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This page is for funny character requests for Super Mario Bros. Crossover. These are intended for humor and are not meant to actually be in the game. To make a real character request, visit the Character Requests Page. Include any character you find funny, from the NES or not.

On this note it is also recommended to watch the hilarious video clip Super Mario Bros. Leftovers by DuelingAnalogs!


Chuck Norris

This is gonna be insta-approved or you will get roundhouse kicked in the face.


Person that dies constantly until you finally give up and rage quit the game.


Whenever you collide with a Goomba you talk to him about the economy.

Hatless Mario

I smell pimpin' Mario.jpg No Brick Breaker No Item: Jump Dash If Hurt Die Mushroom: Jump Dash If Hurt Shrinks Fire Flower: Jump Dash Fire Ball If Hurt Doesent Lose Mushroom Star: Brick Breaker 1 Hit Kill And Doesent Lose Fire Flower Or Mushroom Or Die If Touch Enimie Kills Enimie

N64 Mario

Before you play you must blow into the cartridge for 7 minutes.

N64 Link

Navi pops out and tells you to get to the flagpole. You cannot attack anything unless Navi is next to it.

Jay Pavlina

Ability to kill himself over all the Kirby requests in the thread.

ER Forum Member

Attack: Spam about wanting mod status. Special: Email Jay with death threats regarding Mega Man's jump.

Trogdor the Burninator

Attack: Punch. Special: BURNINATE!!!

SSB Sandbag

Normal: Sit There. Mushroom: Sit There. Fire Flower: Sit There. EDIT: I left out an imporant detail. Starman: Sit There.

Chuck Norris

He wins.

A Tank

"BOOM! goes the Koopas."

A ghost

"!Boo I'm a scary ghost!, This one could be fun to play."

    • The character could not attack instead would have to posses blocks and Koopa troopers and use them as weapons and to attack instead.
    • Also if the object the character is possessing dies or is destroyed, the ghost losses a life.
      • The ending could be: The princess could scream and run away. Then the ghost could look at the screen and go BOO!

Alternate version of Bub (Bubble Bobble)

This version of Bub from Bubble Bobble (first released in arcade in 1986, two years before NES) would die if he touches any enemy, regardless of Mushroom/Flower status, and when he poofs away when dying, causes the sound of an explosion (bomb, etc), or maybe actually explode with a bomb's explosion.


kamikaze attack that makes you lose a life ... excellent


The whole level explodes and he randomly wins or dies.

Boeing 767

Your quest - fly through all the levels and hit into the Bowser's Castle.

The Boeing would be flied by a choice of Drunk Rednecks, Soviet Russian Military rejects, Cowboys, High stoners, Talibans, Al-Qaedas and let's not forget to mention Chuck Norris!

A magic pickle


Mama Luigi

That's Mama Luigi to you, Mario!



Charlie Sheen

  • With Mushroom: Able to fly/hover, similar to SOPHIA III but with the ability to pick up "tiger blood" power ups (similar to ammo drops) which refill his hover meter.
  • With Fire Flower: Shoots seven gram rocks which roll.
  • Disadvantage: Has only one gear - GO. Once he starts moving, he cannot stop but can only change direction.
  • Special: Bi-Winning. Instead of dying when hit (or can be activated at any time by using the Special Attack key), automatically teleports to the flagpole (or axe in a castle level) and wins.

Powder Game Guy

  • No item: No attribute
  • Mushroom: Bomb Attribute
  • Fire Flower: Laser Attribute
  • Star: Die.

ALWAYS a one hit kill.

Shoop Da Whoop

IMMA FIRIN' MAH LAZAR! shoop_da_whoop.png


WHAT THE F...BOOOOOMM!!! explosion.jpg


He can do ANYTHING

John from

Attack: The copyright symbol

When he dies, he eats money

Special: He calls Tommy Wiseau to throw footballs at enemies (in a tuxedo)

Anthony Weiner

Yeah, you don't want to know


His main abilities are the Gitar of Fail and the Curse-ye-hame-ha (But this one is useless because it says that it lays a curse on the enemy but in fact it doesn't do shit) but he can also get switchable powerups based on his crazy antics: The Electric Hedgehog Power that turns him into the Pikachu-eared Sonic clone also known as Chris-chan Sonichu; the Tomgirl outfit that makes the enemies run off scared upon sight and more.

If you dare to get a Game Over with him, he'll make horrendous porn art of you and his father's spirit will cut your goddamn Internet down.

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