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This page is currently up-to-date as of version 3.1.2. The latest version with significant additions is version 3.1.2.

Here are some tips for playing Super Mario Bros. Crossover. Character specific tips go in the character's wiki page, except tips about choosing certain characters for certain levels, those can go here.


Title screen tips

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  • Be sure to try all of the map difficulties. Easy mode makes the game more about collecting coins, and hard mode really tests your skills.
  • The special map set is from a game called Super Mario Bros. Special, made by Hudson in 1986. Be sure to try it out.
  • There is a hidden bee item in every level of hard mode. Can you find them all?
  • When calling Rush, hold Up to have him appear directly where you are.
  • Some enemies have armor and can't be hurt by normal attacks. Try different weapons to find out which ones can pierce their armor.
  • Watch out for strangely colored Mushrooms. They're poisonous and will hurt you!
  • When Link collects a Mushroom, he gets the Blue Ring, which protects him from his own bombs.
  • Ice Man can freeze enemies with his charged shots. Be careful, though, they aren't frozen for long!
  • Be careful when playing as Proto Man. When he gets hit, he gets knocked back farther than Mega Man.
  • Some skins are different from the base character. These differences can be seen on the skin selection menu.
  • Quick Man is a Bass skin, but he can't double jump or dash like Bass can.
  • Watch out for red Piranha Plants. They come out of the pipe even if you're standing next to it.
  • Check the Cheats menu to find out how to unlock cheats. Some of them can be fun challenges.
  • Look for Clocks in hard mode levels. They'll give you enough time to finish the level.
  • For an extra challenge, try playing the hard mode maps with all the hardest settings.
  • The Bee item looks different on some skins, but it always looks like something fun to collect.
  • It is possible to enter a code to unlock all the cheats in the game.
  • Link can attack upward and downward while on the ground and he can thrust upward or downward while in the air.
  • Samus' shots can't pass through walls unless she has the Wave Beam.
  • The Varia Suit protects Samus from firebars, but not Podoboos or Bowser's fire breath.
  • Most character skins rescue someone different from Bowser.
  • If a jump looks too long or high for Mega Man, call his dog Rush for help.
  • As Mega Man or Bass, pressing Special and Select will cycle through weapons left and right, respectively.
  • With the right items, SOPHIA can climb walls and ceilings.
  • Simon's stopwatch can't stop Lakitu, but it can stop Bowser.
  • The Lost Levels have been added, and there are easy and hard versions of each level.
  • Please consider leaving feedback to help us make our next game better. Choose feedback in the links menu.
  • In the Lost Levels, Lakitu appears in the middle of some levels instead of the top.
  • The Lost Levels has 52 levels. The original SMB and Special both have 32.
  • Green springs launch you high in the air for about 6 seconds.
  • The Lost Levels has 52 levels. The original SMB and Special both have 32.
  • Some Hammer Bros. chase you right away.
  • Fire Man is immune to firebars, but when hit he gets knocked back farther than Mega Man.
  • The All Night Nippon skin comes from a Japan-only version of SMB that was made for a radio show raffle prize.


  • Super Mario Bros. Crossover is no longer being actively developed. Choose Super Action Squad in the links menu to learn about the spiritual successor to this game.
  • This is the final version of Super Mario Bros. Crossover. Choose Super Action Squad in the Links menu to learn about the spiritual successor to this game.

There are definitely more, but nobody really knows where they are.

Other tips

  • If your character has a Fire Flower in Classic mode (or Mushroom in either mode) and there are enemies up ahead, it's a good idea to activate every powerup box you can, so if your character gets hit, he/she can go back and get a stationary powerup instead of a mobile Mushroom, which is much easier to get.
  • Mega Man, SOPHIA and Mario are great for water levels.
  • Fully-powered SOPHIA is good on castle levels.
  • Ryu Hayabusa is excellent on land levels.
  • On amphibious Cheep Cheep levels, choose Link, Samus, SOPHIA III or Mario. Never stop moving. If you keep moving, the Cheep Cheeps will go the same direction as you. Run quickly if you're Mario, constantly shoot upwards if you're Samus of SOPHIA. Use Upward Thrust if you're Link.
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