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This page is for silly feature requests for Super Mario Bros. Crossover. If you have a real feature request, submit it on the Feature Requests Page.

  • Spam Mode - All characters spam bullets,axes,sword slashs and downward thrusts,fire balls,boomerangs,shuriken,energy blast things...whatever their called,and bombs that somehow come out of your suit when your in a ball.
  • Disco mode-All the enemies dance along to the background music. Also the whole scene flashes random colours, just like a disco.
    • If such a thing were actual, it'd be similar to New Super Mario Bros where enemies/powerups dance to the music.
  • Epilepsy mode-Similar to disco mode, but the colours flash faster.
  • Or possibly just include enemies/powerups dancing to the music like in New Super Mario Bros.
  • AHH! I died... Mode - You die.
  • Taunt mode-Every time you mess up, the game makes fun of your game playing abilities.
    • "Maybe, next time, don't jump on the pipe when a piranha plant is poking out. I'M JUST SAYING."
    • "Oh wow, you just got killed by a Goomba. A Goomba."
    • "Awwww, died again. Does da wittle baby need to cry?"
    • "You: 'I'm Jason. Hey! Stop blowing up SOPHIA!'"
    • "Maybe, next time, don't jump on a Spiny. Its spikes are razor-sharp. Ouch!
    • "You'll look like a noob if you die like that again."
    • "Aaaand another death by lava. Maybe you should cry to Jay to bring back Mega Man's old jump!"
    • "I died like that too...but I was on a difficulty that isn't for people who suck."
    • "Dude, let your cat play. He can't be worse."
    • "You need to try to stay alive in this game,just so that you know."
    • For the icing on the cake, the Duck Hunt Dog should pop up from the bottom of the screen to laugh at you.
  • Oh Shit Mode-Everything has a spike on top of it except the ground. That's right, even ?and Brick Blocks have spikes on top.
  • Russian Reversal Mode-You have to get the enemies to land on you to kill them.
  • Bowser mode-You're King Koopa and have kill all good Mario characters (Toad, Mario, Luigi, etc.)
  • Epic mode-It is exactly the same as normal but all music is replaced with O' Fortuna, When you kill an enemy the wilhem scream plays and they explode in a metal slug-esque fashion, all backgrounds are stolen from photos, the announcer from SSB screams whenever you do anything and the game taunts you with an angry message every time you die.
  • Laser Mode-Enemies are equipped with lasers.
  • Upside Down Mode-Just like the regular game, but the screen is upside down. For added insanity, the music tracks play backwards.
  • Goomba's Revenge Mode-You play as a solitary Goomba, out to avenge the deaths of your friends whose heads were cruelly caved in by Mario jumping on their heads while they were out for a stroll in World 1-1, not out to harm anybody at all.
  • Poo flinging DK-Put Donkey Kong in the game and have is ranged attack be a poop fling instead of him throwing barrels =P
  • MJ at end of castle-When you kill Bowser every castle has a princess and when you beat it Michael Jackson comes and takes her then creates a pipe to #-4 and then when you follow him it changes to #-1
  • Drunk Mode-Reaction times are slower, and every mushroom/flower/coin you get will distort the screen more and more.
  • Meth Mayhem-Screen distorts rapidly and randomly, music's super fast, hues rotate very quickly, and all characters act like the have negative powerup values.
  • Anaglyph mode-For anyone has old red/blue glasses lying around.
  • Guile's Theme mode-Instead of the normal music playing, Guile's Theme plays in the background because the song goes with everything.

Guile's Theme goes with everything - Super Mario Bros.

Guile's Theme goes with everything - SMBC Ryu

  • Castle Defense-There are two castles 20 block from each other. You start out by the first castle entrance. The second castle keeps spawning baddies. Not one of them must reach you castle. NOT A SINGLE ONE.
  • AwesomeSauce Mode-All music is replaced with "Ride the Lightning" by Metallica.
    • Underwater levels are removed COMPLETELY. NO EXCEPTIONS.
    • Your only characters are Weegee and Malio, but they kill each other at the same time anyway, so you can't play. You just watch the screen scoll.
    • Lastly, all enemies are replaced with small animations of Michael Jackson dancing to "Thriller", Bowser being a larger Michael Jackson then anyone else.
    • Oh yeah! And after beating the game you unlock Jay as a character. His Normal attack is him uttering random curse words, killing anything on screen. His special attack is his RayGun, which can destroy an entire level and everything in it. By holding the jump button, he can fly. When he collects a mushroom, he gains a headset. No special powers, just a headset. When he grabs a fire flower, he instantly wins the game, and you are transported back to the title screen. Also, he can have a fire flower whenever he wants, cause he's Jay Pavlina.
    • When Jay eats his Windmill Shuriken Sushi, he is transported to the Minus World. (Jay can't cheat, but i'm NOT talking about the Cheats Mode. Also, he cant get a Fire Flower whatever, and he can't instantly beat the game. Also, if you can't play AwesomeSauce mode cuz' of Malleo and Weegee beating up each other at the same time, why not just let Kirby beat that mode for you? --Loveforever92003 02:10, 11 April 2012 (EDT))*Sketch Mode-The graphics are switched from 8-bit to animate sketches. Possibly on lined notebook paper.
  • Sandwich mode-I want to eat sandwiches as Megaman. At the same time I want to feed Rush Coil with some sandwiches.
  • Gentlemanly mode-Every character sports a jaunty top hat, 'stache, monocle and bow tie.
  • Atari 2600 mode-Basically the graphics are really really bad,the sound is really bad,too.
  • Godly Axe Mode - While playing as Simon when you pick up an axe and it screams "AXE FROM THE GODS, MOTHER FUCKER! WATCH THIS GAY Pr0N!" and flashes gay porn every time you use an axe.
  • Only Once Mode - each character can play only once and I really mean it,like in the game You Only Live Once :
    • The newly added Survival Mode is similar but characters can be revived.
  • WTF Mode. If it happens that some enemy catches a mushroom or flame flower, then this enemy gets a power-up. Goombas would turn into Spinies, Buzzy Beetles or Spike Tops, for instance. For added insanity, the amount of blocks containing mushroom/flower would be absurdly increased... and enemies would start collecting them!
  • PBJ Time mode - Everything is turned into a dancing banana,except platforms,and the BGM is always "Peanut Butter Jelly Time"
  • WEEEEGEEEEEE mode - everything is turned into Weegee-related things.Mama Luigi included.
  • Giygas Mindfuck mode - All levels have a Giygas background and BGM.
  • Best Mode Ever!!! (trick) - All Living Things Even You Dance To Scary Rick Roll
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