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This page is currently up-to-date as of version 3.0. The latest version with significant additions is version 3.1.2.

Items that improve your character can be found in Item Boxes Power up box.gif. To acquire a power-up from an Item Box, attack the box or jump into it from beneath. Some item boxes are hidden; they will be invisible or will appear as normal bricks Bricks.PNG. For some power-ups, the effects will vary depending on the character you are playing as.

Collecting 200 of the items on this page (all items total) will unlock the "Infinite Ammo" cheat.

Pickups everybody can use

Every character can use these pickups.

Mushroom.PNG Mushroom
  • Gives most characters an extra hit (exception: Bill)
    • Gives Bass an extra bullet
    • Gives Link the White Sword, which increases is attack strength, and the Blue Ring, which protects him from his bombs' explosions
    • Makes Mario and Luigi bigger, allowing them to break bricks from underneath
    • Gives Mega Man the ability to charge his buster
    • Gives Samus the Long Beam, which increases her attack range
    • Gives Simon the Chain Whip, which increases his attack strength
    • Gives SOPHIA the Hyper Cannon, which increases her attack strength
  • Restores some power-ups lost after getting hit
Star Man.PNG Starman
  • Gives characters invincibility for a limited time, allowing them to kill enemies by touching them
  • Provides all characters with infinite ammo for the duration
  • Provides SOPHIA with infinite hover capacity for the duration
1 Up.PNG 1-Up
  • Gives the player a 1-up
  • On Survival mode, it allows a player to revive or power-up characters between worlds
Coin.PNG Coins
  • Found in most levels
  • Collecting 100 coins gives you a 1-up
PosionShroom.png Poison Mushroom
  • Damages characters
  • Only present on SMB and SMBS hard maps
Clock.png Clock
  • Adds 100 timer ticks
  • Not present on SMB normal maps
Hammer.png Hammer
  • Gives character a hammer for a limited time
  • All enemies can be killed by the hammer
  • Not present on SMB normal maps
HudsonBee.png Hudson Bee
  • Gives you 8,000 points.
  • Not present on SMB normal or easy maps
  • Present on all SMB and SMBS hard maps
LuckyStar.png Lucky Star
  • Kill all enemies on the screen
  • Not present on SMB normal maps
Wing.png Wing
  • Gives characters underwater physics for a limited time
  • Not present on SMB normal maps
Squid.png Squid
  • Gives characters all their power-ups and maxes out their ammo
    • For characters with a single weapon at a time, it randomly provides one
  • Only found in a single room on SMBS maps

Character-specific pickups

Only specific characters can use these pickups.

Mario and Luigi

These pickups can only be used by Mario and Luigi.

Fire Flower day.gif Fire Flower This gives Mario and Luigi the ability to shoot fireballs.


These pickups can only be used by Link.

Link Bomb.png Bombs These explode after about a second, hurting anything within the radius. Link can only carry a limited amount of these. This weapon pierces armour. You can carry up to 20 bombs.
Link Bow.png Link Arrow.png Bow and Arrows Arrows can be shot as a long-range projectile. You can carry up to 20 arrows.
MagicalBoomerang.png Magical Boomerang This is similar to the Boomerang, but it travels to the end of the screen.
BlueRing.png Blue Ring This turns Link's tunic blue. It protects him from his own bombs.
RedRing.png Red Ring This is a sword upgrade that shoots the sword as a projectile. It also turns Link's tunic red.
Link bomb bag.png Bomb Bag This new item in 3.0 allows Link to carry up to 40 bombs. Only appears if Link has picked up Bombs once.
Link quiver.png Quiver This new item in 3.0 allows Link to carry up to 40 arrows. Only appears if Link has Bow and Arrows.

Bill Rizer

These pickups can only be used by Bill Rizer. Note that Bill cannot use the Mushroom.

Bill bullet.png Gun
  • Allows Bill to shoot enemies
    • Damage: 100
  • Bill begins with this
Bill Machine Gun.png Machine Gun

(This is the default first weapon)

  • Enables auto-firing when the button is held
    • Damage: 100
Bill Spread Gun.png Spread

(This is the default second weapon)

  • Fires five bullets in a wide arc
    • Damage: 100
Bill Laser Gun.png Laser
  • Fires a long laser that hits four times
    • Damage: 125
Bill Flamethrower.png Flare
  • Fires a fireball that loops in a corkscrew pattern
    • Pierces armor
    • Damage: 125
Bill Rapid Gun.png Rapid Fire
  • Slightly speeds up the firing rate of all weapons except the laser
  • Can be stacked twice

Simon Belmont

These pickups can only be used by Simon Belmont.

Leather whip.png Leather Whip
  • Allows Simon to attack enemies with a whip
    • Damage: 200
  • Simon begins with this
Simon Whip Upgrade.png Whip Upgrade
  • Provides Simon with the Morningstar Whip, which has longer range and deals more damage
    • Damage: 400
Simon Double Shot.png Simon Triple Shot.png Double/Triple Shot
  • The Double Shot allows Simon to have two sub-weapons on the screen at one time
  • The Triple Shot allows Simon to have three sub-weapons on the screen at one time
Simon Dagger.png Dagger
  • Throws a dagger across the screen
    • Cost: 1Hearts
    • Damage: 300
Simon Axe.png Axe
  • Throws an axe that arcs through the air and passes through enemies and bricks as it hits them
    • Cost: 1Hearts
    • Damage: 350
Simon Holy Water.png Holy Water
  • Throws a bottle of holy water that leaves a flame behind when it hits the ground, which continuously hurts enemies
    • Pierces armor
    • Cost: 1Hearts
    • Damage:
      • Bottle: 50
      • Flame: 200
Simon Cross.png Cross
  • Throws a rotating cross that travels a short distances and then reverses direction and travels until it touches Simon or goes off-screen
    • Cost: 2Hearts
    • Damage: 300
Simon Stopwatch.png Stopwatch
  • Stops time for a few seconds
Simon small Heart.png Simon big Heart.png Hearts
  • Used as ammo for Simon's sub-weapons
    • Small hearts restore 1Hearts
    • Large hearts restore 5Hearts
  • Can carry a maximum of 99Hearts

Mega Man and Bass

These pickups can only be used by Mega Man and Bass.

Mega Man Super Arm icon.png Super Arm With this, you can pick up bricks and throw them. Each use consumes 2 bars of energy.
Mega Man Metal Blade icon.png Metal Blade (NOTE: Only Mega Man has access to this weapon.) This can be thrown in eight directions and is very useful. Each shot uses 1/2 bar of energy.
Mega Man Hard Knuckle icon.png Hard Knuckle This shoots Mega Man's or Bass' hand as a projectile. This weapon pierces armor. Each shot consumes 2 bars of energy.
Mega Man Pharaoh Shot icon.png Pharaoh Shot This can be charged and shot in seven directions. Small shots consume 1 bar of energy, while big shots use 2 bars.
Mega Man Charge Kick icon.png Charge Kick This hurts enemies when sliding. Each slide consumes 1 bar of energy.
Flame Blast icon.png Flame Blast This shoots a little ball onto the ground, which then bursts into flames. Each shot consumes 1 bar of energy.
Magma Bazooka icon MM.png Magma Bazooka This shoots three shots of fire that spread out. This weapon can be charged to deal more damage. Each uncharged shot consumes 1/2 bar of energy, and each charged shot consumes 2 bars of energy.
Mega Man Water Shield icon.png Water Shield This creates a barrier around Mega Man or Bass which can be shot out. Each use consumes 4 bars of energy.
Mega Man Rush Coil icon.png Rush Coil (NOTE: Only Mega Man has access to this weapon.) When used, Rush teleports in front of Mega Man. When jumped on, Mega Man is propelled very high. Each Rush jump consumes 1 bar of energy.
Bass screw crusher.png Screw Crusher (NOTE: Only Bass has access to this weapon.) This arcs through the air. Each shot uses 1/2 unit of energy.
Energy Balancer.gif Energy Balancer When picking up Energy Pellets or Energy Capsules, the energy goes to the weapon with the least energy.
Mega Man Energy Pellet.gif Mega Man Energy Capsule.gif Energy Pellet / Energy Capsule These recover Mega Man's or Bass' weapon energy. Pellets restore 2 bars and Capsules restore 10.

Samus Aran

These pickups can only be used by Samus.

Samus Maru Mari.gif Morph Ball This lets Samus curl up into a ball and lay bombs. Samus always starts with this.
Samus Missile Tank.gif Samus missile pickup.gif Missile Tank / Missiles This lets Samus shoot missiles. This weapon pierces armour. Your first pickup gives five and can hold up to 20. Each additional pickup gives you 2. In version 3.0 it's possible to find an additional tank which allows you to hold up to 40.
Samus Ice Beam.gif Ice Beam This freezes enemies. When shooting a frozen enemy, damage is dealt and the enemy thaws. You cannot hold this at the same time as the Wave Beam. You can use frozen enemies as temporary platforms.
Samus Wave Beam.gif Wave Beam This moves in a wavy arc and is quite powerful. This ignores non-breakeable walls. You cannot hold this at the same time as the Ice Beam.
Samus Varia Suit.gif Varia Suit This protects Samus from fire bars in castles.
Samus Screw Attack.gif Screw Attack This lets Samus hurt enemies when doing a Spin Jump. This attack pierces armour.

Ryu Hayabusa

These pickups can only be used by Ryu Hayabusa.

  • Allows Ryu to attack enemies
    • Damage: 400
  • Ryu begins with this
Ryu Sword Extension.png Sword Extension
  • Extends the reach of Ryu's sword
Ryu Scroll.png Scroll
  • Increases the amount of ninpo Ryu can hold from 99Ryu Ninjammo icon.png to 250Ryu Ninjammo icon.png
Ryu Shuriken.png Shuriken

(This is the default starter weapon)

  • Throws a small shuriken straight ahead
    • Cost: 3Ryu Ninjammo icon.png
    • Damage: 300
  • Ryu starts with this
Ryu Windmill Shuriken.png Windmill Shuriken

(This is the default extra weapon)

  • Throws a large shuriken that whirls back and forth on the screen and only disappears when it touches Ryu
    • Pierces armor
    • Cost: 5Ryu Ninjammo icon.png
    • Damage: 300
Ryu Jump Slash.png Jump Slash
  • Allows Ryu to do a spin attack in the air
    • Cost: 5Ryu Ninjammo icon.png
    • Damage: 800
Ryu Fire Ring Toss.png Art of Fire Wheel
  • Throws three small rotating balls of fire up at an angle
    • Cost: 5Ryu Ninjammo icon.png
    • Damage: 400
Ryu Fireball Ninpo.png Fire Dragon Ball
  • Throws a fireball down at an angle
    • Pierces armor
    • Cost: 5Ryu Ninjammo icon.png
    • Damage: 400
Ryu blue Ninjammo.png Ryu red Ninjammo.png Ninpo
  • Restores ninpo
    • Blue: 5Ryu Ninjammo icon.png
    • Red: 10Ryu Ninjammo icon.png


Only SOPHIA III can use these pickups.

SOPHIA III Crusher Beam.png Crusher Beam This makes SOPHIA's cannon even more powerful than the Hyper Beam.
SOPHIA III Hover Module.png Hover Module This lets SOPHIA hover for a limited amount of time.
SOPHIA III Wall1.png Wall1 This lets SOPHIA climb walls.
SOPHIA III Wall2.png Wall2 This lets SOPHIA climb ceilings.
SOPHIA III missile pickup.png Homing Missile These missiles home in on enemies, fired one at a time. They can only be fired when there are enemies on-screen. The first time you pick up this, it gives five. Each additional pickup gives two and you can carry up to 20.
SOPHIA III Multi-Warhead Missile.png Multi-Warhead Missile Three of these fly out from SOPHIA at a time. This weapon pierces armour. The first time you pick up this, it gives 15. Each additional pickup gives six and you can carry up to 60.
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