster and come out at a different angle. After first gaining a flower, Giana can have one thunder ball out at a time; after the second, she can throw 2 at a time.


What would be more epic then Godzilla in super mario Bros Crossover

Goku (The Super Saiyan!)

One word: epic


  • Z: Jump
  • X: Punch
  • C: Kamehameha
  • Control Pad: Used to jump, punch, move, and Kamehameha in the corresponding direction


  • Z: Normal Goku; unable to use Kamehameha
  • X: Super Saiyan Goku; yellow spiky hair; able to use basic Kamehameha
  • C: Ultimate Super Saiyan; long yellow hair; full width-of-the-screen Kamehameha



  • From Final Fight. I totally want to choke/headbutt/pile drive koopas.


Heracross is a Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal for GBC. Moveset: Z: Jump (Hold to fly for a few seconds) X:Tackle C:Endure

With a Mushroom,Tackle becomes Brick Break (can now break bricks) With a Fire Flower,Brick Break becomes Megahorn

Can collect Leppa berries for Endure up to 5 uses.Endure keeps you from dying for 5 seconds.


Indiana Jones

  • You could use sprites, music, sound etc. ripped from The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
  • Alternatively, you could also choose elements from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  • Personally, I'd probably use sprites from the first and music from the second but it's obviously up to Jay.
  • Basic X attack: Punch
  • Mushroom: His trusty six-shooter (which never runs out of ammo, just like it doesn't in the films).
  • Fireflower: Higher rate of fire, similar to Bill's upgrade to the machine gun with a mushroom.
  • Special C attack: The whip.
    • Indy's whip is, of course, what makes him unique (aside from the hat). The whip is fairly long (at least as long as Simon's flame whip, perhaps a little longer) but when it hits an enemy, it stuns them like Link's boomerang, doing little or no damage on its own.
    • The cool part (and what would likely be hardest to program) is that if Indy holds down the Special Attack key, the whip will remain attached to what it hits, including enemies or blocks.
      • If the whip holds an enemy in this fashion, the enemy remains stunned and immobilized until they are released and could even be dragged. This would allow you to easily squash them (if they are squashable) or drag them into a pit if they are unsquashable (E.G. Spikeys). It would also allow Indy to carry a turtle shell to a more strategic location. The big question would be Lakitu - would he dangle from it as it hangs in midair or would he pull it down? I'll leave that up to you.
      • If the whip is used on a block or platform, it allows Indy to climb to that block from beneath it (essentially providing a vine) which could be followed up by a Ryuesque ledge jump to get to the top. Alternatively, it would allow Indy to swing from that block, giving a nice way to cross pits, etc. If Indy hits an enemy while swinging, he takes appropriate damage, loses his grip and falls. If Indy hits a block, he can begin to wall-climb (Ryu-style) or jump from the wall (SOPHIA-style) and swing the other direction.
  • Alternatively, the whip could be the primary weapon and grow like Simon's with the gun being a secondary skill.


Jay himself!!!

  • Description: He would be the ultimate character. He would look like he's from The Matrix. He'd be wearing those big "shades" and his head set.
  • Special: By pressing the special button, the scenery will turn all green, and matrix-y, revealing hidden blocks and slowing down the enemies. The special would use up a focus bar in the top right corner of the screen under the score. When activated, your special will drain. The speed it drains at will depend on mushroom/flower status. When turned off (press special again) The bar slowly refills. You can fill it faster by combo-ing enemy kills and/or picking up refill items. Completing a level will restore your focus bar by 25%.
  • Controls(default):
    • Arrow keys - move etc.
    • Z - Jump.
    • C - Use Focus.
    • X - Punch.
    • duck & X - Kick.
    • X, X, X - Punch with front hand, Punch with back hand, Uppercut.
    • duck(hold) & X, X, X - Kick, Round house kick, followed by a kick from the other foot while still spinning with the round house kick.
    • Don't think your combo moves stop there. You can mix it up, and use punch, and kick in the same combo. If you use a 3 punch combo you have a slight opportunity to extend your combo 1 extra move. While your opponent is in the air, and still close after an uppercut, quickly do a kick, and you'll find yourself doing a double kick, sending the opponent flying across the screen. Similar concept with extending from a kick combo to a final punch. Only this time, flip your opponent with a powerful uppercut, and send 'em flying high into the sky and crashing down in the background.
  • Unlock: Obviously an awesome character like this won't be available from the start. To Unlock Jay, you must 100% the game.
  • Additional Options: Should I press the special button to toggle Focus off, and on? Or should I hold the special button? That option will be available in the options menu when you unlock Jay. Also beat the game with Jay (play as one character) to unlock an infinite focus cheat.

Jazz Jackrabbit

  • The main character from the PC game JazzJackRabbit developed by Epic games for DOS in 1994. Jazz was hugely inspired by the Amiga game Zool and such another ongoing success of console classics (such as Sonic and Mega Man).


Z: Jump

X: Shoot the following

B-Shot.gif Normal

T-Shot.gif Mushroom

RF-Shot.gif Flower. Fired in pairs.

C: Special

L-Shot.gif Normal

TNT.gif TNT Consumable Ammo. Down + C

Jazz Database:

Jazz Spritesheets:



Jazz Jackrabbit gameplay - Medivo


  • The ostrich-riding jouster? Could be fun. There is the old Atari version and an NES version that seems to be slower.



The Kid

The Kid from I Wanna Be The Guy: The Movie : The Game that you can download here. He is not from an NES game but his sprites are 8-bit,since that when he touches ANYTHING in his game he dies,would he also die when he gets a power-up like a mushroom?

  • Suggestions:
    • Touching any type of power-up kills The Kid; 1-ups and coins can possibly kill The Kid in higher difficulty levels
    • While doing the easiest mode (wich is Very Easy) The Kid must wear a pink ribbon,like in his game.
    • Touching the axe at the end of X-4 kills The Kid and displays the text "YOU JUMPED ON AN AXE, YOU RETARD" (as a reference to the short Legend of Zelda segment of IWBTG)
    • To compensate, The Kid's Special-button technique is to restart the level from the beginning or from the mid-level checkpoint. The Kid also gets a double-jump and an infinite-ammo gun (4 bullets may be on-screen at a time), as in his original game.



Another Sonic fan-favorite. 8-bit sprites of him can be found in the Master System/Game Gear game, "Sonic Blast".

Kyo (King Of Fighters 95')

Kyo from the king of fighters.Kyo97.gif

Z=jump x=punch + kick c= fire attacks=kyodm.gif

1mushroom= brown uniform able to attack enemies in ground such as goombas.Kyo2003.gif

Power Flower= white uniform all attacks are fire puches or kicks.kyo2.gif

    other sprites

kyo_c1.gif 1012109.gif Kyo03.PNG


Lode Runner

  • Couldn't jump in his game, but I feel like his method of defeating enemies (Destroying the floor block to his right or left with A/B would be humorous to see in SMB, especially the castle levels. Has an NES version. (Which was the first appearance of Bomberman.)



From The Adventures of Lomax. With the various abilities he possess and some other unique things, he could be an interesting addition to the game, though he appeared on the PS1 and PC (Win95) and is more detailed than 8-bit. But even so, the gameplay in his original game is very close to the Super Mario Bros. and therefore could fit very fine in the Crossover.

He's a lemming (yes, one of these green-haired little creatures in blue tunics who always walk forward) and has a basic ability of spin attack (repeated usage of jump button, makes him immune to being harmed by contact with enemy, and obviously allows him to kill them that way) and the ability of throwing his helmet after finding it (which works like a boomerang and can destroy single object or enemy on its path).

In original, he has six special limited abilities. He can select between them by using a special menu, and must collect special items in order to use them:

  • Flame helmet: can destroy every enemy and object on its path. Could be gained after collecting the flower.
  • Builder: can create stairs to help him boost himself to the otherwise unreachable areas - every single usage of the ability means creating a single floating board in front of him, which remains in air for some time and then falls on the ground and gets destroyed. Could work similarly like Rush Coil for Mega Man.
  • Flying helmet: allows him to make a descending flight for a limited amount of time. Rather not to be used in the Crossover.
  • Exploding helmet: can throw the helmet which will fall on the ground and act like a bomb. Could be used?
  • Digger: allows him to dig through the walls. Could be used?
  • Helmet-grabber: allows him to catch special platforms and bollards with the helmet and boost himself to them. Rather not to be used in the Crossover.


Mega man X

He's not from a nes game,he a Super Nintendo Entertainment System char but he has 8 bit sprites.

He's from Megaman x 1-8 Megman x 1.jpg

No Power Up:no dashing,no wall climbing.

Mushroom:added wall climbing and dashing.

Fire Flower:Armour turns red,gets the fire guy flamethrower from x1.

Sprites: X sprites.jpg

Controls:Z=jump x=shoot c=dash c+x=z saber z=c=dash jump/air dash abilitys: jump,shoot,dash,z saber,air dash,and wall jump,thats it for x's abilitys!

How he gets off of the character select screen:air dashes off the screen.

Mai Shiranui

Mai Shiranui is a character from King of Fighters. No power ups Kick and Punch. Mushroom Fan Toss Fire-Flower Fire Attack

Alternate Marios

Mario (with jetpack)

In the original schematics for Super Mario Bros, Shigeru Miyamoto had the idea to give Mario a jetpack so he could accelerate in midair. he also had the idea to give him guns as power ups. the up button would be used to jump in these plans as well. by the time the game was released, Miyamoto scrapped these ideas but they where being considered pretty far along in the development process. It would be very cool to see these original ideas take place and give some perspective on the Mario universe and where it came from.


Mario (Super Mario World)

See the Mario section in Feature Requests. If this comes in, when you get Fire Flowers, he alternates between Fire Mario and Cape Mario (and maybe that secret suit in SMW that otherwise could be an unlockable cheat -- oh, maybe I've said too much). Otherwise, the Fire Flower could be the one to give him a cape. He could also run sticking his arms out and spin jump with Special.

Master Chief

He could be a lot of fun to be played as. 1. He uses future weapons that can destroy anything. 2. He wears a suit that gives him high jumping ability's and fast muscle reaction. 3. He's the chief.


Normal Z:Jump X:Assault Rifle C:Grenade

Mushroom Z:Jump X:DMR C:Plasma Grenade

Fire Flower Z:Jump twice = Jet Pack X:Spartan laser C:Rocket launcher

16 Bit Sprites:


8 Bit Sprites:

HaloMasterChiefSheet.gif MC in smbc.jpg MCSMBC.jpg MCSMBC2.jpg


Maverick from the self-titled game you can play here.



Medicham is from Pokemon Ruby,Sapphire,and Emerald from the GBA.He would be great for SMBC. I thought he could use this attack set: Z:Jump X:Thunderpunch C:Detect

With a mushroom,Thunderpunch becomes Ice Punch and freezes enemy for 5 seconds. With a Fire Flower, Ice Punch becomes Fire Punch and "burns" the enemy, Hurting it every 2 seconds for 6 seconds.

Leppa berries could be collected for 2 uses of Detect,with a maximum of ten uses,like in the game.


Come on!What retro game lover wouldn't want a Legendary Pokemon in SMBC? Introduced in Pokemon Red,Mewtwo is one of the strogest Pokemon. His move set: Z:Fly for 10 seconds X:Mega Punch C:Protect With a Mushroom,Mega Punch becomes Mega Kick With a Fire Flower, Mega Kick becomes Hyper Beam

Mewtwo can collect Leppa Berries for a maximum of 5 PP for Protect,which does what it's called- protect. Each Leppa berry is one PP.

Michael Jackson

I'm not kidding. The gameplay similar to the one shown above would be fun!

He's from the Michael Jackson's Moonwalker. And yes, it's the real game (here's the proof). The ability to destroy all destroyable bricks with his moonwalk (with C button held), catch all collectible items (and also hammers) with his hat (again C button, but only pressed, not held - is it possible to make such a double duty for one button?), kill enemies with this "glitter kick" (could be available only after mushroom)... all this could make him interesting to play.

Some sprites: 1, 2

Miles "Tails" Prower

Sonic the Hedgehog's faithful sidekick. 8-bit sprites of him can be found in the Master System/Game Gear game, "Sonic Chaos".

Mountain Maniac

Mountain Maniac,from Mountain Maniac that you can play here. Power-ups would go like that: Nothing:Nothing. Mushroom:He gets his hammer and can smash ennemies with it. Fire Flower:He can throw boulders with his hammer. There could also be a way to play with his Santa suit in Mountain Maniac Xmas that you can play here.

Mr. Game & Watch

  • Basically take your pick of the moves they include in Super Smash Bros Melee or Brawl (I'd probably pick the hammer or the bug spray, depending on special attack chosen) for his standard attack and give him the sausage-flinging frying pan for his fireball attack.
  • The "Judge" hammer attack ( could make for a very interesting special attack, with its somewhat unpredictable results being modified for SMBC.
  • Alternatively, the Oil Panic power (, modified to catch hammers and fireballs, would make for a very interesting dynamic as a special attack.
  • On the plus side, he should be really easy to draw/animate - just draw an outline and flood fill with black (or maybe other colors depending on the powerups he has).

Found a collection of sprites by Tanman here: smrgame.gif


Ness (EarthBound/MOTHER 2)

from the underrated game, EarthBound, on the SNES


Optimus Prime

Sprite a little, but steal from various TF games.



Come on, I'm surprised no one has requested this before. Playing as Pac-Man in a Mario game would be the coolest thing ever. Even cooler than playing as Sonic (cause it's been done).


  • Z: Jump
  • X: Eat
  • C: Spit Dot
  • Control Pad: Move, Eat, Jump, and aim in the corresponding direction


  • None: Yellow; only unable to spit dots
  • Mushroom: Orange; able to spit collectible dots (like Sophia and Samus)
  • Flower: Red; able to spit unlimited dots
  • Starman: Sparkle Added; invincible; unlimited dots

Pig (When Pigs Fly)

That pig from When Pigs Fly, an online game you can play here. Power-ups would work like that: None: Nothing, Pig doesn't have any attacks and can jump,but can't fly. Mushroom: Pig grows wings and can fly. Fire Flower: Pig becomes red and can spit fireballs.



Pikachu would be a good Idea for a Pokemon character. That is if non NES characters ever get added. Here is why there are plenty of official sprites from Pokemon Yellow to Pocket Monsters Go Go Go. Of course he would not be able to evolve into Raichu unless custom sprites are made but could grow big ala Pocket Monsters Go Go Go sprites.

Normal Pikachu would use thunder shock shooting lightning bolts forward short range.

Mushroom Pikachu would use thunder bolt shooting lightning bolts forward and backwards mid range.

Flower Pikachu would use Thunder shooting lightning bolts forward,backwards and upwards long range. pikachutv.png

Pokemon Trainer

8-bit sprites for this hould be easy to find/make. The trainer would just be in the background, and the player would control one of 3 Pokemon: SQUIRTLE, CHARMANDER, or BULBASAUR and their evolutions.



  • Z: Jump
  • X: Water Gun/Hydro Pump (BLASTOISE)
  • C: Switch


  • Z: Jump
  • X: Vine Whip/Razor Leaf(VENUSAUR)
  • C: Switch


  • X: Ember/Flamethrower(CHARIZARD)
  • C: Switch


  • None: Basic jump height, weakest attacks, Basic evolution
  • Mushroom: Slightly higher jump and stronger attacks, Stage 1 evolution, Block break on
  • FireFlower: Significantly higher jump and new superattacks, Stage 2 evolution


  • CHARMANDER evolutions are disabled in water levels or with Water Mode on.
  • SQUIRTLE evolutions can swim and float underwater.
  • BULBASAUR evolutions can climb walls using VINE WHIP.
  • If one Pokemon gets a power-up, all Pokemon gain the power-up.
  • Hold Up to aim attacks up. Can be used to break blocks at any evolution.
  • Jay, if you can think of anything else, I'd love to see it.


This idea was slightly based on Super Smash Bros. Brawl, for those of you that didn't guess that already. Only real difference is the evolution set and lack of multiple moves --DinixM 18:37, 6 January 2011 (PST)



Whilst not a NES release, or available (at least the original version) on any console, Cave Story is a popular game, and so the main character's (Quote- pictured below) presence has been requested. Notice there are two versions below; an updated Wiiware version was released after the games success.




Hell, why not?

He can use a descending flight for a short amount of time with his hair helicopter, he can use his fist to attack and catch items from a distance (the longer you hold the attack button, the greater damage you'll deal and the fist will fly farther), he can crawl (holding jump and down buttons), he can run like the Mario, he can hang onto ledges... If it would be possible, we could use the sprites from the GBC game (called just "Rayman"), as they probably fit better in the 8-bit style of the SMB.

EDIT: Now look, I've found the sprites of the GBC version! And the GBA one, if anyone is interested.


[2] (too big to leave it as an image)

EDIT2: Some more: [3]


He's so awesome.

No power: Only his grab

Mushroom: Maybe he could hold onto enemies.

Flower: Ability to use a spinning star attack (hidden in the game)

Ryu (Street Fighter)

I mean really, why not?



  • X- Punch
  • C- Kick
  • In air he can perform down kick.


  • Mushroom
    • Holding X shoots Hadoken
    • Holding C launches Ryu's Tatsumaki (Hurricane Kick)
    • Jumping launches Ryu's Shoryuken (Uppercut)

I think it would be better if X+forward was the Hadoken, X+up was the Shoryuken, and C+down was the Tatsumaki.

  • Fire Flower
    • More powerful version of attacks

8-bit sprites: Ryu.gif



Somari from a weird Sonic the Hedgehog hack called Somari.He is unlikely to be in Super Mario Bros. Crossover because he is not from an official game and he looks almost just like Mario, however, unlike Sonic, he comes from an NES game.


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic from Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Genesis. Sonic debuted on Sonic the Hedgehog in 1991 and was designed to compete with Nintendo's mascot Mario. The two companies went head to head for over a decade until Sega pulled out of the home console market.


Power-Ups could be: Normal: All he can do is jump. Mushroom: He turns a lighter shade of blue and gets his Spin Dash (it would knock out enemies except Spinies and Spike Tops and also Bowser) and he runs a little bit faster (like running could also work without the mushroom) if you hold X while you walk. Fire Flower: He turns yellow, his quills tilt upwards, runs a little bit faster and can double jump (Much better than Simon) and stays in this form until Sonic loses all of his coins (loses coins every second) or gets hurt. Star: He flashes rainbow, his quills tilt upwards, is invincible and can glide for half of the star's duration (can break bricks when flying), the duration time is the same thing as the yellow Sonic, except that he can't get hurt.

Sonic uses coins as health (BETTER PUT LOTS OF COINS IN SONIC'S LEVELS) and can survive with just one, if he gets hurt in normal form, he loses his rings, but the slowly scatter around the room and can be recollected.

Super Meat Boy

Although Meat Boy was never on the NES, he stared in a retro-style platformer on He then was in an xbla/soon to be PC/later to be wii game that reminds everyone of mario and gamings past. the developers also support the indie community (they are indie developers themselves, just the two of them) and would most likely be happy to have meat boy in this game and even support it on there blog ( The initials of Super Meat Boy also match those of Super Mario Bros. Coincidence? I think not.



Scott pilgrim

Even though scott has his own video game he could be in the crossover

Scott's move set

Z: Jump

X: Punch (or kick when crouching)

C: Summon knives chau (Scott's Ex-Girl friend that he dated for volume one then broke up with in vol.2)

heres some sprites for him (also envy adams, kim pine, and the drummer chick from the series)

SpongeBob SquarePants

Spongebob isn't exactly a videogame chearacter, but his first videogame WAS for the Game Boy!


  • Z - Jump
  • X - Swing Spatula (Harms Enemies)
  • C - Blow Bubble (Stuns Enemies) (Idea from Mario-Fan: He can stand on the bubbles for a short amount of time)
  • Down (In Mid-Air) - Sponge Splat (Harms Enemies)

(Mario-Fan's note: Let's get imaginative for the power-ups! I'm going to make a sprite sheet.)

(Mario-Fan's second note: Okay, I've started work on a sprite sheet. I've got running, jumping, spatula swinging and bubble-blowing. For the bubbles, I changed the colours of the bubbles in Wave Man and Water Woman's stages in Mega Man 5 and 9. Here it is:)


(Mario-Fan's third note: Okay, I found a sprite sheet for Legend of the Lost Spatula.


Here's an idea from Mario-Fan:

  • Nothing: Has underpants, can do the Sponge Splat
  • Mushroom: Has shirt and trousers/pants (depending on the region that the reader is in), can now blow bubbles
  • Fire Flower: Has Krusty Krab hat, can now swing his spatula

And here's a death animation suggestion from Mario-Fan:

SpongeBob is naked.

Stick Figure


Down-Crouch-Mushroom Only! Double-Down-Ball-Mushroom Only!

X-Arm-Cannon-Fire-Flower-Only!Click Here To See Sprites!

Character Select Sprites Are Here! Rollar Blades Are Here! Rollar Blades Are HERE!!! Other Is Already Here! Stick Figure Sprites Other!.gif



Fire, freeze and hunt! ò_ó



Ultra Magnus

What would be more fun than destroying everything in your path because you're a transformer? Sprite sheet (ONLY USE ULTRA MAGNUS)

No power up: Can break blocks, can shoot bullets, can transform and can shoot in all directions.

Red Shroom:


A traditional Flying Saucer. Think of how much fun it would be to fly around

No Power Up: abduction beam, Mushroom: Enables Shield, Fire-Flower: Enables Death Ray The end of the game would give the total number of abductions.




Wario actually was on the NES in the game "Wario's Woods", but he wasn't playable.



  • Z- Jump
  • X- Punch
  • C- Rush
  • When he jumps he can do a belly flop attack down.

Possible Power-Ups

  • Mushroom- Super Punch + Can break bricks from underneath
  • Flower- Super Rush
  • Star- Invincibility + Flight

Another Opinion

If Wario is in SMBC, his controls/sprite should be like the Wario Land series for Game Boy/Color (another 8-bit console). His control could be like Wario Land 2 and 3, with his power-ups from Wario Land 1. His power-ups could be different too, for example, instead of eating mushrooms, he eats garlic, like in Wario Land 1.

  • Z- Jump
  • X- Charge/Use Power-Up


C'mon waluigi needs a game to be in that dosent have kart racing,tennis,golf,and partying in it

Z- Jump X- Bomb C- Tennis Racket

Possible power-ups

Mushroom- Super jump + can break bricks from underneath Fireflower- tennis balls added to tennis racket Star- Invincibility + weird music


X (Mega Man Xtreme)

X from Megaman Xtreme on the GBC. X is like an upgrade of Megaman. megamanxtreme.png

  • Controls
    • Z= Jump
    • ZZ= Hover (only Super Mushroom)
    • X= X-Buster
    • C= X-Saber
    • XC= Nova Strike (only Fire Flower)
    • Double right or left= Dash (can do also in airdash)
    • Double up= Upward Dash (air only)
  • Abilities
    • Dash
    • Upward Dash
    • Wall Climb
    • Buster Shot
    • Saber Attack
    • Charge Buster (up to three charge levels)
    • Hover (after obtaining Super Mushroom)
    • Nova Strike (after obtaining Fire Flower)
  • Power ups
    • Basic megamanxtreme.png
      • Dash and upward dash
      • Shoot buster and Charge his busters
      • Saber attack
    • Super Mushroom (Upgrade armor) MMXT-FirstArmor.png
      • Perform Hover for 3 seconds
      • Saber damage increase
      • Buster shot damage increase
      • Faster and long dash
    • Fire Flower (Ultimate armor) MMXT2-GigaArmor.png
      • Nova Strike (5 seconds cool down)
      • Plasma Shot at full charge and leave plasma balls when hit (Up to four charge levels)
      • Saber extended range
      • Invincible Dash
    • Invincible Star
      • Invincible
      • Shoots full charge of buster and shoots rapidly
      • Unlimited Hover (Super Mushroom only)
      • Unlimited Nova Strike (Fire Flower only)
  • Cheats (a new cheats for X and other characters)
    • Auto Charge (for Mega Man and X)
      • Unlock: Hold a charge for at least 150 seconds, then go to the flag with Mega Man or X
    • Rapid Shots
      • Unlock: Attack 5000 times shots or throw(like simon) with any character
    • Infinite Dash
      • Unlock: Beat the game with X and Zero
  • Music Theme
    • Opening Character: Mega Man Xtreme 2 Stage Opening
    • Day Stage: Mega Man Xtreme Opening Stage
    • Night Stage: Mega Man Xtreme Sigma Stage 1
    • Underground Stage: Mega Man Xtreme 2 Opening Stage
    • Water Stage: Mega Man Xtreme 2 Launch Octopus Stage
    • Sky Stage: Mega Man Xtreme 2 Menu Start
    • Night Sky Stage: Megs Man Xtreme Menu Start
    • Castle Stage: Mega Man Xtreme Sigma 2nd Form
    • Entering the Pipe Hole: Mega Man Xtreme Option
    • Invincibility Star: Mega Man Xtreme 2 Sigma Stage 1
    • Stage Clear: Mega Man Xtreme Victory
    • Rescue Toad/Princess: Mega Man Xtreme 2 Ending
    • Ending Credits: Mega Man Xtreme Ending
    • Game Over: Mega Man Xtreme Prologue
  • Perhaps he could be an unlockable character.
    • Unlock: Finish the Game using Mega Man on Single Character mode.
  • Sample of gameplay (starts at 5:30).


Yoshi (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island)

  • Yoshi is a dinosaur whom Mario can ride in a variety of games.
  • Yoshi has appeared in a variety of games. His debut was in Super Mario World for the SNES, and his main appearance was in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island on the SNES. He also appeared on the NES in the puzzle game Yoshi's Cookie and in Mario is Missing he could be ridden.
  • Suggested power-ups are as follows:
    • Basic Yoshi will be green. He can throw eggs by pressing the attack key. Eggs will rise and fall like Simon's axes (which is probably better than travelling in a straight line as in Yoshi's Island.), and they will bounce up to two times off of surfaces before breaking.
    • Super Mushroom Yoshi will be dark blue. He can pound the ground like in Yoshi's Island. Ground pounds can break bricks and defeat enemies (except Spiny, Spike Top, Piranha Plant and Bowser.). Eggs can bounce thrice before breaking. Also, he can run faster by holding the left or right key.
    • Fire Flower Yoshi will be red. He can breathe fire by pressing the special attack key. Eggs can bounce up to four times before breaking.
    • Star Man Yoshi is invincible, and eggs can bounce up to five times before breaking.


Zee Tee

Although Eversion is a fairly-recent game, it is done in a retro, 8-bit style (for the most part). Zee Tee's jump is fairly low, but he gets a huge height boost upon jumping on enemies. Zee Tee's hitbox is permanently small, which makes him very maneuverable in combination with his moderately-high running speed. The ability to Evert would make his gameplay rather unorthodox.

Basic -> No attacks; cannot break blocks
Super Mushroom -> Attack button allows Zee Tee to Evert to a second version of the level, where enemies cannot move and Zee Tee can break brick blocks from below (X-4)
Fire Flower -> Special move button allows Zee Tee to Evert to a third version of the level, where enemies quickly respawn after defeat and brick blocks break when Zee Tee steps on them (X-8)

Zero (Mega Man Xtreme)

  • From the Mega Man Xtreme series for GBC.


  • Zero's moveset would be like this: Z is for jump (can do also double jump), X is to use Z-Saber and for C is to Z-Buster(Uncharge buster, slow shots but high damage than Mega Man's normal shots). Double left or double right is for dash(also in airdash) and a ability to climb the wall.
  • As for powerups, well, here goes (also I'm assuming Zero is an unlockable character):
    • Mushroom(Red-Scarlet): Gives Zero a stronger Z-Saber, stronger Z-Buster, and longer dash.
    • Fireflower(Scarlet-Black): Zero will change to Black armor, his Saber will extended range, his buster will bigger than his normal buster, and his Saber's blade color would change from green to blue. Can do also Z-slash(X+C).
    • Star: Same deal as everybody else: INVINCIBILITY
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