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Ganymede is one of the Super Moderators of the Exploding Rabbit Forums. This is her page.


Early Life

Ganymede was born a young Ninja growing up in the big city. She was taught in ordinary school lessons, as well as ninja skills, by Master Chop Chop Onion. She would eventually go on to college in a completely boring and ordinary fashion. She then found she was bored with her ordinary life, and took a midnight train going anywhere.

Her Call to Heroism

At once, the train brought her to a place with the internet. She logged on and played Super Mario Bros. Crossover, in its early stages. Back when you had to be a man to play, when there wasn't none of that "Easy mode" shit and when the goombas were made of fire and the Koopas made of poison. She found her way to Jay Pavlina's facebook and started following him. Once the forums got started, she rushed over and said "hey, if you need help, I like to kick ass and take names." Lo and behold, the Drunken Bunny, Squiggy Forever, bestowed upon him Moderatorship. She quickly joined forces with fellow Mod J Squared, where they, quote, "pulled some serious Ghostbusters shit on spambots and trolls".

The Travel to the Promised Land

At some point, the forums were dying. A disturbance in the force was bringing the end times. But then, a mysterious hero appeared. He granted Jay approximately eight fuckloads of money, and with it Jay was able to buy a new home for his followers. Him, Ganymede, and J Squared moved the forums and the members to their new land, where they reside today. But tragedy struck! Along the way, J Squared had become sick, and it wasn't long after the move that they were greeted with the most unfortunate text they could see. "J Squared has died form Dysentery". It was a day of mourning for all. Then they went back to goofing off.

Present Day

Ganymede now spends her days atop a throne made of the skulls of the spambots and trolls mentioned earlier, doling out much laughter and advice. Sometimes she issues decrees and sends message using her blog "Lunar Wail".


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