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Marcus Strikes

  1. 1 Prologue: The Bunny

Page 1

Panel 1

Scene: Church

Inside of a church, with old looking stone floors and walls, looking down the aisle. Benches line either side of an aisle and a red carpet running down the centre and ending with a ragged, frayed tear just before the door. The door is on the far side of the room, and is open. There is little to no light inside the church, but some moon light spills in from the open door. In it stands the partially silhouetted Marcus, wearing his mask and holding a large handgun at shoulder height. Outside is mostly in darkness, with orange street lamps illuminating a plain-looking block of flats or warehouse opposite.

MARCUS: “Reginald Parker? I have come for thee.”

Panel 2 Looking up at the aforementioned Reginald, kneeling beside a table full of candles. This is at the opposite end of the aisle. The candles illuminate him from behind, and his head is turned towards the Marcus (panel right), whilst his hands are still in a position of prayer.

REGINALD “I—you’re here. I thought I might have more time. There is much more I would have liked t have done before...”

Panel 3 A close up on Marcus, his head shoulders, illuminated from behind. He is walking down the aisle, and appears to be taking the safety off his gun or something similar. He is still wearing his mask.

MARCUS “Cigarette?”

REGINALD “Oh no, far too unhealthy. I gave up years ago.”

MARCUS “Well, we all have things to be doing. I do not have time to wait for a priest to organise his affairs, I have more important matters to attend. Now if you would care to dispense of you last words.”

Panel 4 Reginald is now standing, his head raised like a martyr, his fists clenched. Marcus is standing just in front of him now, holding the gun out in front of him pointed at Reginald. He is wearing his mask, (Page 1 cont.)

and looking down slightly. The light here is more intense and white than before, and coming from a seemingly higher angle.

REGINALD “I’m ready”

Panel 5 A close up of Reginald in the same position, just his head and shoulders, Marcus is off screen. He is clearly holding back tears now, and is gritting his teeth. No Dialogue.

Page 2

Panel 1 Wide shot of exterior of church, from a high point looking down from an angle. It is old looking, mismatched amongst the tall, (relatively) modern buildings that surround it. The buildings are red brick, large like warehouses with worn white writing on the sides of them. The road is narrow, and the whole street is illuminated by street lamps. No one else is around, and no cars are parked nearby.

SOUND EFFECT “Bang”- sound of gunshot, could be substituted for “boom” or something similar.

MARCUS - IN CAPTION- BOX 1 “This isn’t such a bad job...”

MARCUS - CAPTION BOX 2 “...or wouldn’t be, but for the clientele.”

Scene: Exterior of heresy

Panel 2 View from the ground of white, warehouse-like building in the distance. The entrance can just be seen, and it is illuminated well by white lights beneath it. Marcus’s right leg and waist are on the left, with his hand by his side holding his mask and his gun in its holster.

CAPTION “Heresy Head Quarters, New Base City, 2:00am”

Panel 3 Marcus is walking to the right, his mask slung over his back. He’s smoking a cigarette, and takes wide, slow steps. In the background trees can be seen; the place should feel deserted. The ground is cracked cement, with some weeds poking through. The moon and stars are visible overhead, casting white light over the scene and giving Marcus a long shadow.

(Page 2, Panel 4 cont.)

MARCUS- IN CAPTION BOX 1 “New Base is a deeply flawed city. Crime has taken over, the law enforcement here having taken its last gasp for air a long time ago. Now, it’s sinking slowly into the depths of human depravity.”

Panel 4 Over Marcus’s shoulder, he’s pushing an intercom button next to a green door on the side of the building. The scene is well lit by bright white light.

MARCUS- CAPTION BOX 2 “And so I say, “if you can’t beat them, join them”. This job isn’t perfect...”

MARCUS “It’s done”- to intercom.

Panel 5 Silhouette of two hands shaking. One (the left one) is much smaller than the other, like a child’s. Right hand is gloved. The background is splattered with red like blood stains. Very dark.

MARCUS- CAPTION BOX 3 “... I’ve had to things I wish hadn’t.”

Page 3

Panel 1 A slightly wider shot than before, Marcus walks into the heresy, holding his mask by his side.

Scene: heresy interior- Heretic’s office

Panel 2 The Heretic’s office is dimly lit, small and plain. The walls are plain and there is no furniture save for a wooden desk and a chair on which the Heretic sits. The angle is almost a first person view from Marcus as he walks in, facing the Heretic as he walks in. The Heretic is leaning on his arms looking straight out of the frame. He is partially silhouetted by a lamp standing behind him, and is leaning on his hands with a slight expression of malice on his face.

CAPTION “The Heretic, head of the most powerful assassins syndicate in the world; the Heresy.”

HERETIC “Ah, Marcus, you’re back from your escapade. It went well, I take it? Of course, how could something possibly go wrong?

(Page 3 cont.)

Panel 3 Close up of Marcus. His expression is blank; the door can be seen in the background.

MARCUS “My payment...”

Panel 4

Close up of behind Heretic’s desk on his right. He is reaching for a suitcase just to the side of him.

HERETIC “All in good time, Marcus. I hope you shall except such a meagre payment, your employers were not willing to pay much for the mere killing of a priest.”

MARCUS (off panel) “When’s my next hit?”

HERETIC “It’s starts immediately , actually. I have something you can really get stuck into. You employers have decided to play a little game; you’re on a time limit.”


Panel 5 Marcus is standing on the left of the panel, and Heretic is sitting at his desk on the right. They are staring directly at each other, and there is a clear gap between them. The suitcase has been placed on the desk.

HERETIC “Steven Dose, current head of Integral Weapons Industries. Some people from inside the company want him dead so they can inherit it, but the truth is everyone’s after him. At this point, there have been twenty two attempts on his life. Fifteen were sought out and killed, the other eight disappeared went after him in pairs last year, courtesy of the Many Crows. It’s the reason you don’t hear much of them anymore.”

Panel 6 Close up of Marcus picking up suitcase from desk. He can be seen from his shoulders to just above his shins, Heretic is not visible.

HERETIC- IN CAPTION BOX 1 “Mr. Dose is currently on his way home from an unspecified location, presumably making a secretive deal with the local military.”

Page 5

Scene: Interior of Doses private aeroplane

Panel 1

The interior of the plane is fanciful, well it and expensive-looking. Dose is sitting opposite a beautiful woman with whom he is toasting. She smiling, whilst his expression is more serious. They are seen side-on, and between them above the table they are leaning on can be seen a small window. Outside it is night.

HERTIC- CAPTION BOX 2 “Today at midnight, he will arrive back at New Base airport. He will likely travel directly from there to Integral’s head quarters; the New Day office block in the North business district.”

Panel 2 As if looking over the woman’s shoulder, or though she is not visible. An air hostess is setting down two plates of food on the table. Dose is looking straight ahead, sipping his champagne.

HERTTIC- CPATION BOX 3 “At that point, you will be informed by your employers. From then, you will have two weeks to kill him.”

MARCUS- IN CAPTION BOX 1 “Two weeks? It only takes one second to shoot someone.”

Panel 3 From behind, it is clearly visible that the hostess is carrying a gun behind her back. Dose and the woman are eating peacefully.

HERETIC- CAPTION BOX 4 “This won’t be quite that simple. There have been twenty-two attempts on his life, Bunny. It would only take one of those to be successful and you wouldn’t be here.”

Panel 4 The same angle as before. The hostess is being shot from off to the right of the panel. The woman looks aghast, whilst Dose takes no notice.

SOUND EFFECT “Bang”- sound of gunshot, possibly silenced, coming from same direction as bullet.

Panel 5 Same angle again. An armed Integ. Guard is scooping up the body. The woman watches, still aghast, whilst Dose is taking a large bite of stake. No dialogue.

Page 6

Scene: Back in Heretic’s office

Panel 1 Marcus is walking out of Heretic’s office, mask in one hand and suitcase in the other. His gun is holstered.

HERETIC “I am not one for superstition, Bunny, but I feel this time it may be appropriate. God luck, and prepare well.”

MARCUS “...”

Panel 2

Scene: Heresy members in darken room, possible basement to the Heresy

Three people are sitting huddled around a wooden table; Gecko, Racoon and Panda. One chair is empty. They are playing poker, drinking and Panda is smoking. We see them from above so most of the room is visible, and they are lit from a low hanging light bulb. In the top-right corner stairs are visible, as well as various bottles of alcohol, packets of cigars etc. scattered on cabinets and shelves around the room. No Dialogue.

Panel 3 Close up of Panda, sneering and looking attentively at his cards.

CAPTION “Panda; aged 37, hobbies include drinking, sneering and breaking things. Joined around eight years ago, previously was a professional body builder, but gave up after he realised it get in the way of his drinking”

Panel 4 Close up of Gecko, calmly sipping his drink. He smirking and not paying too much attention to the game at hand.

CAPTION “Gecko; aged 26, Russian-Japanese and trained to be master of sword fighting from a young age. Inherited the business of being an assassin from his Russian father who claims to have had hand in killing Hitler despite not being born at the time of his suicide.”

Panel 5 Close up of Racoon, her head draped forwards towards her cards. (Page 6 Panel 5 cont.)

CAPTION “Racoon; aged 17, she has killed more people than anyone else her age in the world.”

Panel 7 Marcus is entering down the stairs into the basement, looking upwards at him from the bottom of the stairs.

MARCUS “Racoon, I think I may be in need of a stiff drink.”

RACOON (off panel) “And why’s that, dear?”

Panel 8 Marcus sits at the table, seen from a front-on view. He leans forwards, as if depressed, and puts his mask down on the floor.

MARCUS “I think I may have two weeks to live.”

CAPTION “To be continued...”- bottom right of page.

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