This is just a notice that over the next few days, there will be big changes made to the website. Pretty much everything will be broken for a while. I am letting you know now because the RSS feed that people are subscribed to will also be temporarily broken. I am planning to redirect the feed, but if that doesn’t work for some reason, come back in a week or so and subscribe to the new feed.

I’ll make another post when I’m done with the changes. Please do not ask me about new stuff until I make that post because I will explain the new stuff in it.

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In one month, I’ll be closing all of the forums that are unrelated to Exploding Rabbit. It may come as a surprise, but I’ve personally rarely posted in any of the forums besides Super Mario Bros. Crossover, Super Action Squad, and Exploding Rabbit, even though there are a lot of other forums on the site. When I originally created the forums, I wanted it to be a place where anyone could feel welcome. It’s been over four years since they were created though, and both the world and I have changed quite a bit.

The main activity on the forums is in a thread called Current Thoughts 64, and it lives inside a forum named Spam. There are many of these current thoughts threads, which are mainly streams of consciousness. This type of thing seems like it would be much more appropriate on Facebook or Twitter, and I just don’t see the value in it being on Exploding Rabbit.

I was originally planning on keeping the Creative Projects and Help / Tips forums because I think they are meant for useful purposes, but there are only one or two threads in each of those forums with regular activity. I also think that having extra forums that are not related to Exploding Rabbit make the purpose of the forums less clear. The reaction I got when mentioning I was closing the Adult / Vulgar forum helped me to understand the value this clarity could bring.

I do want to be clear that I have no problem with the community and was happy to see it flourish, but it’s not something I’m interested in hosting on this website anymore. I am, however, happy to help the community move to a different website. If anyone would like to set up a forum that is compatible with Xenforo, I will assist you in importing the data from this forum. If this is done, everything will be as it was, just in a different location. It’s important to understand that someone else would have to do the majority of the work of setting up another website with forum software though. I’ll just help with importing the data.

Here is how this will happen: All of the forums that will be closed have been moved into a category named Legacy. On December 17th, all of the forums inside the legacy forum will be locked and hidden. Please use this month to either say goodbye or get organized about moving the community somewhere else.

With all of that said, I do have some good news. There will be one final community project before the forums are closed. Jean-Marc is hosting another Exploding Chiptune. When he is ready to start, I’ll post an announcement on the forum. It seems like a great way to close this chapter of the ER community.

Forum members can discuss this post in this thread.

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I haven’t done any development logs recently because I’ve been spending all my time working on the website. I’m making some pretty big changes that should benefit both the community and visitors. Currently, there are basically three parts of the website: the main site, the forums, and the wiki. I’m working on merging them all into one cohesive experience. It’s a lot of work upfront, but afterwards, it will be much easier to maintain since it will all run on one system.

In addition to that, I’m interested in both being more involved in the community and shifting the focus of the community. People originally came to this website because of Super Mario Bros. Crossover. Things just sort of kept growing from there, but there was never a focus. I think the community was at its best when everyone was working together to make skins for SMBC because it showed the cool stuff people could do when they work together.

Expanding Rabbit

I’d like to expand both the brand of Exploding Rabbit and the diversity of the community. I’m interested in Exploding Rabbit representing living an optimal life as a creative person. Jessy said our slogan should be “life hacks for creatives”, but I’m not settled on a specific message yet. Previously, I only thought of Exploding Rabbit as a product company, and currently, our product is games. The thing is, making products takes a long time, so I’d like for ER to be contributing to the world while products are being created. With the new tools I’m installing, it will make it easy for the community to do that, and I’ll be doing it as well.

Honestly, I don’t know if it’s possible to force a community to be something. My plan is to start doing things that I personally think are useful, and I guess we’ll see if the community joins me. Maybe people will leave, or maybe new people will come. I don’t know! I have some specific community projects in mind that I’d like to start with, but I’ll talk about the first one once the tools are ready. It will be related to video games, so I think it will work well.

All of this came about because I got so much enjoyment from writing the development logs for Super Retro Crossover. I’d very much like to continue doing that, but I’d like for it to be easier to consume the information and for other people to add on to that information. It seems that all of these changes in me were brought about by my whole experience since the Kickstarter. I suppose failing publicly changes a person.

That’s all for now. Look forward to the new community tools and the cool things people will create with them! If you want to discuss this post in the forum, go to this thread.

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